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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

The Essential 20 Something Guide to City Life

City life is a one-of-a-kind experience that’s for sure. It’s hectic, it’s crowded and it’s full on but we wouldn’t change it for the world. If you’ve recently embraced city living and want some tips for getting into the swing of things, we’ve sorted you out with a guide to the latest gadgets to get you by.

Here’s a checklist of the must-have essential technology and apps for living modern life in the big city:


Not only is this app a lifesaver when it comes to figuring out the quickest way home/to the bar/to the party, it’s also a major timesaver. No more staring confusedly at the tube map or trying to figure out if that so called ‘shortcut’ is worth taking, before discovering you’ve just walked in a massive circle. Citymapper is designed with commuters in mind, providing real time routes and directions that people actually use when getting around the city. We’d be lost without it!

Tech21 Phone Cases

As much as we love living in the city, the weather can sometimes (a lot of the time) rain on your parade a little bit. If you do happen to get caught out in the rain, make sure you’ve got a tech21 case protecting your phone. Their Evo Xplorer case is completely waterproof for up to an hour in depths of 9.9ft, combine this their innovative FlexShock™ material (able to withstand drops of up at 6.6ft) and your phone will be safe from those heart-breaking accidental drops! Protect your lifeline and check out tech21’s waterproof cases.


This popular app will become your best friend at the end of a night out; simply let your phone’s GPS pick up your location and request a taxi! Watch the screen as your ride works it’s way along the streets towards you – letting you know what time it will arrive. No cash on you? No problem! The app syncs with your card so the payment is taken care of seamlessly. Visit their website to find out more.

Digital Dating

Something we would definitely swipe right for is the introduction of dating apps into our lives. City life doesn’t leave as much time as you’d think when looking for love – luckily, we can now have an abundance of potential interests in the palm of our hands. Be sure to check out Happn, as this app uses your GPS to let you discover the likeminded people you’ve crossed paths with as you go about your daily life.

Urban Ears Headphones

Music makes the world go round, so make sure you’ve got a good pair of headphones to make those subway journeys go by that little bit quicker. Mixing quality and style, Scandinavian company Urbanears have an amazing selection of over-ear and in-ear headphones in a wide range of colors to suit anyone’s tastes. Their headphones are reasonably priced too, starting from £25 for the Bagis earbuds so they won’t break the bank.
Unfortunately, it’s sad but true that living the city lifestyle doesn’t come cheap. It’s easy to lose track of where your hard earned cash is going each month. Keep on top of your money with help from Mint, an easy to use finance app that lets you keep track of your budget, bills and spending. It can even help you to save too! You’ll never get ‘the fear’ when opening up your bank balance again (hopefully).
When you want something delicious to eat, but leaving the house just feels like a bit too much effort, take advantage of Seamless. This online delivery service has all the menus from your favorite local restaurants, just pick your meal, enter your zip code and you’ll get an estimated delivery time – it won’t be long before your tucking into your favorite food in the comfort of your own home.
Be sure to get your hands on these must-have bits of tech and living in the city will become a breeze in no time!

Monday, April 11, 2016

5 Things We Can Learn from Soap Operas

Some years ago, daytime serialized drama on radio and television became popular fare for stay-at-home mothers and wives. Manufacturers of soaps and other household items rushed to buy time as commercial sponsors of the programs. Due to the sentimental nature of mostly domestic storylines, the reference to “soap opera” evolved from a passing nickname to a real form of creative writing.

There is learning everywhere and in everything. Seek it out. Blind faith cannot be a reliable guiding light.

Here are 5 things we can learn from soap operas

1. Relationships are the backbone of our lives. They are also the backbone of written works. The advice suggested in any work of art may be carved in stone—but not so in real life. Remember, art imitates life – then imitated life reflects in art.

Your own relationships are special unto themselves and as flexible as you are. 

2. Soap operas are immersed in emotional turmoil, similes of action, big resolutions designed to disintegrate, and always, always have designated storyline settings. Learn that literary liberties are for the purpose of entertainment—not for application in your own relationships.

Leave the drama to the soaps.

3. Soap opera relationships, the characters’ machinations of one another are reminiscent to real life as known by the creator of the storyline. That’s only one point of view. According to the rules of soap opera writing, dramatic storylines cannot be altered in midstream to change directions that were established in the master storyline – also known as the story bible.

In real life you are not compelled by a predesigned outline and you can and should serve yourself in your relationships.

4. Soap opera is a therapeutic school of life. It tugs at the heart. It is good. See it as therapy disguised as escapism. We don’t need to take it to heart.

You don’t escape from your relationships, but through therapy or self-help you can resolve the issues that do not serve you or the relationships. 

5. Relationships are all we have in life. Don’t worry about showing emotions. It can only help. Not showing them can hurt. Watching a soap opera character making mistakes, being betrayed, being too trusting, should not be our own learning experience only our entertainment. We must be mindful of what we absorb.

Be honest with yourself about your feelings and relationships.

Katherine MK Mitchell had three screenplays optioned for film and once wrote a soap opera bible for Columbia TV. Mitchell, a former Hollywood member of the Writers Guild of America, believes there's much we can learn from the now-fading phenomenon of daily soaps.

Monday, February 29, 2016

Finnair and Helsinki Airport Present The Ultimate Runway Fashion Show

Finnair and Helsinki Airport announced today that Runway 2 of Helsinki Airport will transform into the ultimate fashion catwalk where seven top designers from China, Korea, Japan, the UK, Sweden, Denmark and Finland will present their collections. For decades the fashion industry has been associated with the glamorous world of travel and on May 24, 2016 the fashion world will descend on Helsinki Airport to celebrate this Match Made in HEL in style.

"The combined glamour of the fashion and travel industry share a long history. Air travel has long played a key role in setting the pace of fashion trends across the world," says Johanna Jäkälä, Vice President, Brand, Marketing and Loyalty at Finnair. "Fashion connects and inspires people, and we see this on a daily basis as we connect Europe and Asia with our flights. With this fashion show, we want to celebrate the connections between Europe and Asia, and showcase the work of some of the hottest designers from these two continents."

"Helsinki Airport is a key hub for Asia-Europe travel, and every day thousands of people transfer through the airport on their journey between these destinations. The airport, located along the shortest route between Asia and Europe, is a constant inspiration for us, and on May 24th fashion designers from both the West and East will meet here for this special runway show ", says Katja Siberg, Vice President, Marketing and Business Development at Finavia, the Finnish airport operator.

The designers displaying their latest creations along the runway have been handpicked to represent some of the most interesting and inspiring trends emerging from the Asian and European fashion industries. The designers will be announced in March-April, and will be presented on the Match made in HEL campaign site at

"Helsinki Airport presents a fascinating backdrop for the designers to showcase their work", says Tuomas Laitinen, Fashion Director of SSAW Magazine, who will be curating the fashion show. "I am excited to be a part of bringing some of the hottest names in fashion to Helsinki in May."

Finnair and Helsinki Airport together offer the smoothest connections between Europe and Asia. Finnair flies to 17 Asian destinations and over 70 European destinations via Helsinki. Helsinki Airport has grown into a major transfer hub for Asia-Europe travel, the airport is designed for smooth and fast transfers. As Finnair expands its Asian traffic in turn Helsinki Airport will expand to support growing passenger flows. In summer 2016, Finnair will offer 77 weekly flights to Asia from Helsinki Airport.

The Match Made in HEL campaign is a joint campaign by Finnair and Helsinki Airport, and targeted at raising awareness of Finnair and Helsinki Airport as the best partners for smooth and fast air connections between Asia and Europe.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Excitement Should Be a Priority in Relationships

Life can be hectic and busy, which leaves little time to keep up relationships. Dating also takes a fair amount of time and commitment. The fact is getting to know someone and developing a bond can be an overwhelming experience. Careers and other obligations tend to put a hold on the available amount of time and money available for finding a new partner. While affair dating websites can be the answer can the answer for some folks looking to create a little excitement in their lives, finding time for yourself can still prove to be a challenge. Making relationships a priority, trying new things, and being more adventurous can be the keys to a rewarding dating experience.

Focusing Priorities

When the bells of life ring constantly for other people, it is easy to get wrapped up in the troubles and issues surrounding the lives of others. It could be a stale and lackluster relationship, it could be family and friends, and it could be any number of things that are chewing away at the available minutes to find someone new. Refocusing priorities is often necessary to finding happiness and enjoyment. Everyone deserves a chance to be happy, whether by one-night-stands to recharge the batteries or to discover a discreet lover. Without making an effort, everyone stays stuck in the same process.

Trying New Things

Anyone that has been trying to meet someone new for an extended period of time and is still coming up empty needs to face the reality that it just is not working. It has little to do the person, it has more to do with the process. Trying new things, like websites that keep things discreet, might just be the answer that everyone is looking for. When stuck in stagnant relationship it is tough to remember how to change things up, but being open to experiences that can help find a special pal with discreet rewards just might be the ideal way to get that flame burning again.

Being Adventurous

Being open to excitement is an important element in the relationship building experience. Whether it is spending a few minutes flirting with a stranger or embarking on a potentially fulfilling journey, keeping doors closed is a sure way to be certain nothing new happens. Opening up to the potential for some excitement is what it is all about. Using websites that specialize in finding new and interesting people close by and people you want to meet help put a little spice into a great evening. There is nothing wrong with a little escape from the status quo, and many people can benefit from a little extra adventure, because it makes them feel alive again.

In the end, changing up priorities and putting yourself first, trying new things instead of the same old places, and being open to the potential adventures life has to offer, are all elements of relationship building and dating that can become rewarding and life changing events. Everyone works hard, but not everyone plays hard. Getting out of stale relationships or using discretion to jump start change can be the perfect way to live a fuller and better life. Everyone deserves a chance to put themselves first and experience some excitement. Checking out what the world has to offer and being open to those experiences is what gets the ball rolling.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

How To Start Over After Domestic Abuse

You suddenly found yourself not only the victim of abuse, but now a survivor who has escaped the situation. Now that you have left the bad situation, you must learn How To Start Over After Domestic Abuse. It may seem so simple to those around you, but as a victim you realize that it isn't going to be an easy feat. With emotional, often physical and long term damage to deal personally and with your children you are faced with a ton of needs and desires and have no idea how to make them happen. Here is a simple method of maneuvering through this part of life nobody every teaches you how to cope with.


Seek counseling for yourself and/or children. The best thing you can do for yourself and your kids after you escape an abusive situation is to seek help. Not only does that include help from the authorities to stay safe, but it means seeking emotional help for the damage done to your self esteem and coping mechanisms. Finances can be tough during this time, so seek out local free counseling programs, help from your local DHS offices or a recommended church counselor. Most doctors offices and emergency centers as well as local police departments will have information on where to seek this help from.

Seek help for jobs, finances, housing and career development. While many people scoff at seeking government assistance, this is likely a time in your life when it is needed and useful. Find out what your local Department of Human Services has to offer. Whether it is a free parenting class, help finding a job or assistance with HUD Housing or SNAP benefits to help you get on your feet, don't feel shame. That is precisely what these programs are there for, and what the employees are trained to help you with.

Don't be shamed or feel guilt if you need to move to a new town or state. Don't let the idea of “running from your past” invade your mind. For many domestic abuse victims, the only way to truly start over on solid safe footing is to remove yourself from the place the abuse occurred. That means leaving the home of the abuser, and in many cases the city, town or state. Starting over completely can promote healing, bring peace of mind and give you a clean slate to begin a life without everyone knowing your story unless you want to share it with them.

Allow yourself the time to grieve. While many would think you should be thrilled to be out of a bad place, there are many things you will lose in the process. Whether it is a long time relationship, your home and possessions or a bit of your dignity, there will be things left behind. Don't feel badly for the days you are depressed, angry or embarrassed. Allow yourself time to grieve.

Find a soothing hobby or way to get rid of stress. It can be tough to hold up under the scrutiny of friends, family members and medical personnel after you have left an abusive relationship. Find something that you enjoy doing or participating in tha can be your safe way to get rid of stress. An art class, yoga, walking with friends, reading books or simply a glass of wine and a bubble bath regularly are all great ways to take care of yourself. Of all times in your life, this is not one to forget about “me time”.

This will be one of the most difficult times in our life. It can and wil also be a stepping stone toward better things to come. Learning how to start over after domestic abuse starts within yourself. Taking the time to really understand what you want from your life will help to lead you toward better decisions. Seek counseling from trusted individuals, and embrace the second chance at a fulfilling life that you have been given.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Today's Different Use Of Topical Anesthetics

Anesthesia is a kind of drug that is widely used in different hospitals and other healthcare facilities. It is used to numb certain area of the body prior to procedures that might cause pain. It is classified into different types depending on its purpose and uses.

A general anesthesia is used in major surgeries where most vital parts and organs of the body are involved and the patient needs to be sedated during the procedure. A regional anesthesia, on the other hand, is used when a certain region of the body is involved. Lastly, the most commonly used type is the local anesthesia that works only on a small and specific part of the body.

Local anesthesia comes in different forms such as injectables, patch, solution, creams, gels, foams, and ointments. Topical anesthetics are commonly used as a pain reliever because of its numbing effect. It also helps relieve itchiness caused by different skin conditions like insect bites, stings, minor burns, scratches, and cuts.

Topical anesthetics is administered to control and lessen the pain before undergoing procedures like laceration repair and cauterization. The use of numbing cream helps avoid the risk of having wound margin distortion that is caused by administering infiltrative injections.

The mechanism of action of a topical anesthesia is to block the nerve conduction on the site of administration as well as the near surrounding area causing numbness and total loss of sensation that lasts for a limited time only. After applying the anesthetic cream or ointment to the area, it takes a couple of minutes up to an hour for it to take effect completely.

The use of local topical anesthesia is very popular among different cosmetic and skin care clinic. It is used for various skin treatment procedures such as removal of warts, mole, and other skin angioma depending on the size and depth.

Topical numbing spray, gel, or cream are also used in aesthetic clinic for procedures like waxing and hair removal that can be very painful for some people especially for those who has low pain tolerance.
Aside from different medical and aesthetic procedures, topical numbing products are now being used in different tattoo salon. This is for people who are very fond of getting a tattoo but too afraid of the excruciating pain that comes with it.

A numbing gel, spray, or cream is applied to the area prior the procedure to relieve the pain. If you are planning to get a tattoo, do not hesitate to ask about tattoo numbing products that could make your experience less painful and more pleasurable with the use of a topical anesthetic which will also give your artist a way to be more creative.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Love & Sunshine Gift Set Giveaway #MomsTheWord

Welcome to the Mom's The Word, Mother's Day Giveaway Hop!

Organized by:

Mom Powered Media Bloggers

Mother's Day is just around the corner! Whether you're wanting some new jewelry, cash, home decor, clothing, or something else, we have it in this amazing giveaway hop from over 60 fabulous bloggers! Each participating blog below is hosting their own unique giveaway with a value of at least $30. Some feature gift cards to your favorite stores while others have high value giveaways from companies you know and love! Mom Powered Media is also hosting a Grand Prize Giveaway Package valued at $700!
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Wrapped by you! Surprise someone special with Love & Sunshine in pampering favorites: Body Lotion (8 fl oz), Shower Gel (10 fl oz) and a Perfect 3-Wick Candle! Plus, Gentle Foaming Hand Soap (8.75 fl oz) in Sunshine & Lemons scent is the perfect complement to this springtime set. Fragrances and gift bag arrive unassembled for you to wrap & give with love! A bright, happy blend of sun-kissed daisies, fresh lemons and sweet strawberries, guaranteed to make you smile!

One reader will receive a Bath & Body Works Love & Sunshine Gift Set! This giveaway hop ends on May 10th, 2015 at 11:59pm Eastern time. a Rafflecopter giveaway The MPM Blogging Network is not responsible for prize fulfillment and associated bloggers are responsible for their own giveaways. Good luck everyone and happy Mother's Day!

You can find all of the giveaways to all the blogs involved below! Hop around and enter each one, and don't forget to enter the grand prize giveaway!