Secret Southern Couture: Crow’s Feet Are For The Birds: Be in Fashion with Youthful Vibrant Eyes   

Monday, March 14, 2011

Crow’s Feet Are For The Birds: Be in Fashion with Youthful Vibrant Eyes

Eyes hit the runways at the New York City Fashion Week like never before. Today more than ever, eyes are the most important facial accessory. Trends suggest that this fall, we’ll be seeing a clean face – free of make up with dramatic eyes that boast long extended full lashes, a monochromatic eye shadow and a coral glossed lip.

However, pulling off this simple, but glamorous look is next to impossible if your eyes are not in great shape.

Sadly, the lower eyelids are one of the first places to show signs of aging – revealing your true age.  Crow's feet as well as loose skin and lax muscles, excess skin and fat bags, plus dark circles around the eyes can create a tired appearance that dampens an otherwise youthful face.?

By correcting puffy eyelids and tightening loose skin, you can look rested and refreshed. Some simple in office procedures can take years off your face.

Using his vast practical and technical experience, New York City Facial Plastic Surgeon, Sam Rizk, MD, FACS, (, has created an algorithm to appropriately tailor his spectrum of eye procedures to the specific anatomical concerns of his patients. He uses physical findings and the right combination of seven techniques for lower lid rejuvenation including fat removal through inner and outer eye incisions, laser resurfacing and sewing of the lid to narrow the opening.

Not every set of eyelids age in the same way, and genetics plays a role too. If your eyes aren’t sparkling like they used to, this may be the result of these symptoms that occur over time:
·         Enlarged Fat Pads or Puffy Eye Bags
·         Enlarged Fat Pads with Loose Skin, Wrinkles
·         Enlarged Fat Pads with Loose Skin, Wrinkles and Lower Lid Muscle Rolls
·         Loose Lower Lid Skin or Malpositioned Lower Lid
·         Lower Lid Muscle rolls

Women (and men) worldwide trust their eyes to Dr. Rizk’s expertise. He would be happy to explain his algorithm, the techniques and tools he uses to rejuvenate aging eyes that includes BOTOX® Cosmetic, fat grafting, fractional laser resurfacing, as well as eyelid surgery.

Dr, Rizk is a recognized expert on the latest advances in facial plastic surgery techniques and has written and lectured extensively on current concepts. He is a double board certified New York facial plastic surgeon and is director of Manhattan Facial Plastic Surgery, PLLC.  Please take a look at his spectacular outcomes

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