Secret Southern Couture: The Golden Rules of Dressing for Fancy Dress Parties   

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The Golden Rules of Dressing for Fancy Dress Parties

Some people absolutely love fancy dress, while others don’t find it any way nearly as endearing of prospect. However, whether you love it or not there are a number of ways that you can increase your chances of looking great dressed up in fancy dress.
Whether you’re a wallflower or absolutely love being the center of attention these tips will ensure you look fantastic dressed up on all occasions.

Making an effort is the first rule of successful fancy dress and if you make a half attempt you will be far less likely to look great in fancy dress – it’s that simple. Going to the pound shop and purchasing some horns is not going to cut it if the party is a proper fancy dress. Be a little creative and make a costume of some sort, alternatively why not try a fancy dress store if you don’t have the time – Red Star Fancy Dress offer some cool ready-made costumes.
By planning your costume well in advance you will be far more likely to look great. Too many people tend to avoid planning and then end up with an issue in the last minute. Often people claim they won’t dress up, losing their nerve before the party and having to either stress or go as something lackluster. Don’t be that person and plan well in advance.
Be confident in what you’re wearing and enjoy yourself. Fancy dress parties aren't about looking good – they’re about having fun and being a little silly. Remember this and you will be fine.
Try and avoid the clichés as they tend to look unimaginative and unspectacular. So, if you’re a girl try not to be that sexy cat.
However, clichés aside, try not to be too left field as people won’t get who you are. The more mainstream you are, the more people will get it. Being a little obscure and mistaken for someone you’re not can cause problems on the big night – so our advice is if people thing you’re someone else, just go with it.
The People
Certain parties will see certain sorts of people attend them. So, if you’re at a party with your friends and they’re all quite geeky you will be able to get away with things that other people wouldn't be able to get away with. However, if it’s more mainstream then it’s a lot better come as something more center field.
Fancy dress parties are fun, that’s the point they exist. So, let people know that you’re fun and you will be far more likely to see them have fun and dance with you. If you come across as someone who is not very exciting and not a lot of fun, then this will come across to others and you just wont enjoy the occasion nearly as much. Fancy dress parties are about being silly and this should be seen in your attitude.
If you can, dress up as a group – it’s a sure fire way to earn extra fancy dress bonus points.
Follow these tips and you can be sure that you will look great and most importantly enjoy your next fancy dress party.