Secret Southern Couture: Why Is The Quinceanera So Important?   

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Why Is The Quinceanera So Important?

A birthday is a special day for a person – no matter how old they are turning. Hosting a birthday party for your daughter every year is a great way to show her how important she is to you. Across every culture, there are certain birthdays that have special meaning and that mark milestones in their life. This begins with the 1st birthday party and extends to other landmark ages. They celebrate their new age and coming responsibilities by gathering together with friends and family.  In the latino culture, the Quinceanera is one of these milestone birthdays.


When a young woman turns 15, her Quinceanera symbolizes the gateway from childhood into womanhood. Anciently, age 15 was a time when many women left their home to build a family of their own. Although there are many cultural differences in modern times, age 15 is still celebrated as a time when a young woman is prepared to take on additional responsibilities. It is also a time when she reaffirms her commitment to her family, friends, community, and to her cultural heritage.


Within a traditional Quinceanera, there are several different events. It begins with a special religious ceremony called a Misa de accion de gracias, or a Mass for giving thanks. Family members and close friends attend the ceremony. Following, many families host a large, extravagant party.

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Planning the Party

The opulence of the Quinceanera can vary depending on the family, although it is generally much more expensive and formal than a birthday party for any other age. Traditionally, the young woman wears a formal dress. She can choose damas, or maids of honor, and chamberlains. Her Court of Honor, or attending party generally wears attire that she has chosen or that matches the color scheme she has chosen. In many ways, the formality and traditions associated with a Quinceanera rivals what would commonly be seen in a wedding.

Planning the Quinceanera party can be a lot of fun. From music to party supplies, everything coordinates and is designed to celebrate the entrance of a child into a more grown up world. Online, you can find many websites dedicated to helping plan the perfect Quinceanera party. There are tips for choosing the right colors, publishing invitations that will be memorable, and even doing your own decorations and party favors.
The party can be held outside or inside, depending on the time of year. It can be done in the home of the family, or the family may even rent a reception hall. The food, music, decorations, and dancing are all important elements of the event and should be planned carefully so that they coordinate with the interests and personality of the young woman.

Because there are so many expenses associated with the Quinceanera celebration, one of the best things that people can do is to start planning early. This gives them time to shop around for good deals and even make decorations or formal wear themselves. By doing this, they can affordably host a Quinceanera that celebrates the symbolic entrance of a child into her role as a young woman.