Secret Southern Couture: Colors Trending for Weddings This Spring   

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Colors Trending for Weddings This Spring

Florals, sundresses and earthy venues will always be the trends of a springtime wedding. From lighter colors such as blush, to more bold colors like ultraviolet, springtime has endless possibilities for making your special day perfect. If you’re looking to find the perfect colors for your special day this spring, look no further. I came across these dress and suit color pairing looks featuring The Black Tux's wedding collection to help narrow down your search. Here are a few suggestions to inspire everything from your wedding invitations, floral arrangements and attire for your wedding.

Warm up to spring with the romantic and alluring color combination of blush and grey. This spring wedding season, the grey suit is the new black tuxedo. To pair with this informal but elegant color, we suggest using a cordial color like blush. Inviting and warm, blush highlights the feeling of romance during your special day. Bridesmaids will glow in their blush-colored gowns as they match handsome groomsmen dressed in grey suits. For your wedding florals, consider using options that are neutral with hints of blush tied in. You’ll keep your wedding casual without dulling the warmth of your romance with this color combination.

If you’re looking to have more of a floral-colored focus for your spring wedding, we recommend using the color combination of lilac and green. Lilac is light with a floral aesthetic that is perfect for the beginning of the spring season. Stray away from bright colors and use plants that are more earthy and have a deeper green color to them. Use these rich and dark greens in table centerpieces and your wedding will feel natural and rustically charming. Wedding party attire is an excellent way of subtly using these colors through bridesmaid accessories or groomsmen boutonnieres.

Keep your wedding classic and sophisticated by using the fashionable and appealing color, slate. Slate, a compromise between black and grey, will give your wedding a look that is sharp and endearing. The groom and his groomsmen will look polished and stately in slate tuxedos. Encourage the presence of the fresh spring season in your wedding by including moss-colored decor. Floral arrangements on tables and candles leading down the aisle are great ways to introduce color in small ways during your wedding day.

Ultraviolet is not only Pantone's Color of the Year, but the perfect color to incorporate in your wedding this spring season! Ultraviolet is a color that is valiant and enticing so we recommend using it in ways that are going to make the details of your wedding stand out. This strong color is a great option to mix in floral bouquets carried down the aisle by bridesmaids. If you’re attending a wedding this spring, consider matching your date with a dress or tie that is ultraviolet. Colors like gold, grey and different shades of beige compliment ultraviolet without being overpowering.

Spring is often viewed as the beginning of the year, making this season the perfect beginning for the net chapter of your life. Don’t be afraid to try new colors, get creative and explore patterns that highlight the beauty of springtime. What colors will you use in your wedding this spring?