Secret Southern Couture: Fashion Tips For Women   

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Fashion Tips For Women

The most important fashion tips for women are to make sure that you feel confident in what you are wearing. You need to wear something that suits your body and caters for your taste along with a little risk taking which is adding your personal touch to the outfits.

You may want to go for the glamorous look or the pretty flowery feminine look, but in the end it's all about highlighting your best assets and trying on as many outfits as possible to see what works for you. You need to look at what compliments your skin tone and hair and make sure that the outfit hugs you in all the right places.

Also accessories are the key to add a bit of color to a plain outfit. There are all sorts of scarves, hats and gloves that will make an outfit stand out. Also boots, belts and necklaces, earrings and watches will all add a touch of class. Some of the hats today look really great when worn with jeans, a leather jacket and booties.

Why not try a tailored black blazer with a pair of skinny jeans and some classic nude pumps? Also a leather jacket and a great bag will make any outfit look expensive and chic. You can dress clothes up or down according to where you are going.

Jeans can hide a multitude of sins so work out which ones look best on you, either a boot cut or straight leg or skinny jeans. If you like your jeans to have the ripped look then you can do with this with a pair of tights worn underneath the jeans. This looks good especially if the tights are lace ones as the lace shows through the jeans.

You can try wearing the classic lace up sneaker with your jeans to give it a young feel or some flat sandals or pointy flats. Also slip on sneakers work well, as do strappy heels. Try to have a few different colors with your shoes so you can color match then with the top or blouse you are wearing.

You have to feel comfortable with what you are wearing and its great if you can also add your own little touch that makes you feel sexy and super confident.

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