Secret Southern Couture: Tips for Making Daily Sales on Poshmark   

Friday, December 6, 2019

Tips for Making Daily Sales on Poshmark

The top sellers on Poshmark understand that if you want to get the most out of your campaign then you need to set daily goals. While it can be easy to meet these goals if you have a large following, it can be more challenging for those who are just starting out or are still working to build a loyal audience. That's why it's so important to know which techniques you should spend most of your time on. Whether you're new to the platform or are looking for new ways to add life to your closet, here are some tips for making daily sales.

Tips for Making Daily Sales on Poshmark

If you want to increase your daily sales it's important that you know the value of following other users. Following people is a great way to let them know that your closet exists. And the more people you follow, the more exposure you get. Not only is a it a good idea to follow as many people as you can, but you should sometimes target the people that you follow. Pay attention to the users who are liking items similar to yours. This can be especially beneficial if your item is cheaper than the item that they liked.

Sharing is as equally as important as following. It's what helps to expose you to new audiences. Poshmark encourages sellers to sell their own items as well as the closet of others. And the best part is, when you share someone else's items it's likely that they'll share yours. Luckily, Poshmark provides lots of opportunities to share. One of the most popular times in which to share is at parties. Poshmark parties happen four times each day. Each party has a theme. And if you have items that fit the theme then you can get a massive amount of exposure.

Tips for Making Daily Sales on Poshmark

Bloggers understand how important titles are. It's what inspires people to click on the article to find out more about it. The same goes for listings on Poshmark. The more captivating your title, the more likely people are to click on it to learn more. So it's essential that you create titles that catch people's attention.

The most successful Poshmark titles are to-the-point and make the most of each word. For instance, you may include the brand name of the item, the type of item it is, what material it's made of, as well as the size. When creating a title, try to consider what the audience may be typing into the search bar in order to find it.

Your description needs to be as detailed as possible. Let the buyer know about the color and measurements. Tell them about any flaws that the item may have. Give them an idea of what type of events the item may be worn to. Perhaps offer suggestions about how they could accessorize it. The benefit of being transparent and detailed is that it saves time and the buyer won't have to ask as many questions. This means that you're more likely to reach your daily sales goals because your items will sell faster.

Tips for Making Daily Sales on Poshmark

When promoting your closet on Poshmark there's hardly anything more important than your images. Yes, your title and description will ensure that your customers understand what they're getting, but your photos are what will ultimately inspire trust and lead to purchases. However, you need to make sure that your images are up to par.

The most successful Poshmark closets feature photos that have great lighting. This ensures that customers can inspect the material and see the true color of the item. The best photos are those that are styled. Perhaps you can model the clothes so that your customers can understand how they fit. Another element of a great photo is that it captures all of the item's flaws. This includes snags, stains, and holes. This helps to prevent negative reviews because the customer will always know what they're getting.

Pricing can be somewhat tricky. You may not always know what potential buyers are willing to pay for the item. However, if you do a little research you can get a better idea. Is there anyone on the platform who is offering the same item or at least something similar to yours? If so, what are they charging? Once you've researched several sellers and have an average price in mind, you may decide to offer your item for the same price or you could decide to undercut the prices of everyone and put it on the lower end. This way, you can ensure that the item sells quickly.

Just keep in mind that offering your items at an extremely low price can be just as detrimental as offering it at a price that's too high. If it's too low, people may assume that it's not as valuable as the other items. They may also assume that the item is in poor condition. So you need to be strategic about your offer.

The Takeaway
As you can see, if you want to increase your daily sales then you can't just set and forget your items on Poshmark. These tips require you to be proactive. This is especially true when it comes to following and sharing. When you engage with the community it gets you more exposure. If you don't have the time to follow and share consistently then t consider using a Poshmark bot to do the work for you. A Poshmark bot makes the sharing and following process completely automated. And this can go a long way towards increasing your daily sales.