Secret Southern Couture: Online Dating Tips – Making a Great First Impression With Your First Message   

Friday, June 4, 2021

Online Dating Tips – Making a Great First Impression With Your First Message

Online daters tend to look very closely at the first online message they receive from a new potential match. The first message is often analyzed as closely as a first kiss on a first date is. If you happen to make a mistake, you could be out of the running. You should play by the rules of successful online dating messaging if you want to succeed. 

Don’t forget how seductive good language is

Many people are suckers for good language, especially when it comes to Devon Dating. It just gets their goat to see people use netspeak with them. Expressions like wat, realy and ur annoy them no end. They cut and run when they see these, telling themselves that they won’t be stuck with someone who lacks basic literacy and taste. Shorten half the words in your messages with Internet contractions and you come off as a juvenile and uninteresting. The rule of the game, then, is to write with proper words in well-punctuated sentences. Some forms of netspeak – like LOL – are seen to be quite friendly, though.

Even if you are interested in a woman for her looks…

Men are often interested in women primarily for their looks. It stands to reason, then, that they would want to express their admiration. Women, though, feel vulnerable dating online. When you compliment them over their looks, they are immediately reminded of how you are a faceless stranger who wants to sleep with them. This frightens them. When Devon Dating, be kind and make the one you are interested see you are more than someone looking for a pretty face.

While men tend to love to compliment women on their looks, they don’t like to be on the receiving end, either. They feel that women who would be that forward are probably not well-brought up. They apply a conservative double standard.

If you have special areas of interest, mention them

Many people have special interests that are extremely important to them – the environment, religious convictions, animal rights, science, a particular style of music, and so on. If you believe that the person you have contacted online shares your interest in a niche, talking about it and using the right lingo can make you look good. 

Do your homework

When you show up for a job interview, they expect you to have done a bit of reading about the company. If you demonstrate that you have knowledge about the industry and the company, they are impressed. It works the same with online dating. You need to have read the online profile of the person you’re contacting. You should have intelligent questions about it. You shouldn’t go too far, though. Googling the person up can seem like you are stalking them.

Try not to be too confident

A certain amount of confidence is a very attractive quality – in both men and women. Too much confidence can repel, though. People always like to see humility – a self-effacing quality that demonstrates flexibility, an open mind and vulnerability. Showing confidence and vulnerability by turn can make a great impression.