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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Hairy Issues – An Age Old Problem

Across the globe and throughout history different concepts of beauty have varied and changed.  One basic rule, however, seems to have stayed with us; hair should only be visible in certain places.  Since the very earliest civilizations women have been more affected by the rules and regulations surrounding body hair although more recently men have also begun to be more sensitive to their own unwanted hair.  Unfortunately the hair doesn't seem to have got the message and it’s still an annoying problem for many people of both genders.  Despite the fact that we live in a technological age the options are still relatively old fashioned so what are the choices and is it possible to get permanent results?

Home Hair Removal Options

·        Shaving is one of the oldest techniques for removing unwanted hair.  Fashions for men have changed and continue to vary across the world but many men shave their facial hair daily.  Shaving hair when its wet and shaving in the direction it grows usually will reduce the irritation and risk of cuts but it’s a very short term solution.  For women, shaving body hair is time consuming, can lead to irritation and ingrown hairs, and needs to be completed frequently. 
·        Depilatory creams, available from retailers such as Veet, have also been with us in one form or another for many centuries.  Modern creams use chemical compounds to ‘melt’ the hair at the skin surface, this can then be washed away.  In the past, ingredients included highly toxic substances which not only got rid of the hairs but quite a few of the users as well.  However, modern creams are safe to use for most people.  It’s important to follow the instructions to avoid damage to the skin.  Those with more sensitive skin can find that depilatories cause irritation, burning and skin rashes. 
·        Waxing, sugaring and threading all remove the hair by ‘plucking’ it out at the route.  Waxing is well known for being one of the more uncomfortable hair removal methods, and sugaring is certainly not without the pain factor.  Sugaring is likely to appeal to those with more sensitive skin as it doesn’t use harmful (or potentially harmful) chemicals.  Both techniques are time consuming, but the results do last for several weeks. 
·        Laser, IPL and Electrolysis.  These three treatments are the result of many years of technological advances.  Electrolysis was actually developed in the nineteenth century and it’s effective for all hair and skin types.  The treatment is, however, costly as each hair must be treated and it can take up to two years to completely remove hair.  Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatment removes hair at the root by effectively ‘burning’ it away, the effects are a medium term solution, but the hair will re-grow.  Laser treatment has been commercially available for twenty years (available at Tria Beauty). The lasers work by targeting the dark pigment in hair, disrupting it in its growth stage and, although not permanent, it has been shown to offer long term reduction of hair growth. 

With the exception of electrolysis every hair removal treatment is available in a home system.  Obviously shaving is the most common and oldest home hair removal treatment, but waxing and sugaring have also long been available to use at home.  Both waxing and sugaring should be safe for most people to apply for themselves but they require frequent treatments.  IPL and laser hair removal home systems are now both available and have been shown to be safe for home use.  For those looking for more long term results these systems offer a competitively priced alternative to salon treatments and the chance to wave a cheery goodbye to those razors!

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Laser hair removal home treatment is now available to offer long term reduction in the growth of problem hair; it may have taken some time to develop but finally a solution to the irritation of shaving is at hand.