Secret Southern Couture: Top 5 Best 1 inch curling iron   

Friday, September 5, 2014

Top 5 Best 1 inch curling iron

It is a tricky job to choose the right curling iron from a host of options available in the market. It is really a challenge to know which one is safe for your hair you to choose the perfect among the curling iron sizes. You do not need to worry further as this list of top5 Best Curling iron will guide you in choosing the best from the shelve. This list is made after an extensive research by testing all the leading curl irons available in the market. Priority is given to the ones which are affordable yet rich in features.

#5. Infiniti You - ideal for beachy waves
This curling iron is unique for its no-clamp design. This sleek looking iron allows you to freely wind your hair all-round the barrel without the nagging crimps caused by the standard clamp irons. This elegant product comes with specially made heat-resistant glove for comfortable curling. This product comes to you at a highly affordable price tag of $25 or below.

#4. Conair 1 inch Spring Curl
This curling iron allows you to create soft and sexy curls for that perfect hairdo at a party. This is a specially made iron that emits ions resulting to zero frizz while in use. Conair 1 inch iron comes with 25 heat preset. You can change the heat settings as per your requirement for that perfect finishing. Conair Spring Curl is the Best Curling iron made of ceramic that helps in penetrating heat faster than other curling ion.

#3. Beachwaver – the third Best Curling iron
It is for those who love beachy waves. This iron comes with a rotating barrel. The barrel does most of the job for you as you glide the iron through your hair. You just need to keep your hair rotate along with the barrel and slowly come down to the scalp. This is a hair curling method that is the easiest and can be done by anyone without prior experience. Buying this ion will enable you to sport any type of curly hair style without taking any assistance from a professional hair style. This product is still on the top of the charts for its ultra-stylish design and superior functionality.

#2. Conair Spiral Styler
If you have that special corkscrew curl, do not feel left behind in styling. There is one special product for you. The Conair Spiral Styler with instant heating feature works both on long and short hair. This curling iron comes with a turbo heat function that gives instant boost of heat for those difficult curling areas. This is a very handy device that comes at a unbelievable price tag of $20. Do you need more reasons?

#1. Hot Tools Iron – curl like a pro
This is the Best Curling iron recommended by professionals. This product is on the top of the list in this category for several years for its superior functionalities and recommendation by leading style magazines and expert hair stylers. If you want a professional finishing in your curly hairdo, this one is the best choice available for you. This iron comes with a heat toggling gauge for fine setting the heat level while doing the curls. You can own this one for as low as $30.

You need to make sure that you know the difference between curling iron vs curling wand.