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Monday, February 26, 2018

Tips for Organizing Your Makeup Drawer

Every woman has that one drawer or bin in their bathroom stuffed full of makeup. Organizing Your Makeup Drawer is easy, fun and can make your morning routine so much easier. A few simple tricks, items and reminders will keep your makeup all together for easy access! No more struggle to find the right eye liner, or fear about how old your makeup is. These tips will help you stay on top of your makeup drawer with ease.

Invest In Drawer Organizers: There are tons of makeup organizers out there, but if you use a traditional bathroom drawer to store your makeup, then you know that a simple desk organizer can work wonders. Look for slim trays to hold things like makeup brushes, eyeliner, lip liner and pencils. Find small square containers to house eye shadows and blushes. Foundation, blending sponges, powders and miscellaneous tools can be dropped into shallow boxes or trays as well.

Mark With Date Opened So You Know When To Toss: Keep a permanent marker in your makeup drawer to write the date you open something on the package. This will help you stay on top of when an item should be thrown away. Remember, most makeup products should be thrown away between 6-9 months after opened and first used. This is for your safety. Old makeup can break down and easily cause skin irritation, as well as hold onto germs and bacteria.

Keep Daily Use Products In The Front & Other Items In the Back:
When you begin organizing, keep things like your daily sunscreen, moisturizer, foundation, powder and mascara all near the front for those days when you just add a bit of makeup and run. Items like specialty shadows, eye liners or makeup meant for specific events can be stored closer to the back of your drawer.

The biggest part of organizing your makeup drawer is getting rid of the junk you no longer use or need. Keep like items together, commonly used items in front and specialty items separate in the back of the drawer. As long as you continue to put things back in their place each day, your makeup drawer will stay neat and orderly.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Trimming Your Waistline in the New Year

As the new year gets underway, you might be eager to transform your health and appearance. When losing weight is one of your primary goals this year, you may wonder how to get started and what you can do to achieve this goal realistically. You might enjoy the best level of success when you take on a practical exercise regimen, change your diet, and buy fat burners online from health365.

Trimming Your Waistline in the New Year

Exercise Tips

Many people who are serious about losing weight assume that they must take on rigorous and difficult exercise regimens. They may even go so far as to buy a membership to a local gym.

However, you do not have to join a gym or do strenuous weight lifting exercises to lose weight and trim your waistline. Doctors suggest starting with moderate exercise and building your way up to activities that help you build strength and resistance.

A good way to start might involve simply walking around the block each day. Fitness experts say that 30 minutes of brisk walking a day can burn calories and improve your emotional and mental health. With a better mind set, you could approach your weight loss goals confidently. As your metabolism increases with walking, you likewise could burn more calories and shed pounds easier.

Dietary Changes

Walking and doing other exercises will be useless if you continue to eat a high fat, high calorie diet. To lose pounds, you are encouraged to change your eating habits. Fitness experts suggest eating more fresh fruits and vegetables and drinking up to 32 ounces of water each day.

You also may lose weight faster if you stay away from carbohydrates like pasta and cereal as well as sugary foods and drinks like pastries and sodas. Eating lean proteins like baked or boiled chicken, tuna, and lean beef can provide your body with the nutrients you need for good health and safe weight loss.

Once you change your diet, you may notice that you begin to lose weight faster. A healthy low-fat diet combined with exercise can help you meet your weight loss goals.

Fat Burning Supplements

Despite your dietary and exercise regimen changes, you may notice that the weight is not coming off as quickly as you like. You also may notice that you still have fat deposits on your thighs, stomach, and buttocks.

As people age, their bodies are no longer able to burn off fat as quickly as when they were younger. You may need some additional help toning you body and getting rid of those fat deposits.

When you shop online, you can find supplements that help you achieve this part of your weight loss goal. The products for sale on the website are made from natural ingredients and designed to be safe to use everyday. You can click on the picture of each choice and decide in what form you would like to take the product. You can also read about the indications and the proper way to use the supplements as you lose weight.

Shedding fat and pounds calls for a realistic approach to achieving this goal. You can trim your waistline and get rid of stubborn fat deposits by exercising, eating right, and using supplements as needed. You can find these products for sale online.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Wedding Planning 101

First comes the proposal then comes the wedding planning. There are dozens of decisions that need to be made before it’s time to walk down the aisle, which can be overwhelming for brides and grooms.

To help make it less stressful, these tips from Macy’s can help couples through the entire wedding-planning process, from on-trend apparel and accessories for the entire wedding party to all the essentials to create a perfect registry.

Wedding Planning 101

Dressing the Ladies

When it comes to bridesmaid dresses, the mix-and-match approach is trending in popularity. Start by deciding on a color palette, such as lilac, champagne and petal pink.  Then have each bridesmaid choose her favorite style within that range of hues. Bring it all together by choosing a uniform look for makeup, shoes and accessories.

There is no better time to thank the ladies than the morning of the big day. A few thoughtful gifts can go a long way, such as matching robes, tumblers to stay hydrated throughout the day and cosmetic cases to stow makeup essentials.

Dressing the Gents

Similar to bridesmaid dresses, groomsmen attire can be dependent on the venue and overall event aesthetic. While a suit can fit the bill for a country club wedding, a city affair may call for the sleek finishes of a tux. Tuxedo accessories, such as cuff links or bow ties, make great groomsmen gifts and are classic pieces they can use time and time again.

Creating the Perfect Registry

When building a registry, it’s never too early to start. People want to give gifts as soon as they know a couple is engaged. Start by taking inventory of what you already have, what you need and what you want to upgrade. It’s also recommended to update the registry regularly so there are enough gifts to choose from, especially if there is an engagement party and bridal shower coming up. To get started, some popular registry items include stand mixers, craft beer glasses, Dutch ovens, bath towels and vacuums. For extra guidance, couples can speak to advisors who can help with the full registry building process at Macy’s stores.

For more wedding ideas and inspiration, and to find the right attire and gifts for your wedding planning, visit

Colors Trending for Weddings This Spring

Florals, sundresses and earthy venues will always be the trends of a springtime wedding. From lighter colors such as blush, to more bold colors like ultraviolet, springtime has endless possibilities for making your special day perfect. If you’re looking to find the perfect colors for your special day this spring, look no further. I came across these dress and suit color pairing looks featuring The Black Tux's wedding collection to help narrow down your search. Here are a few suggestions to inspire everything from your wedding invitations, floral arrangements and attire for your wedding.

Warm up to spring with the romantic and alluring color combination of blush and grey. This spring wedding season, the grey suit is the new black tuxedo. To pair with this informal but elegant color, we suggest using a cordial color like blush. Inviting and warm, blush highlights the feeling of romance during your special day. Bridesmaids will glow in their blush-colored gowns as they match handsome groomsmen dressed in grey suits. For your wedding florals, consider using options that are neutral with hints of blush tied in. You’ll keep your wedding casual without dulling the warmth of your romance with this color combination.

If you’re looking to have more of a floral-colored focus for your spring wedding, we recommend using the color combination of lilac and green. Lilac is light with a floral aesthetic that is perfect for the beginning of the spring season. Stray away from bright colors and use plants that are more earthy and have a deeper green color to them. Use these rich and dark greens in table centerpieces and your wedding will feel natural and rustically charming. Wedding party attire is an excellent way of subtly using these colors through bridesmaid accessories or groomsmen boutonnieres.

Keep your wedding classic and sophisticated by using the fashionable and appealing color, slate. Slate, a compromise between black and grey, will give your wedding a look that is sharp and endearing. The groom and his groomsmen will look polished and stately in slate tuxedos. Encourage the presence of the fresh spring season in your wedding by including moss-colored decor. Floral arrangements on tables and candles leading down the aisle are great ways to introduce color in small ways during your wedding day.

Ultraviolet is not only Pantone's Color of the Year, but the perfect color to incorporate in your wedding this spring season! Ultraviolet is a color that is valiant and enticing so we recommend using it in ways that are going to make the details of your wedding stand out. This strong color is a great option to mix in floral bouquets carried down the aisle by bridesmaids. If you’re attending a wedding this spring, consider matching your date with a dress or tie that is ultraviolet. Colors like gold, grey and different shades of beige compliment ultraviolet without being overpowering.

Spring is often viewed as the beginning of the year, making this season the perfect beginning for the net chapter of your life. Don’t be afraid to try new colors, get creative and explore patterns that highlight the beauty of springtime. What colors will you use in your wedding this spring?

Monday, February 19, 2018

Transform Your Bathroom into the Ultimate Paradise

Many people spend a lot of time in the bathroom. It’s a functional space where you can bathe, get ready for the day and take care of business. However, the bathroom can be so much more than that: it can offer a place to destress, relax and recharge before taking on the morning or after conquering a long day.

Transform Your Bathroom into the Ultimate Paradise

Now you can escape to your own paradise without leaving home. These simple tips and tricks from lifestyle and parenting expert Jordan Reid of Ramshackle Glam can help you transform your bathroom into a spa-like oasis without undergoing a major renovation.
  • Don’t be scared to play with lighting, as it helps create a room’s atmosphere. Use multi-bulb lighting fixtures paired with warm LEDs. For a sunset-on-the-beach vibe, try pink bulbs in the bathroom with your regular lighting; together they can create a rosy-glow that’s the perfect aesthetic for a relaxing time.
  • To immerse yourself in the sand and sun, use collections of gold-framed mirrors. Adding mirrors is a simple way to bounce additional light around the room, and the gold can add a warm hue, so they’re both functional and aesthetically pleasing.
  • Bathrooms can have greenery in them, too. Plants such as philodendrons and bromeliads can add an element of airiness and life, and both can be found in super-realistic faux styles if your bathroom is not conducive to the real thing.
  • Don’t be afraid to accessorize your bathroom with items that fit your style and personality. For your paradise getaway, a bamboo bathmat can create a beachy vibe that’s also chic and modern and Turkish towels can add texture and color. Even smaller items, such as jewelry stands, towel hooks and toilet paper holders, can show off your unique aesthetic and make your escape truly your own.
  • Keep your bathroom sparklingly and stunningly clean – and smelling great. Don’t forget to clean frequently overlooked places like the back of the toilet, inside the shower and along the edges of fixtures. Scented cleaning products such as those from the Clorox Scentiva Pacific Breeze & Coconut line, including bathroom foamer, toilet cleaning gel, multi-surface spray and disinfecting wipes, not only deliver a refreshing clean, but can also help transport you to a relaxing paradise with aromas of coconut, pineapples and warm sandalwood. For more information, visit

Saturday, February 10, 2018

5 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas She’ll Love

Finding the perfect Valentine’s Day gift has been a challenge for ages. Whether your relationship is new or has withstood the test of time, it’s the perfect time to remind her that she plays an important role in your life.

5 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas She’ll Love

It turns out all that worry may be for nothing. A survey by PANDORA Jewelry found 65 percent of women agree that they receive the gift they want when they drop hints. This year, make the gift-giving process seamless by watching for hints, reading between the lines and considering one of these sure-to-please gift ideas.

Put a sparkle in her eye. According to the survey, the majority of women consider jewelry to be the most covetable gift, yet 77 percent normally receive flowers or chocolates. Read between the lines and give her a desirable gift, like pieces from the PANDORA Jewelry Valentine’s Day collection. From stacking rings to gorgeous pendants, the Lock Your Promise and Explosion of Love collections are full of high-quality, hand-crafted, stylish pieces that nearly any woman would be thrilled to receive this year.

It’s the thought that counts – really. Most women agree that a thoughtful gift, not the most expensive one, is a winner. Something that shows you really know her can send a strong message. For example, if you decide to give flowers, instead of defaulting to the usual dozen red roses, think about her favorite bloom, or choose a flower that may have special meaning in her life.

Make time the treasure. A busy pace of life means that there’s rarely enough time to spend together without distractions. A gift doesn’t have to be a physical object, but rather an experience you can share together. Plan a date night away from home, enroll in a class to learn a new hobby together or make a point to simply enjoy each other’s company.

Simple and sentimental. Even if sappy isn’t your standard MO, Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion to get a little sentimental. Give a copy of the movie from your first date, or revisit a restaurant that holds special meaning in your relationship. Make it meaningful and you’ll see how a simple idea can earn a big response.

When in doubt, ask. If you’re out of ideas or inspiration, ask your beloved what she’d enjoy most. That’s not to say you must forgo the element of surprise. Remember that just because she suggests jewelry doesn’t mean she knows exactly what you’ll choose.

Find more tips for Valentine’s Day gift ideas at

Friday, February 2, 2018

Foods That Can Help You Lose Weight

One of the nice things about learning what foods can help you lose weight is that it is a positive focus. It can be easier to handle the idea of learning what you should eat rather than hearing about what you must not eat. So here are some foods that, when incorporated into your diet, may help you in your weight-loss efforts.

1. Potatoes

Surprise! These Vitamin C-rich tubers are high in fiber and tasty besides. Probably because of the fiber, they are fairly filling. Try them baked, boiled, or grilled. You can chop them, toss them with a little olive oil and herbs, and roast them in the oven. Just avoid all the added fat often associated with potato foods like chips and fries.

2. Whole grains

Brown rice, millet, quinoa, oats, wheat berries, and other whole grains can help fill you up without a lot of fat or calories. Oatmeal is even said to help prevent your body from storing fat. Adding a healthy serving of whole grains to your meal may help you eat less and fill up. You can also make a whole grain dish the main part of the meal, or bake them into breads and muffins.

Foods That Can Help You Lose Weight

3. Healthy fats

Healthy fats may help you lose weight by improving your overall health, and also by helping you feel satisfied longer. Foods with healthy fats include:

* Avocados
* Fatty fish (e.g. salmon, sardines)
* Cold-pressed safflower, flax, canola, and other oils, as well as olive oil
* Raw nuts and seeds

Some sources even suggest adding a modest amount of dairy-based fat, such as cheese, to help you feel full longer and therefore eat less overall.

4. Whole foods in general

Preparing food is very convenient today - you can pop it in the microwave or buy food pre-packaged and pre-prepared. But experts agree that whole foods made from scratch are healthier, and it's worth noting that when you cook from scratch you increase the number of calories you burn to "earn" your meal.

For example, it burns a lot more calories to grind grain, mix the dough, and knead bread than it does to open a plastic package of store-bought bread. Cooking and grilling out may help you burn even more calories in the preparation of food. Chopping, cutting, washing, and otherwise preparing food generally burns more calories than opening a package.

5. Fresh fruit

The natural sugar in fresh fruit can be satisfying for those trying to lose weight, and fruits are considered a healthy choice for dieters. You can freeze fresh fruit and blend it into a thick smoothie, or freeze pureed fruit into popsicles. Frozen grapes taste almost candy-like. And of course, just eating fruit as is, is tasty and helps keep you from reaching for the chips or candy.