Secret Southern Couture: 5 First Date Mistakes That Could Cost You A Relationship   

Friday, June 4, 2021

5 First Date Mistakes That Could Cost You A Relationship

If you're looking to meet someone special in Jersey, you don't want to blow your one chance at making a good first impression. According to leading psychologists, the first impression is influenced by factors. These include vocal inflection, words that are uttered, attractiveness, and general emotional state. With that in mind we want to help. This article outlines 5 mistakes that could cost you a relationship with a great guy.

1. You talk non-stop 

So you finally found a great match on Jersey Dating and now it's time for the first date and you probably have a lot to share. You want your date to know as much about you as possible. This is a big mistake. You don't want to talk too much or too fast on a first date. Don't worry about silences that may occur. Many people are afraid of silence, but you don't have to fill every second with talk. Comfortable silences can be nice.

2. You talk about exes 

Talking about exes on a first date is a huge no-no. They are one of the reasons you changed course and gave Jersey Dating a shot in the first place. There is no reason to discuss the people in your past, why you broke up, or why you regret a relationship ending. Your date doesn't want to hear about all the problems you had with your ex and how you were treated poorly. These are things you may discuss in the future should the topic come up want nots something he needs or wants to hear about on the first date.

3. You snap at him when he's a gentleman 

If you get upset when your date opens doors and chairs for you, you're going to turn him off. He's not doing gentlemanly things because he thinks you can't handle them. He's doing them to be a considerate date. You should be just as considerate and let him be a gentleman. Even if you consider yourself independent or a feminist, don't attack a guy who is just being sweet to you.

4. You don't pay any attention to him 

If you are constantly checking your phone during a first date with a man, he's going to feel like you aren't interested in him or he's boring you. This isn't behavior that will lead him to ask you out for a second date. It's impolite to constantly be checking your phone, answering texts, and taking calls when you're on a date. Turn off the phone and put it away. Give your date your undivided attention.

5. You drink too much 

If you enjoy having drinks with dinner, be very careful about indulging too much. You don't want to become a sloppy date. Even if you know your limit, it's safest to stick with just one or two drinks. You don't want to appear that you have a problem with self-control.

A first date is your only chance to make a good first impression. Don't ruin it by making any of the above mistakes. Follow these five first date mistake no-no tips to ensure your first Jersey Dating outing is a success.