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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Fall Beauty Giveaway

Fall Beauty Sweepstakes - Hosted by Madame Amrose

The leaves are changing, and so are some of the things in my daily makeup routine.  I put away the neon polish in favor of richer colors and broke out the glitter polish. On my lips, it's time for dark stains.

In Fall, it's the best time to indulge in richer colors.  These new hydrating lip crayons from Julep come in an array of Fall colors, but so far they've been selling out quickly after they re-stock.  Mavens received a lip crayon along with their nail polish in September.  If you're not a Julep Maven, you can try out your first box for free by using the code FREEFALL right here.

 We're going to give away one plush pout lip crayon in magenta plum and a nail polish in deep red (Mary Lee)!  One lucky reader is going to receive both!  The giveaway is open to the continental US through October 22, 2014.  Enter using the form below and good luck!

Bloggers participating are not responsible for prize fulfillment.  Winner will be notified via email to the address provided on the giveaway form and will have 48 hours to respond and claim their prize.  If you would like to see your company featured in a group giveaway like this one, contact Brooke at brookedoesitall@gmail.com

Sunday, September 28, 2014

5 Pro Tips for Fat Burning Everyone Should Know

Weight loss is an extremely popular topic of conversation, and rightly so. Many different diets, fads and ideas have been tried and tested, but nothing beats healthy eating and regular exercise. If you feel like you need some extra help, you should consider trying supplements. There are a range of nutritional retailers who sell online, such as http://secondtononenutrition.com/, who can help match you with the supplement that’ll best suit your goals and activities. To help you in your weight loss journey, we've outlined five pro tips for fat burning that will give you the best chance of success.

Clear the kitchen

If you have food lying around the kitchen, you’re more than likely going to fall into the trap of snacking or eating something you shouldn't. Clear your cupboards and fridge of any junk food you shouldn't be consuming, and replace what you remove with fresh fruit and vegetables. This will force you to make better eating decisions. Going forward, make sure your diet has a balance of fruit, vegetables, carbohydrates and protein.

Drink green tea

There are several health benefits to drinking green tea. It contains plenty of healthy antioxidants and helps increase your metabolism. It also boosts energy levels, which in turn, allows you to burn more fat. Drink green tea before your next session at the gym – it will really rev up your fat burning workouts.


Yoga seems like an unusual activity to participate in if you’re trying to lose weight, but it does wonders for relieving stress and tension. It also gets you very much in tune and comfortable with your body, which is good particularly if you are just starting off in your fat burning journey.

Sleep well

Good sleeping habits are crucial for maintaining a healthy lifestyle in general. Sleep is doubly important if you are focusing on losing weight. A lack of sleep will leave you with low glucose. Low glucose often results in lazy eating habits and workouts, which will set your weight loss progress back quite a bit. Make time for at least seven or eight hours sleep each night so you are prepared for your new weight loss routine.

Combination workouts and supplements

Combine different types of workout activities and intensities if you want to burn fat efficiently. Do full body workouts at least once a week, but not too often, as you want to give your body a chance to rest and recuperate. Mixing steady state and interval cardio training together also allows for a more powerful and dynamic workout. Consider which supplements you could be taking before and after your workouts that could increase the fat burning potential.

These are five pro tips for fat burning that may seem innocuous, but will actually help you a great deal. Of course, you are the best person to judge how you should treat your body, so you should listen to it and not push it too far. Fat burning and weight loss really is a marathon, not a sprint. You need to prepare yourself mentally and physically if you want to succeed on this fat burning journey.
Have you recently completed a weight loss journey, or are you on one now? What are your tips for those who might be considering doing the same? What would you encourage and what would you advise others to avoid? Leave your experiences, thoughts and advice in the comments section below.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

10 Bridal Makeup Tips That Ensure You’ll Look Great At Your Wedding

Every woman wants to feel and look great during her wedding day. Aside from the various event preparations, soon-to-be brides also have to choose the perfect gown, shoes, accessories, hairstyle, and of course, the makeup. Among all these, it’s usually the makeup that could make or break the bride’s gorgeous appearance. Here are 10 of the best tips which will ensure that you’ll look great on your wedding day:

  1. Pick the best makeup artist if you choose someone else to do it for you
Unless you have the knowledge and confidence to do your own makeup on your wedding day, it is ideal to seek the help of a professional makeup artist. This would help reduce stress and burden on that special day. Most professionals often bundle hair styling and doing the makeup on a single contract making it more cost effective. And when searching, ensure to pick the best by asking for recommendations or checking the artists’ portfolios.

  1. Experiment and practice in advance
When you choose to do your own makeup, it is recommended to experiment and do some practice applications in advance. This is to ensure precise and quicker application on the wedding day itself plus, you will be able to notice any needed change or improvement early on.

  1. Prepare your face and skin
The most important thing to prepare is not really your makeup, but it’s actually your face particularly your skin. Try to enhance your skin tone several weeks before the wedding, ensure that you are well-rested before the wedding day, and your face cleaned and pampered before putting on your makeup.

  1. Choose waterproof makeup
Waterproof makeup is essential to prepare for those teary moments and for the unpredictable weather.

  1. Use a primer and foundation
The two most basic and important cosmetics you should apply are primer and foundation. The primer helps ensure a smoother and longer lasting bridal makeup while the foundation ensures natural blend and of course, show your beauty.

  1. Hide imperfections with concealers
If you have skin problems and imperfections like blemishes, facial marks, etc, you can hide them all using the different types of concealers. Apply concealers only after applying your foundation.

  1. Choose to highlight either your eyes or lips
There are two facial assets you can choose to highlight, either your eyes or lips. And you only need to choose one to avoid an awkward or clown-like appearance. Experts usually choose highlighting the eyes.

  1. Avoid too much powder and don’t use glittery or sparkly makeup
If you don’t want to feel and look greasy afterwards, be light on using powder. Additionally, avoid using glittery and sparkly makeup because they can negatively affect your looks on photos.

  1. Try to photograph your test makeup
When experimenting and preparing your makeup, it would be best to take and see what you will look like in photos. Although you can see yourself on the mirror, photos usually produce different results.

  1. And be ready for the day’s touch up

And although the makeup you have used during the ceremony can last throughout the day, it is still advised to have a small makeup kit just to prepare for emergency or those needed touch ups.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

5 Tips for Better and Healthier Looking Skin

Your skin is your most important organ, from a visual perspective anyhow. And like all of our organs the way we treat it shows.

No matter how much we care about our skin, there’s always room to improve on it and we've compiled a number of great tips to help you do so.

Skin Type

Knowing the sort of skin that you have is a big help when it comes to understanding how to deal with it and give it the best care. Dry skins need a very different approach to mixed or oily skin and it’s also worth remembering that your skin varies from season to season too. So, be aware of this as it will help you ensure that you take care of it in the best possible manner no matter how it changes. Skincare by Alana is a good website for tips on skin types and also care.


Different scrubs and exfoliate will have different impacts on different skin. There is no such thing as one for all skin and so you need to test and try and inform yourself as best as possible in this regard. Consult with a dermatologist for the best possible results.

Sun Cream

A very important part of your skin process. SPF sun creams or moisturizers are one of the mainstays of healthy skin. Of course, it’s not just the summer time that you should be wearing them either. SPF creams should be worn during the winter as well as the summer – there are still sun rays in gloomy weather. In fact, the sun is often harsher on the skin in this sort of weather as the clouds amplify the amount of light that damages skin that comes through to the skin. Oil free and powder sun screens are a good option.


Water is one of the most important parts of good skin and one that a lot of people don’t get enough of. Water helps cleanse the skin and will rejuvenate it. No matter how many times people are told that they need to drink 2 liters of water at least a day, they still don’t. Frankly, it’s a big issue for skin and without it you will be pushing against the grain.


A very important factor too. Cleansing properly will help get rid of all the oil, dirt and makeup that gathers in the powers throughout the day. Cleansing twice a day will help lift a large amount of this and one of the best tools for the job is the Clarisonic as it keeps skin clear and prevents problems.

It Takes Time

Skin doesn't just improve over night, however if you have some patience you will see results. One of the biggest reasons people don’t see improvements in skin is down to the fact they don’t have the patience to continue these changes. If you do, you will most likely see better skin, but give it up to two months.

Great skin is a fantastic thing and can make your whole appearance a lot more attractive. These tips will help ensure that you have a clear, bright appearance.

Adding Classy Anatomie Pieces To Your Wardrobe

I've had a lot of extra reasons to dress up and look my best lately.  It's only a month until my wedding, so I've been frantically getting last minute meetings with vendors done.  I'm not showing up to important events in yoga pants, but that doesn't mean I don't want to be comfortable during all of these trips.

Lisette Lace Tank - Anatomie / Denim Pencil Skirt - Macy's / Wrap Bracelet - Chamilia

This top doesn't have any modesty layers underneath, so I paired it with my black spaghetti-strap tank top.  I like having the option of putting different colors on it.  This top comes in black too, but the white worked best for me.  It's good to be bright!

And besides, the bride should enjoy wearing white, right?

The tank is nice and loose, and hits at the bottom of my hip, making it versatile.  I feel sophisticated with it on, but I needed to stay far away from my dogs while I was wearing it.

This one was a little more of the cute-me side.  My fiance was taking the pictures and decided it was a good time to crack jokes at me.  Now I remember why I'm marrying that man.

The skirt section on this dress is fantastic.  It flows enough to let you drive unhindered and looks gorgeous while you walk.  And spin.

This dress comes in red, white, and this navy blue.  I really wanted to pick up the red one, but I'm happy I decided on my "something blue" here.  It really complimented me I think.  I played hostess with it on and served drinks and candy while looking like a very classy housewife.

Take that Mad Men housewives.

This is going to be my after-wedding dress so I can get travelling afterward without being hindered by layers of tulle and lace.  It fit and felt great.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Try The Trend - Adding Quilted Fashion To Your Wardrobe

This Spring, the runways were giving us a preview of what was coming for Fall. Now that time's almost here! Where did the months go and why is it so chilly all of a sudden? One of the recurring themes at the Dior and Chanel shows was quilting. This trend is so accessible and doesn't require you live in New York or L.A. to get away with it. Who's ready to give it a try? If you're a child of the 90s, hearing the word "quilting" might make you remember the oversized, puffy, zip-up quilted vests we wore this time of year. We thought we were awesome. Now that it's no longer scorching hot and Fall is quickly approaching, it's a great time to start working this trend into your wardrobe. Here's the rule of thumb for any texture or print trend: no more than two of these per outfit. Keep it simple.


Cute quilted flats are all over right now and they're a nice way to ease into this trend. The black Sperry Top-Sider Elise flats above are only $80. Who doesn't need a good pair of black flats or three? There are also quilted booties and ankle boots appearing in department stores like the pair by Thakoon above ($410, Net-A-Porter).


See above about excuses to buy more shoes and apply it to handbags. Quilted handbags have never really gone out of style, so they're the easiest way to try this trend and going to be the most abundant in stores. The medium pink bag by John Lewis above is totally affordable and being a very neutral tone, it lets you mix and match this with more outfits. When in doubt, get a quilted bag in black and pair it with Fall jewel tones. Hit two Fall trends at once by matching your manicure to your bag.


Coats, not vests. Although if you miss the vests, we won't judge. Quilted coats are done in leather and lighter materials for Fall as well as thicker designs for Winter. You can shoot for black leather or leather-look jackets or go full-blown with the warm quilted long coats like the one from Peacocks above. These warm jackets are something that's big in fashion magazines right now and is usually still popular during years where it's not such a focus.

Tops & Skirts

While a fully quilted top is going to be out of reach for the average woman, you can find quilted accents on more traditional pieces. How gorgeous is the blue houndstooth skirt with its little touch of quilting at the sides? Bonus points if you pair it with houndstooth booties or a comfy black sweater. If you want to rock the fully quilted mini, go for it. When in doubt, you can always go to Amazon or your favorite department store's website, search for "quilted" and then hit the women's category. (Here's the results for Target. You're welcome.) Find something you love and you won't care whether it's trendy or not, because it will be you.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The Golden Rules of Dressing for Fancy Dress Parties

Some people absolutely love fancy dress, while others don’t find it any way nearly as endearing of prospect. However, whether you love it or not there are a number of ways that you can increase your chances of looking great dressed up in fancy dress.
Whether you’re a wallflower or absolutely love being the center of attention these tips will ensure you look fantastic dressed up on all occasions.

Making an effort is the first rule of successful fancy dress and if you make a half attempt you will be far less likely to look great in fancy dress – it’s that simple. Going to the pound shop and purchasing some horns is not going to cut it if the party is a proper fancy dress. Be a little creative and make a costume of some sort, alternatively why not try a fancy dress store if you don’t have the time – Red Star Fancy Dress offer some cool ready-made costumes.
By planning your costume well in advance you will be far more likely to look great. Too many people tend to avoid planning and then end up with an issue in the last minute. Often people claim they won’t dress up, losing their nerve before the party and having to either stress or go as something lackluster. Don’t be that person and plan well in advance.
Be confident in what you’re wearing and enjoy yourself. Fancy dress parties aren't about looking good – they’re about having fun and being a little silly. Remember this and you will be fine.
Try and avoid the clichés as they tend to look unimaginative and unspectacular. So, if you’re a girl try not to be that sexy cat.
However, clichés aside, try not to be too left field as people won’t get who you are. The more mainstream you are, the more people will get it. Being a little obscure and mistaken for someone you’re not can cause problems on the big night – so our advice is if people thing you’re someone else, just go with it.
The People
Certain parties will see certain sorts of people attend them. So, if you’re at a party with your friends and they’re all quite geeky you will be able to get away with things that other people wouldn't be able to get away with. However, if it’s more mainstream then it’s a lot better come as something more center field.
Fancy dress parties are fun, that’s the point they exist. So, let people know that you’re fun and you will be far more likely to see them have fun and dance with you. If you come across as someone who is not very exciting and not a lot of fun, then this will come across to others and you just wont enjoy the occasion nearly as much. Fancy dress parties are about being silly and this should be seen in your attitude.
If you can, dress up as a group – it’s a sure fire way to earn extra fancy dress bonus points.
Follow these tips and you can be sure that you will look great and most importantly enjoy your next fancy dress party.