Secret Southern Couture: Fashion Hacks To Help You Look Like A Million Bucks   

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Fashion Hacks To Help You Look Like A Million Bucks

Everyone wants to be fashionable but it can be difficult to do it if you don’t have a lot of money or so you may think. If you follow these tips you can be fashion forward without going broke. Plus, you’ll have a lot of fun knowing you look like a million bucks while only spending a few hundred dollars.

Fashion Hacks To Help You Look Like A Million Bucks

Know Your Colors – You want most of your clothing to be two basic colors, with occasional punches of color that pick up the mood of the piece. Colors can add the wow fact. This is a great way to make a grand first impression on your tayside dating site match meetup.

Mix and Match – Ensure that every piece you buy fits with another piece that you already own. Don’t buy anything unless you know exactly how it will work with the items you have, to avoid having to buy more to go with the new piece. 

Jazz It Up – Replace buttons on a thrift store find or a discount store pick to make it look more expensive. In addition, you can swap out belts on clothing that included cheap belts and ties with more expensive choices for an immediate upscale look.

Keep It Simple – Pieces with less embellishment are often a lot more timeless than those with a lot of extras. Choose simple, sleek designs, especially when it comes to belts, purses and accessories.

Faux All the Way – There are now faux leather, suede, and other fabrics that look real but cost a lot less. Plus, you don’t even have to pretend they’re “real” these days. Faux is in and better for the environment and the animals. Keep in mind to keep the faux to clothes only when seeking your forever partner on dating sites in tayside.

Steam Out Wrinkles – Buy an inexpensive steamer to get wrinkles out for items that aren’t iron safe. Always get out the wrinkles so that you’ll look more chic.

Remember the Undergarments – Many less expensive clothes come without liners, which is how they sell them cheaper. But, they don’t often look good on. Therefore you need to supply the liner in the form of slips and other well-made undergarments. Also there is nothing wrong with a little sexy lingerie to make you feel brave when checking out free dating sites for a possible connection.

Natural Fabrics Look Richer – Tweet, cotton and linen are natural fibers that look rich but don’t cost a lot of money. Look for clothing made from these fibers to look more stylish.

Shave Pilling Fabrics – Some less expensive clothing will sometimes get little pills on them after wearing. You can get a fabric shaver to get them off, which will make them wearable longer.

Alter Your Clothing – This is especially important for business clothing that you purchase, but you can do it with anything. It costs some money to get things altered but it is the main tip to making your entire wardrobe look richer and more fashionable.

Black Is Where It’s At – When in doubt, buy black. Even if most of your clothing is black, with a few pops of color you’ll look great. Less expensive clothing looks better in black since the imperfections won’t show up as much. Plus, black just looks better in general.

You can look like a million bucks if you want to without spending too much money. Never buy anything when it’s not on sale, and only go shopping when you know what piece you want to buy to help avoid impulse purchases.