Secret Southern Couture: Casual Beach Fashion   

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Casual Beach Fashion

Ahh the summer. Light strands of hair, sun-touched skin and the smell of salt in the air. Some people live near the cost, some more continental, but when you're at the seaside, this is what it all comes down to. If you're lucky to live in a place like Australia, where most cities are also located on the coast, the beach is practically your second home, and beachwear probably takes up a lot of your closet.

With the rise of platforms like pinterest and weheartit, it has never been more apparent than now that small details are what it's all about. There are also many things you could incorporate into your beach attire to make it a bit more interesting and outstanding, but be careful not to go too far- when you're there you still want to focus on having fun with your friends, playing sports and enjoying the ocean waves instead of trying to locate your jewelry or fix the smudged makeup.


Depending on your sense of style and your body type, you can choose from over a dozen types of tops and bottoms, or even opt for a retro one piece. Bright neon colors will make your tan more noticeable, whereas polka-dot and striped prints in navy, white and red are classic. With a wide variety of online ladies swimwear stores in Australia, it has never been quicker and easier to find a perfect model.


From just showy pieces to clothes that will actually protect your sensitive skin from the sun, there are many things you can incorporate into your beach outfit to make it a bit more interesting. Jeans shorts are a timeless piece, but you can pair it up with a laces crochet top or a light flowy chiffon top. If you’re going for a more relaxed style, light-fabric singlets are always a way to go- chose one with an Aztec or geometric print, or one with your favorite band, singer or quote on it. And let’s not forget about footwear- if you’re going to a sandy beach, steer clear of intricate sandals and platform wedges. A good old pair of thongs or tennis shoes is the best choice.

Perfect Pair of Shades

Besides being very important for protecting your eyes against UV rays, a good pair of sunglasses can also be a cool way to bring out your fashion style. Even though not all frames will fit the shape of your face, some of pretty versatile and will fit almost any type of face. If you want a more fancy look, go for an oval, butterfly or cat-eye shape, whereas the laid-back style will be complemented better with pilot, clubmaster, roung or rectangle style glasses.


Wearing heaps of jewelry at the beach is something you might want to avoid. If not for all the crazy tan lines you’re going to get, metal jewelry can get damaged from so much exposure to water, and you would be very sorry if something were to happen to one of your more expensive pieces. Luckily, stackable friendship bracelets are one of the biggest summer must haves- they are easy to DIY and they are pretty durable and bright. Even if something happens to them, you can always make a new one with some cord, beads, shells or whatever you feel like putting on them.

Bring your long strands into a messy boho-inspired braid, put on a few accessories and your favorite bikini you will be ready for a perfect day at the beach. And keep in mind that less is more when it comes to styling your outfit for the beach, you want to enjoy your time, not stress about losing a piece of your jewelry or ripping your favorite top.