Secret Southern Couture: How To Stay Safe in Any Circumstance   

Wednesday, October 27, 2021

How To Stay Safe in Any Circumstance

Whether you're out buying groceries or going for a quick run, you want to feel safe. You never know who is around you and what their intentions are. Here are ways you can stay safe in your daily activities.

Avoid Distraction

If you find that you check your text messages or emails while you're walking to your car, you should avoid doing that. When you're distracted, you're a much easier target for people who mean to harm you. When you're walking anywhere, make sure your head is up and that you are paying attention to everyone and everything around you. That way, if anything seems off or makes you uncomfortable, you have time to get away from the situation.

How To Stay Safe in Any Circumstance

Carry Protection

Because you never know when something might happen, you should always be protected. Whether you carry a stun gun, pepper spray, or a concealed weapon, you want to make sure that you're comfortable using it and that you follow all state and local laws regarding it. 

Make sure you keep your weapon easily accessible at all times. If it is at the bottom of a purse or you leave it in your car, it won't be much use to you in an emergency. You can get pepper spray canisters that clip to your belt, a holster for your stun gun, or concealment vests for your firearm. 

Ask for Help

When you're leaving a business, and it's late, don't be afraid to ask someone to walk you to your car. If you walk to your car alone, you're a much easier target than if you have someone walk you. You might be embarrassed and don't want to waste someone's time, but your life is worth more than your pride. Plus, it's extremely common for security guards and even restaurant servers to walk someone to their car at night., so don't give it too much thought.