Secret Southern Couture: Try The Trend - Adding Quilted Fashion To Your Wardrobe   

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Try The Trend - Adding Quilted Fashion To Your Wardrobe

This Spring, the runways were giving us a preview of what was coming for Fall. Now that time's almost here! Where did the months go and why is it so chilly all of a sudden? One of the recurring themes at the Dior and Chanel shows was quilting. This trend is so accessible and doesn't require you live in New York or L.A. to get away with it. Who's ready to give it a try? If you're a child of the 90s, hearing the word "quilting" might make you remember the oversized, puffy, zip-up quilted vests we wore this time of year. We thought we were awesome. Now that it's no longer scorching hot and Fall is quickly approaching, it's a great time to start working this trend into your wardrobe. Here's the rule of thumb for any texture or print trend: no more than two of these per outfit. Keep it simple.


Cute quilted flats are all over right now and they're a nice way to ease into this trend. The black Sperry Top-Sider Elise flats above are only $80. Who doesn't need a good pair of black flats or three? There are also quilted booties and ankle boots appearing in department stores like the pair by Thakoon above ($410, Net-A-Porter).


See above about excuses to buy more shoes and apply it to handbags. Quilted handbags have never really gone out of style, so they're the easiest way to try this trend and going to be the most abundant in stores. The medium pink bag by John Lewis above is totally affordable and being a very neutral tone, it lets you mix and match this with more outfits. When in doubt, get a quilted bag in black and pair it with Fall jewel tones. Hit two Fall trends at once by matching your manicure to your bag.


Coats, not vests. Although if you miss the vests, we won't judge. Quilted coats are done in leather and lighter materials for Fall as well as thicker designs for Winter. You can shoot for black leather or leather-look jackets or go full-blown with the warm quilted long coats like the one from Peacocks above. These warm jackets are something that's big in fashion magazines right now and is usually still popular during years where it's not such a focus.

Tops & Skirts

While a fully quilted top is going to be out of reach for the average woman, you can find quilted accents on more traditional pieces. How gorgeous is the blue houndstooth skirt with its little touch of quilting at the sides? Bonus points if you pair it with houndstooth booties or a comfy black sweater. If you want to rock the fully quilted mini, go for it. When in doubt, you can always go to Amazon or your favorite department store's website, search for "quilted" and then hit the women's category. (Here's the results for Target. You're welcome.) Find something you love and you won't care whether it's trendy or not, because it will be you.