Secret Southern Couture: The Best Dressed Men In Sports   

Friday, February 15, 2013

The Best Dressed Men In Sports

There was a time when fashion was an afterthought to professional athletes. Sometimes it was even looked down upon. That is not the case any longer, and more and more professional athletes are putting nearly as much time into their appearance as they are into honing their crafts. Some athletes have realized the importance of their appearance to their marketability, while others just enjoy the challenge of finding the perfect athlete. There are plenty of other athletics who didn’t make the list but have just as good taste as the few listed here. The following are five of the best dressed men in the world or sports.

5. Tyson Chandler
Named one of GQ Magazine's "25 Most Stylish Men of 2012," Tyson Chandler puts as much effort into his wardrobe as he does pulling down rebounds for the New York Knicks. Although he is often seen with a scruffy beard bad scowl on his face on the court, off the court he is one of the most elegant athletes in the world.

4. Henrik Lundqvist
"The King," Henrik Lundqvist is easily the best dressed player in the NHL. While his teammates and rivals fretted through the league's recent lockout dressed like men who did not, in fact, have jobs, Henrik took the opportunity to shows his fans all kinds of classy outfits he could put together when donning a pair of ice skates and layers upon layers of hockey pads.

3. LeBron James
LeBron James, reigning world champion and Most Valuable Player of the NBA, is also one of the world's best dressed athletes. James has been spotted in a variety of different outfits, some conservative and professional and others more daring.

2. Cam Newton
One of the rising stars of the National Football League, one of the things that endeared Cam Newton to the Panthers organization was his clean-cut and stylish image. Newton has a knack for fancy outfits, but he prefers to bring them out only while his team is doing well.

1. Walt "Clyde" Frazier
It all really started with Walt "The Clyde" Frazier, aptly nicknamed after the wide-brimmed hats he used to rock during his playing days in the NBA, who has certainly not toned down his fashion sense in his retirement. Known for some of the most daring, vibrant, and downright outrageous suits ever seen on television, the Clyde is a fashion icon not just in the world of professional sports, but in the fashion world, too. Walt Frazier, aided by his "too cool for school demeanor," made fashion cool in the circle of athletes at a time when professional sports and fashion rarely mixed.