Secret Southern Couture: Safety Hacks For Your Home & Auto   

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Safety Hacks For Your Home & Auto

Being safe isn’t anything to play around with. Safety is an important issue no matter where you are or what time of day. You can become safer if you follow the following tips.

Safety Hacks For Your Home & Auto

Always Wear Seat Belts – Even if you’re not going far, it’s imperative that you always wear a seat belt in the car. Whether you’re a passenger or a driver, seat belts do save lives. A minor accident can become a tragedy without seat belts.

Buy Insurance – Life insurance, accident insurance, and other types of insurance might not save your life (well, with the exception of health insurance), but it will help make anything that happens to you less of a problem.

Baby Proof – If you are going to have a baby or are about to be a grandparent, have friends over with babies and take the time to baby proof your home and invest in a few good pieces of nursery furniture for the wee one. You can hire a professional or you can do it yourself by crawling around on the floor to see what the child sees. Cover anything and use the appropriate approved products for best results.

Get Tracking – If you have a teenager with a cell phone, turn on the tracking feature. Then, if they are lost, or worse – taken – you can find them by using the tracking app on their phone through a computer.

Car Mirrors – The side mirrors on your car should be set so that you cannot see any part of your car when looking into it. It’s for blind spots and this is the best position to help you avoid an accident.

Car Keys – Don’t put too many things on your keychain that houses your car keys. Having a heavy chain can ruin the ignition of your car and it could even shut off while you’re driving, thus causing a horrible accident.

Reverse Park – When legal to do so, especially near a busy street, park in a parking space backwards. Then when you have to pull out into traffic you can do so going straight instead of backwards, improving your line of sight and helping you avoid an accident.

Unplug It – Not only will this make your electric bill lower, it will also make you safer. Electrical fires are less likely to happen when appliances are not plugged in when not in use. It might seem like a pain, but so is a fire.

Avoid Flashing Cash – When traveling or going about your day, it’s important that you don’t flash cash when paying for things. Take out the expected amount from your wallet in the car, then pay with that to avoid showing everyone in line your money.

Staying safe is a matter of common sense. Don’t talk to strangers is a good starting point but if you must, don’t share everything with them. Personal information should be saved for people you know well. Before doing anything, ask yourself if you’d advise your 16-year-old daughter to do it. If the answer is no, don’t do it either.