Secret Southern Couture: Five Hollywood Starlets Who are Aging Gracefully   

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Five Hollywood Starlets Who are Aging Gracefully

It is no secret that society today has been youth obsessed for some time. While the pressure to look good seems pervasive to the current culture, nowhere is that more apparent than in Hollywood. In particular, women in entertainment can find that as they grow older, their cache can be decreased. However, there are many regimens and modern procedures that have made it possible for women to age more gracefully than they ever could before. Below are some of the more well known starlets who appear to be aging very gracefully.

Halle Berry,

is known the world over as one of the most breathtakingly beautiful women in the world. Despite the fact that she is in her early 40s, one would never know it by the way she looks. In addition to regularly exfoliating her skin, Halle has said that she uses pure Vitamin C on her face prior to applying moisturizer. Topical vitamin C tends to smooth the skin to help prevent damage.

Nicole Kidman,

is one of the most well known and beautiful starlets in the world. Regularly seen on covers of numerous magazines, the Australian actress has said that she is diligent about skin care and keeps her porcelain complexion safe to avoid sun damage. Believing that the sun contributes greatly to aging, she avoids it as much as possible - and when that is impractical, she slathers on sunscreen generously.

Demi Moore,

is well known for her ability to remain much younger looking than her 50 years. Her well preserved beauty is due to a special skin care regimen that focuses upon anti-aging procedures. She also receives treatments that stimulate collagen growth on a regular basis.

Kim Catrall,

was chosen as a spokesmodel for Olay at 54 to advertise their popular anti-aging skin regimen. Known mostly for her role as Samantha Jones on Sex and the City - the actress has said that one of her secrets to looking and feeling the best she can is that she lets her skin breathe as much as possible. Wearing minimal makeup is also a trick she uses when she is not working.

Glenn Close,

at 63 has never slowed down. Like so many, she uses a common sense regimen of proper skin cleansing, but she also does facial exercises to keep her skin supple. Her cleansing routine also includes creams designed to ease dryness and nourish her skin daily.

Hollywood women such as these age gracefully by fully embracing themselves, respecting their history and living healthy, vibrant lifestyles. “To learn more about how modern procedures can help keep skin supple and diminish aging, click here for San Diego cosmetic surgeons.