Secret Southern Couture: The Worst Dressed Celebrities at the Oscars   

Friday, April 7, 2017

The Worst Dressed Celebrities at the Oscars

We all know what the Academy Awards are about: only the best in film. Directors, actors, composers, and other people involved in the filmmaking process all compete for the prestigious Oscar award, which signifies that they were the very best in a given category for that year. In all honesty, the hype only lasts as long as you can find their story on Snapchat discover, but that’s beside the point.

While there are certain criteria one must fulfill in order to enter the competition for an Academy Award, there’s no real restriction as to what famous people can wear when they show up for this event. In that name, here are the worst dressed celebrities at the 2017 Oscars.

Leslie Mann 2017 Oscars

1. Leslie Mann 

The American-born actress Leslie Mann is best known for her hilarious comedic roles in movies such as “The Cable Guy,” “Knocked Up,” “This Is 40,” and “The Change Up,” but she won’t be known for how good her outfit was at this year’s Academy Awards.

Leslie, in all her usual cheer, showed up alongside her husband Judd Apatow. And while her significant other had a pretty simple yet effective outfit, Mann decided to go for something that looks less like a gown and more like a bunch of yellow garbage bags slapped together onto a sleeveless jumpsuit. It sounds crazy, we know, but this is literally what Leslie Mann’s dress looked like.

Priyanka Chopra 2017 Oscars

2. Priyanka Chopra

Once Miss World, then an actress and one of the 100 most influential people in the world, now a poorly dressed celebrity at the 2017 Oscars – we’re talking about Priyanka Chopra, of course, and her completely out-of-place outfit.

We have to be fair though – Priyanka’s body looks mighty fine for someone who’s 34-years-old. She’s beautiful, she obviously works out, and once you consider that she’s an Indian aeronautical engineer who went from Bollywood to Hollywood in a matter of years, there’s really not much we can say that would add to her impressive portfolio. Nonetheless, her dress is not something she wants to be remembered by.

Chopra arrived at the Academy Awards dateless (probably due to her awful dress), wearing a piece that strongly resembles a large chunk of Styrofoam that somehow keeps her cleavage, butt and legs covered. Just let that image sink in.

Dakota Johnson 2017 Oscars

3. Dakota Johnson

If someone was to ask you which celebrity is most likely to show up at the Oscars looking like a matron, you probably wouldn’t have thought of Dakota Johnson. After all, isn’t she the brave and sexually curious Anastasia Steele in “Fifty Shades of Grey”? According to her dress, she’s more of a 17th century prude than anything.

Long sleeves, whitish gold, Gucci – all of these should imply that a dress looks pretty good, however, Johnson is here to prove that wrong. The high neckline and the confusing details of her gown made her look so uptight and serious that you wouldn’t believe she was 27 if it wasn’t written on her IMDb page.