Secret Southern Couture: Adding Classy Anatomie Pieces To Your Wardrobe   

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Adding Classy Anatomie Pieces To Your Wardrobe

I've had a lot of extra reasons to dress up and look my best lately.  It's only a month until my wedding, so I've been frantically getting last minute meetings with vendors done.  I'm not showing up to important events in yoga pants, but that doesn't mean I don't want to be comfortable during all of these trips.

Lisette Lace Tank - Anatomie / Denim Pencil Skirt - Macy's / Wrap Bracelet - Chamilia

This top doesn't have any modesty layers underneath, so I paired it with my black spaghetti-strap tank top.  I like having the option of putting different colors on it.  This top comes in black too, but the white worked best for me.  It's good to be bright!

And besides, the bride should enjoy wearing white, right?

The tank is nice and loose, and hits at the bottom of my hip, making it versatile.  I feel sophisticated with it on, but I needed to stay far away from my dogs while I was wearing it.

This one was a little more of the cute-me side.  My fiance was taking the pictures and decided it was a good time to crack jokes at me.  Now I remember why I'm marrying that man.

The skirt section on this dress is fantastic.  It flows enough to let you drive unhindered and looks gorgeous while you walk.  And spin.

This dress comes in red, white, and this navy blue.  I really wanted to pick up the red one, but I'm happy I decided on my "something blue" here.  It really complimented me I think.  I played hostess with it on and served drinks and candy while looking like a very classy housewife.

Take that Mad Men housewives.

This is going to be my after-wedding dress so I can get travelling afterward without being hindered by layers of tulle and lace.  It fit and felt great.