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Thursday, February 6, 2020

Make Your Weight Loss Goals a Reality

Make Your Weight Loss Goals a Reality

Losing weight is a highly personal journey as a wide range of factors can affect a person’s ability to do so. There’s no one approach to weight loss; rather, the best approach is the one that fits your life and body best.

Get motivated to reach your weight loss goals with these expert tips.

Set realistic goals. Most experts agree you shouldn’t lose more than 1-2 pounds per week. More rapid loss may shock your system, and chances are you’re depriving your body of important nutrients. More aggressive loss is also less likely to be permanent or sustainable; long-term results generally come with steady loss over a period of time.

Eat well. Regardless what eating plan you choose, recognize the importance of nutrition in your weight loss program. Weight loss occurs when you burn more calories than you consume, so build your menu around nutrient-rich foods that fill you up. Strive for a well-balanced diet that encompasses all the food groups and, if necessary, discuss your goals with a doctor or nutritionist who can help you identify the best foods to enjoy and those to avoid.

Consider a supplement. If managing cravings or your appetite hinders your weight loss, a supplement may be a good solution. For example, RiduZone is a patented supplement that gives your body more of a substance it already creates called Oleoylethanolamide (OEA). In essence, OEA tells your brain you are full and it’s time to stop eating. Developed and endorsed by Dr. Jay Yepuri, a board-certified gastroenterologist, the supplement is a non-stimulant that may help you feel full faster to reduce caloric intake and boost metabolism to burn stored fat.

Make Your Weight Loss Goals a Reality

Get active. Creating a calorie deficit is necessary to lose weight, and increasing your physical activity helps ensure you’re burning calories. However, getting active isn’t just about playing the numbers game. Physical activity also promotes overall wellness with numerous physical and mental health benefits, including improving circulation and stimulating feel-good endorphins.

Stay committed. It’s easy to fall off your weight loss plan when unexpected circumstances arise. Give yourself a little grace and permission for occasional misses so you stay motivated to get back to your program. That may mean waiting for a cold to pass and doing less strenuous workouts at home or making extra healthy choices at mealtime in advance of an indulgent event. To help make keeping your commitments easier, consider an option like RiduZone to boost your body’s natural appetite-curbing power.

What is OEA?

Oleoylethanolamide (OEA) is a metabolite of oleic acid, a naturally produced substance that interacts with appetite-controlling receptors in the small intestine to signal the brain you are full. It also helps boost metabolism. However, as a result of food choices and excess body fat, naturally produced OEA may require supplementation to achieve the desired effect on appetite or body fat.

Created to mimic this naturally occurring metabolite, RiduZone is the only weight management supplement that contains OEA as an ingredient. Its production has been reviewed and is accepted as safe by the Food and Drug Administration.

Less fat
A clinical study published in the “Journal of Lipid Research” shows higher blood levels of OEA, which is derived from oleic acid-rich olive oil, correlate to lower amounts of body fat. This means weight loss results may be more visible.

Fewer calories A prominent research study published in the journal “Food & Function” shows higher circulating levels of OEA can result in a significant reduction in calorie intake. Over time, OEA users become satisfied with smaller, healthier-sized portions.

Find more information to help jump-start your weight management program at .

Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Smart Saving Strategies for Women

Smart Saving Strategies for Women

Money management and building long-term financial health is a careful balancing act between long- and short-term financial needs, and now is a perfect opportunity to re-examine your goals. People sometimes focus on short-term needs, making sure they can cover routine bills and living essentials. However, many Americans do not have the resources to cover an unexpected expense, much less save for the future.

Data from the U.S. Financial Health Pulse shows that Americans are savings-constrained, over-indebted and underinsured. In fact, despite it being the longest period of economic expansion in modern times, 79% of Americans are not financially healthy, and many live paycheck to paycheck just to cover bills, rent and basic living expenses.

As a result, 60% of households are unprepared for a financial shock, with 41% unable to cover an unexpected $400 expense without borrowing money or selling a personal item. This makes saving incredibly challenging, especially for many low-income households.

“The data makes it quite clear that a significant segment of America is struggling to create a meaningful savings account, whether it’s intended as an emergency fund or a means of attaining a goal without incurring debt,” said Deborah Winshel, global head of social impact at BlackRock.

Last year, the firm launched its Emergency Savings Initiative, a program designed to help people living on low incomes gain access to, and increase usage of, savings strategies and tools to help establish important safety nets.

As with any financial matter, there’s no one “right” way to save. Individual circumstances require a customized approach to determine the best method to fit needs. In addition to traditional saving methods, Common Cents Lab, Commonwealth and the Financial Health Network are working with financial institutions and other enterprises on an initiative to create new and experimental programs that address the challenges many consumers face when it comes to saving money.

If you’re not sure where to start, consider these options and consult with your credit union, employer or financial institution to learn more about the options available to fit your unique lifestyle and savings goals.

Automated Savings Often offered as an option through employer payroll, this approach allows you to designate a portion of your paycheck to be deposited in a savings account. Whether you choose to make it a flat amount or percentage of your income, it’s an easy method that allows you to consistently funnel money into savings with a one-time setup process.

Round Up Some financial institutions offer programs in which every transaction you make on your account, or perhaps just those made using your debit card, are rounded up to the nearest whole dollar. The difference between that whole dollar amount and your actual purchase amount is then directed into your savings account.

Prize-Linked Savings Marrying the fun of winning prizes and a savings account, this type of program incentivizes personal saving by offering an on-going, risk-free chance to win a prize, such as additional cash, by making savings account deposits. Promising both security and opportunity (and perhaps some fun), the amount deposited by the account holder is never at risk, unlike lotteries and games of chance.

Windfall Moments When you receive a substantial amount of money from a source like a tax refund or a work bonus, it can be tempting to splurge on immediate needs or something fun, like a vacation. Allowing yourself to enjoy a portion of the money isn’t a bad idea, but you can also take advantage of the unplanned income as an opportunity to launch, or grow, your savings account.

Collective Savings Accountability is a common barrier to better saving habits, but when others are counting on you to contribute your share, there’s a greater level of responsibility at play. A collective savings account may be a good solution for a shared goal like a trip, special project or funding a special event for a loved one.

To learn more about the savings problem and some of the work being done to help employees, customers, gig workers and students take essential steps toward long-term financial well-being, visit

Friday, January 3, 2020

Winter Skincare Tips You Don't Want To Forget

Winter Skincare Tips You Don't Want To Forget

Cold weather can take a real toll on your skin. Dry skin can lead to discomfort and, if neglected, can affect your skin's elasticity and trigger outbreaks of irritated skin.

Help keep your skin feeling healthy and hydrated this winter with these tips:

Drink water. Hydrating your body from the inside out plays an important role in keeping skin supple and soft. When you're dehydrated, the body pulls water from any source it can, including your skin. A good rule of thumb is at least 8 cups of water a day.

Hydrate with food. You can also boost your internal water reserves by eating foods rich in water, nutrients, vitamins and beneficial fats and oils. Fish, nuts and avocados all contain plenty of essential nutrients that help promote well-hydrated skin. Foods like cucumber, zucchini, lettuce and watermelon also naturally have a high concentration of water.

Use body lotion. Your skin naturally loses moisture throughout the day through evaporation, but you can help trap the hydration you add from bathing by adding a layer of quality lotion. An option like Remedy Dermatology Series Moisturizing Body Lotion contains a proprietary botanical blend of nutrients, emollients and antioxidants, including green tea, clove and safflower oleosomes. Its smooth, rich formula absorbs quickly, leaving skin feeling soft with no greasy or oily residue. Formulated by skin care experts, the lotion helps skin stay moisturized for up to 24 hours and is free of 80 of the most common allergens that contribute to rashes and skin sensitivity. Learn more at

Winter Skincare Tips You Don't Want To Forget

Protect skin. Exposure to harsh weather can quickly dry and chap your skin, so any time you'll be outdoors, especially for extended periods of time, be sure to cover up exposed areas. Keep an extra set of gloves and a scarf in your vehicle so you're prepared for unexpected time outdoors, whether from an accident or impromptu stop at a local park for some fresh air and exercise.

Change out of wet clothes. Always remove wet clothes as soon as possible. Not only do cold, wet clothes affect your body's ability to regulate internal temperature, they can create friction that leads to uncomfortable and painful skin irritation. If getting wet is unavoidable, consider layering your clothing so you can shed wet outer layers quickly before they can soak through.

Use a humidifier. The indoor climate becomes considerably drier in the winter months when the furnace runs regularly. Using a humidifier can help restore a level of humidity that's better for your skin. Aim for humidity levels in the range of 35-50%; depending on your climate, you may need to err on the lower side of the scale to reduce condensation on windows.

Wear sunscreen. Winter sun rays are just as strong as summer rays, even if you don't feel their heat quite as much. In fact, snow burns that result from sun reflecting off the snow can be even more dangerous than regular sunburns. Protect your skin from burning and drying out by using sunscreen with an SPF of at least 15 any time you venture outdoors.

Lotion Do's and Don'ts

Do use lotion, even when your skin doesn't feel dry. Experts say you should apply moisturizer onto damp skin to help lock in any water sitting on the surface before it evaporates.

Don't use too much. Quality moisturizers are highly concentrated and designed to be effective without a thick layer. If you use too much, it's more likely to sit on the surface of your skin, occlude the surface and potentially trigger breakouts.

look for products that match your skin type. While there are common allergens that are present in many lotions, an option like Remedy Dermatology Series Moisturizing Body Lotion is free of parabens, fragrances and aloe that can irritate sensitive skin or allergies.

Friday, December 27, 2019

6 Powerful Benefits of Using PPC Advertising

PPC ads are one of the more common forms of online advertising available. If you've been researching ways to market your products or services, there's a good chance you've come across this acronym. PPC stands for pay-per-click. As the name suggests, this form of advertising only charges the owner of the ad when users click through to their website. Many people prefer this type of ad because you're only charged for results. With so many types of marketing available, it can be difficult to know which one to choose. To help make this decision easier, let's highlight some of the reasons pay-per-click ads have become so popular. Here are 6 powerful benefits of using PPC advertising.

6 Powerful Benefits of Using PPC Advertising

PPC advertising is cost-effective
When compared to other forms of advertising, PPC can actually be more affordable. You see, you'll only be charged when users actually visit your site. Unlike other forms of advertising where you pay a flat fee, PPC advertising only requires payment when you see results from the ads. This is a perfect choice for companies on a tight budget. In reality, any business who only wants to pay for results should consider using PPC ads. They offer great value for your money. Just spend as little or as much as you want depending on the results you want to see.

These ads are easier to target your audience
Advertisements are only effective if they can reach the right people. The most attractive and high-quality ad will fall flat on its face and provide no results if it's only being seen by people who aren't interested in your product. With PPC advertising, you can easily choose the audience that sees your ad by targeting specific demographics like language, the device being used, age, location, and more. This ensures you don't waste money marketing to people who aren't going to buy your product.

You can easily measure the results of PPC ads
It's not common to find the perfect ad on your first try. There are a ton of variables that go into making your advertisements effective and the only way to get the most out of them is to constantly make necessary changes. Without proper metrics, there's no way to know how your ads are doing. This leaves you with no information to go off of when making changes. Fortunately, PPC campaigns can be measured quite effectively. You'll know what's working, what isn't', and you can make the right changes to optimize performance. Some measurements you'll be able to see are reach, conversion rates, impressions, click-throughs, and more.

PPC ads are customizable
Customization is another highly sought after element when it comes to choosing between various forms of advertisement. Marketing is all about making your company, product, or service stand out from amongst the crowd. When you follow in the footsteps of competitors and can't make a name for yourself, then online users will be less likely to click on the ad. PPC advertisements are great because they allow companies to make as many adjustments as they need. Whether you want to make a small tweak or completely overhaul the ad, PPC versions are the right choice.

You have access to countless training resources
PPC ads are a tried and true form of marketing which have been around for as long as people have been using the internet to advertise. This means that hundreds of companies and individuals have perfected this form of advertising and have subsequently produced training resources for those who want to learn how to use PPC ads. While you can definitely spend some money to learn from the best in the game, there are a ton of free options as well. Whether you prefer reading something online, listening to an audiobook, or want a physical book to work with, you're bound to find a resource to help you learn everything you need to know about PPC advertising.

PPC ads deliver results rapidly
Everyone involved in internet marketing knows how frustrating organic growth methods can be. While it's true that search engine optimization efforts can yield results, it often takes several months if not years to be noticeable. PPC advertising can cut this time in more than half. Depending on how much you're willing to put towards these ads, you can start seeing results in a matter of hours. It's a sort of pay-to-play method for driving more traffic to your site. PPC ads cost more money than organic methods, but they also deliver quicker results. For companies who are ready to grow, it's really a no-brainer decision.

Businesses of every size can benefit from the advantages that pay-per-click ads offer. They're more cost-effective than other forms of online marketing. You can target your niche audience much easier with PPC ads while making adjustments on the fly. If you're not familiar with this form of advertising, the internet is full of free and affordable learning resources. Perhaps best of all, you'll see results rapidly when using PPC ads.

Long Island PPC Agency is an expert in the field of PPC advertising. Whether you're a solo entrepreneur or large business looking to optimize your online reach, consider working with Long Island PPC Agency to perfect your PPC game.

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Ways to Use Extra Large Planters

Whether you are a business owner or a homeowner, the right planter can really add something fresh and pleasing to any outdoor space. While the smaller options may be easier to add to the space, many people feel overwhelmed when it comes to extra large planters. We have a few fun and easy ways to utilize these bigger sized options to make the space stand out. 

When using extra large planters, the key is to use their size to your advantage. With so many options available for color and style, the possibilities are endless if you know where to place these planters.

Ways to Use Extra Large Planters

Here are a few ideas: 

Line a walkway. This option is ideal for homes lining a driveway for added appeal. It is also great for businesses looking to line sidewalks. When used in a residential setting, it can really add to the overall curb appeal of the home. When used in a commercial or retail space, it looks great, but it also helps to direct foot traffic to stay off the grass and stick to the sidewalk. 

Flank an entrance. The entrance to a business or home should stand out. This space should be inviting and pleasing to the eye. An easy way to make this happen is with extra large planters. Placing one large one near smaller entrances makes for a pleasing centerpiece while you can also flank a larger doorway with one on each side of the entrance for a more dramatic appeal. 

Make it a centerpiece. This is a great idea for a home garden where you want something to stand out. With the use of a large planter, you can create a centerpiece for your yard, garden, firepit area, or pool patio. Adding a colorful, extra planter full of fresh flowers in vibrant colors is a great way to create a centerpiece for a range of spaces. 

Create privacy. Another way to use planters on the larger side is to use them to create a sense of privacy. This can be achieved by creating a space in the yard or patio where planters enclose a space to create more of a private feel than simply leaving the space open. This can be done everywhere from hotel rooftop patios to backyards around the firepit. 

Border windows. Speaking of the matter of privacy, a popular way to use extra large planters for a business is to border windows. This creates a pleasing way to add a touch of greenery or flowers while still providing some extra privacy for certain settings.

Friday, December 6, 2019

Tips for Making Daily Sales on Poshmark

The top sellers on Poshmark understand that if you want to get the most out of your campaign then you need to set daily goals. While it can be easy to meet these goals if you have a large following, it can be more challenging for those who are just starting out or are still working to build a loyal audience. That's why it's so important to know which techniques you should spend most of your time on. Whether you're new to the platform or are looking for new ways to add life to your closet, here are some tips for making daily sales.

Tips for Making Daily Sales on Poshmark

If you want to increase your daily sales it's important that you know the value of following other users. Following people is a great way to let them know that your closet exists. And the more people you follow, the more exposure you get. Not only is a it a good idea to follow as many people as you can, but you should sometimes target the people that you follow. Pay attention to the users who are liking items similar to yours. This can be especially beneficial if your item is cheaper than the item that they liked.

Sharing is as equally as important as following. It's what helps to expose you to new audiences. Poshmark encourages sellers to sell their own items as well as the closet of others. And the best part is, when you share someone else's items it's likely that they'll share yours. Luckily, Poshmark provides lots of opportunities to share. One of the most popular times in which to share is at parties. Poshmark parties happen four times each day. Each party has a theme. And if you have items that fit the theme then you can get a massive amount of exposure.

Tips for Making Daily Sales on Poshmark

Bloggers understand how important titles are. It's what inspires people to click on the article to find out more about it. The same goes for listings on Poshmark. The more captivating your title, the more likely people are to click on it to learn more. So it's essential that you create titles that catch people's attention.

The most successful Poshmark titles are to-the-point and make the most of each word. For instance, you may include the brand name of the item, the type of item it is, what material it's made of, as well as the size. When creating a title, try to consider what the audience may be typing into the search bar in order to find it.

Your description needs to be as detailed as possible. Let the buyer know about the color and measurements. Tell them about any flaws that the item may have. Give them an idea of what type of events the item may be worn to. Perhaps offer suggestions about how they could accessorize it. The benefit of being transparent and detailed is that it saves time and the buyer won't have to ask as many questions. This means that you're more likely to reach your daily sales goals because your items will sell faster.

Tips for Making Daily Sales on Poshmark

When promoting your closet on Poshmark there's hardly anything more important than your images. Yes, your title and description will ensure that your customers understand what they're getting, but your photos are what will ultimately inspire trust and lead to purchases. However, you need to make sure that your images are up to par.

The most successful Poshmark closets feature photos that have great lighting. This ensures that customers can inspect the material and see the true color of the item. The best photos are those that are styled. Perhaps you can model the clothes so that your customers can understand how they fit. Another element of a great photo is that it captures all of the item's flaws. This includes snags, stains, and holes. This helps to prevent negative reviews because the customer will always know what they're getting.

Pricing can be somewhat tricky. You may not always know what potential buyers are willing to pay for the item. However, if you do a little research you can get a better idea. Is there anyone on the platform who is offering the same item or at least something similar to yours? If so, what are they charging? Once you've researched several sellers and have an average price in mind, you may decide to offer your item for the same price or you could decide to undercut the prices of everyone and put it on the lower end. This way, you can ensure that the item sells quickly.

Just keep in mind that offering your items at an extremely low price can be just as detrimental as offering it at a price that's too high. If it's too low, people may assume that it's not as valuable as the other items. They may also assume that the item is in poor condition. So you need to be strategic about your offer.

The Takeaway
As you can see, if you want to increase your daily sales then you can't just set and forget your items on Poshmark. These tips require you to be proactive. This is especially true when it comes to following and sharing. When you engage with the community it gets you more exposure. If you don't have the time to follow and share consistently then t consider using a Poshmark bot to do the work for you. A Poshmark bot makes the sharing and following process completely automated. And this can go a long way towards increasing your daily sales.

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Put Some Stoke In Your Stocking with Harley-Davidson

The holidays can be a stressful time. From family events or planning your own gathering to finding the perfect gift for your loved ones, it seems like there is never enough time.

This year, instead of going from store to store scouring for inspiration and slowly checking off your gift list, consider these ideas from Harley-Davidson that go the extra mile.

Give the gift of a first ride

Surprise the child in your life with a modern twist on a classic holiday gift: an ultimate bike experience to give him or her time and exercise outdoors. For example, the IRONe12 and IRONe16 electric balance bikes can be a perfect learning tool for hand-eye coordination to help a child develop skills while having fun. He or she can learn to push, balance and coast in the non-powered mode before graduating to a powered mode to learn an understanding of the brake and throttle. This gift can provide a one-of-a-kind learning experience and spark a lifetime love for riding on two wheels.

For the “makers” in your life 

The holidays are an opportunity to build memories with family and friends, but this year you can give them the opportunity to build something else with an option like the LEGO Harley-Davidson Fat Boy Kit. This set provides an immersive building experience while showcasing a real-life motorcycle to give the joy of a kid opening a new favorite toy. This gift can be a perfect selection for someone of any age who loves the experience of building and completing a project.

Fashion-forward finds 

Give a gift that keeps your loved ones looking good and feeling confident by gifting stylish apparel. For example, flannels and plaid shirts can keep them warm and toasty this holiday season while also adding flair for men and women. With a variety of color and style options, you can find the right fit for everyone on your list. For those looking to give a more luxurious present, the Wild Distressed Leather Biker Jacket for women and the Digger Leather Jacket for men are options.

For those on the go

Whether commuting to work or hitting the road, your loved one may feel like going on an adventure every time he or she leaves the house with and option like the useful Waxed Canvas Backpack. The backpack is water-resistant with an interior padded laptop sleeve and wide comfortable straps. The waxed canvas and heavy gauge leather provide a unique look and durability.

Give the gift of a new adventure

There’s always that one friend or family member who already has everything under the sun. Instead of stressing to find the perfect tangible item this year, give an adventurous experience he or she is likely to remember for years to come. For example, the Harley-Davidson Riding Academy New Rider Course is a unique option to give the thrill seeker in your life confidence riding on two wheels in just one weekend.

For more holiday gift-giving inspiration, find the full guide at