Secret Southern Couture: Top Male Fashion Icons   

Friday, January 31, 2014

Top Male Fashion Icons

We all know that when it comes to fashion, young men rarely take their fashion cues from the stars as much as girls do, but over the years there have been many male icons to inspire style crazes in young boys across the globe. James Dean’s leather jacket look defined a generation in the ‘50’s, young men emulated glam rockers in the 70’s and David Beckham’s iconic hairstyles of the 90’s took the male population by storm. Today, we have our fair share of male style icons too - from the music to the world of movies, these men always manage to look good.

Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp has a distinctive style that is rare of male movie stars. He is regularly seen dressing down instead of up and this part and parcel of his unique look. Depp’s love of teaming the grunge torn jeans look with heavy bohemian accessories just shouldn't work but thanks to his incredibly youthful looks that defy his 50 years, he can get away with outfits only attempted by teens and 20 year olds.

Barack Obama

It’s not usual for a US President to regularly feature in best-dressed lists but that’s precisely what President Obama has done since his inauguration back in 2009. The President always manages to look sharp and trim in a well-fitting suit, whether he is addressing a press conference to thousands or in candid photos of him taking a break with Michelle and his daughters. There hasn't been an American president to look quite as sharp since JFK in the 60’s.

Jay Z

As one half of the most powerful couple in the music industry, you might assume Jay Z to be fond of the bling and big brands, but far from it. Mr Beyonce Carter has his own personal style and we applaud him for it. Jay Z is famously partial to chunky designer sneakers (one Reebok line of which he has designed himself), but he manages to keep his look contemporary and mature by teaming with a crisp shirt and a pair of good quality jeans -  topping it all off with only the slightest piece of wrist candy. He must be doing something right with this casual look because he continues to top best-dressed lists every year.

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