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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

RescueGirl Yoga Desk Review

Okay, so I admit it. I find videos and self help books with rock hard, beautiful bods to be intimidating. Yes, I know many of my readers are also the healthy weight and more in the size 5/7 range. For those of you I applaud you at what it takes to stay there. Heck I even give a average size 12 lady a huge grin for goodness. I want to be there. I really do and I will. One of the tools I am using to help me in my fitness quest is the RescueGirl Yoga Deck. I call this, yoga cards for real women like me.

Yoga to the Rescue is an engagingly illustrated guide that tackles every girl’s dilemma and pain in 7 useful categories, from Sexy to Sanity. User-friendly for yoga beginners, yet challenging enough for yoginis! There are 48 classic yoga poses included. The front of each card features a yoga pose and an easier version. Back of each card provides: Detailed instructions on how to get into the pose; Benefits—both mental and physical; and Focus points—key elements that will help you achieve the correct pose.

Have an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad? The RescueGirls YogaBliss, YogaSexy and YogaRemedy are must have apps. This is an excellent way to take your yoga routine to work, school and even on vacation.

About RescueGirl

RescueGirl Credo
RescueGirl is in the market to inspirit and applaud women—join the RescueGirl Revolution and embrace your individual beauty; love your total package!

RescueGirl is: Compassion over profit; Adding a dash of goodness to the world;
Recycled & Sustainable; Useful & positive products; Made in the USA….sometimes Canada.

RescueGirl founder, Amy Luwis, co-founded the nation’s largest nonprofit adoption website, and encourages you to consider adoption and give a dog, a cat, a hamster, a scaly lizard a second chance and a loving home!

Get your FREE collectible Shepard Fairey artwork, spread the word and save a life! 

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 Over 6500 shelters and rescues nationwide list their animals with this amazing nonprofit. You can search by breed, age, color, size, and more to find the perfect pet…and save a life, too!

So just remember you are supporting yourself and a good cause when you visit and make a purchase from RescueGirl and