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Monday, April 8, 2019

Give Mom the World this Mother’s Day

This Mother’s Day, you can honor the women in your life while also supporting mothers around the world.

Because healthy, empowered moms can give their children the best start possible, UNICEF (United National Children’s Fund) works to support mothers by providing vital neonatal care and ensuring they have what they need to help their children grow up healthy and happy.

These gifts-that-give-back help support the organization’s lifesaving mission and can provide moms with a feel-good celebration.

Peruvian, hand-painted glass coasters by artisan Marlene Guisgueta

Give Her the Globe

These Peruvian, hand-painted glass coasters by artisan Marlene Guisgueta also provide 16 packets of lifesaving nourishment to children suffering from acute malnutrition. Purchasing gifts from UNICEF Market supports the artisans’ families and local economies while funding lifesaving programs for mothers and children. Shop the curated selection of Mother’s Day gifts at

Ensure All Mothers and Children Thrive

Ensure All Mothers and Children Thrive

A meaningful way to give back while honoring your mom, a UNICEF Inspired Gift, such as polio vaccines to protect 100 children, can be sent directly to those who need it most in the name of your loved one. Other essential items that can be delivered include mosquito nets, educational workbooks and more. For additional details, visit

Solidarity Soap from L’OCCITANE

Help Her Unwind

Wrapped in craft paper and decorated with heartfelt drawings, Solidarity Soap from L’OCCITANE can leave skin delicately cleansed and perfumed. A portion of each purchase in the United States at retail stores and online at’occitane through Dec. 31, 2019 helps UNICEF provide vitamin A supplements to children around the world to fight preventable childhood blindness.

Learn more at

Fuel Her Inner Superhero

Access to safe water means rights for women and girls. For many parts of the world, females are tasked with the long journey of collecting water, exposing them to danger. With support from partners like S’well, UNICEF has helped more than 500,000 people in Madagascar gain access to safe and sustainable water sources since 2015. Learn more at

Louis Vuitton’s Silver Lockit

Showcase Her Promise

A token of Louis Vuitton’s promise to help children in urgent need, $100-200 of each Silver Lockit purchased will be donated to UNICEF to help children in emergencies and vulnerable situations around the world. Visit to learn more.

*UNICEF does not endorse any brand, company, product or service.
*No portion of the purchase price is tax-deductible. For more information visit

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

A New Way to Watch a Fan Favorite

A New Way to Watch a Fan Favorite

If you’re an entertainment seeker looking for a love story, chances are you may be interested in watching (or re-watching) one of the most popular reality dating shows to date.

TV viewers can enjoy some of the most thrilling seasons in “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette” history with the first seasons of the shows streaming on Tubi starting April 1.

Fans can relive the magic of the opening seasons of the original shows, featuring contestant Trista (Rehn) Sutter finishing runner-up in season one of “The Bachelor” before finding love as the first Bachelorette with firefighter Ryan Sutter. After 16 years of marriage, the former TV stars can relish the opportunity to enjoy the ride alongside both original fans and new viewers.

“It brings back so many memories to watch early episodes and all those rose ceremonies,” Trista said. “It’s nice that fans of the show can relive those memories with us again.”

Fans can also re-experience the Sutter wedding ceremony, “Trista & Ryan’s Wedding,” which aired as a three-episode special and drew more than 26 million viewers, making it one of the most widely viewed episodes in reality TV history. In addition to the original series that started it all, viewers will be able to stream a 2018 television event, the fifth season of “Bachelor in Paradise.”

A massive library of films and TV shows are available for viewers, all without the hassle of credit cards and subscription fees, via ad-supported streaming services like Tubi, the largest of its kind, available on virtually every platform from mobile devices to video game consoles and more. With more than 40,000 hours of offerings, including 12,000 movies and television series, viewers can indulge in genres of all kinds on the growing platform from Hollywood blockbusters to independent films and specialty content.

Find more information at Tubi.TV.

Thursday, March 28, 2019

Five Common Jobs for College Students

Looking to earn some money on the side? Getting a job as a student isn't easy. Generally, you'll be looking at getting entry level jobs, because you need to build up your resume. The best places to look are places that expect people without previous experience and are happy to train you up from scratch.

Five Common Jobs for College Students

These are five common types of jobs for college students.

==> Babysitting

This kind of job tends to work best if you're female. Male babysitters do exist, but it takes a lot more work to build the necessary trust and reputation.

Use sites like Sitter City to advertise your services. Generally you'll only want to find one to three families to babysit for.

Babysitting is a fantastic college job, because it's so personable, easy and sometimes flexible. The pay can be quite good as well.

==> Bartending

Bartending is great both for the money and for the social life. As the bartender, you'll position yourself at the very center of the college social sphere.

You may or may not need previous experience to work as a bartender. Sometimes you'll have to start off as the bus boy to get the job. Some establishments expect you to take a bartending course before applying.

==> Waiter / Waitress

Waiting tables and serving food is one of the classic college student professions. You need nothing but a great smile and a friendly personality to qualify.

To increase your likelihood of getting a job, apply to a lot of different places. If you walk into five different restaurants a day for a week and drop off your resume or application, it's a pretty sure bet that you'll have a job within that week.

==> Tutoring

Are you particularly good at math, science, English or any other subject? If so, you can make good money through tutoring.

You can tutor either by finding your own clients, or by becoming a tutor for an established tutoring agency. The latter is often easier if you're just starting out.

If you have the time and energy, you can even do both. Just make sure you never take clients from the agency as your personal clientele.

==> Telemarketing and Sales

Telemarketing and sales jobs can be very difficult. However, if your personality is suited, you can make a lot of money. A successful car sales person in college can easily take home $5,000 to $8,000 or more each month.

Most of these jobs are very easy to get, because you're paid very little, but get paid a lot more based on commission. They're easy to get, but hard to succeed in because you have to be great at convincing people to buy. 

These are five jobs that are easy for college students to get. If you're looking for some extra cash, these five avenues are great places to start.

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Tips to Help Overcome Shyness and Social Awkwardness

Feeling shy or awkward in certain situations is understandable. Don't we all have a little nervousness before we go talk to that guy or girl, or get sweaty palms before giving a speech? For some, though, shyness and social awkwardness may not be circumstantial, but constant. This can be very frustrating and hard to overcome, but there are some things you can do to help overcome your shyness and approach people in social situations. Here are some tips:

Tips to Help Overcome Shyness and Social Awkwardness

Learn to Laugh

There's something about laughter that makes everyone feel more comfortable. This is why "ice breaker" activities at parties are often designed to get the participants laughing. So don't be afraid to laugh at someone's jokes, or learn a few funny lines yourself (not canned "pick-up" lines, but clever observations or comments). 

Force Yourself to Stay

Sometimes, shy people feel so uncomfortable in a social situation that they just want it to end; they just want to get away. Consciously resist this impulse. Tell yourself to stand your ground, stay put, and interact. Remember, the other person is not going to breathe fire; he or she just wants to have a conversation and get to know you. 

Learn to be Comfortable with Silence

Social situations can feel especially awkward if you are uncomfortable with mutual silence. This may trigger shy people to "babble" to fill the silence, which then makes them feel even more awkward because they feel like what they're saying is silly or nonsensical. So be cool - some silence between people is okay. In fact, it helps give the other person a chance to think before he or she speaks. The person you're speaking with will appreciate this! 


Just like physical stretching, socially and psychologically stretching can be somewhat uncomfortable, even painful. But also like physical stretching, it's necessary. If your first instinct is to say "No" when someone asks you to do something, stop and think first. Tell the person you will get back to him or her if you aren't sure. This will give you some time to pluck up your courage and say "Yes." 

When to Seek a Professional

There is a point when simple shyness and social awkwardness may be an actual disorder. Social anxiety disorder and social phobia are real disorders that may need the help of a professional. The difference between shyness and these disorders is how much it affects your life. 

For example, if you are so shy and embarrassed by just the thought of having to introduce yourself to others or attend a party that you go to great lengths to avoid the situation, it might be a social disorder. When it's social anxiety or phobia, you have trouble living a normal and productive life due to your social fears.

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Simple Steps to Wake Up Well with This Works

Life balance coach and wellness expert Lauren Zoeller
Life balance coach and wellness expert Lauren Zoeller

If you have a hard time falling asleep and waking up and find yourself feeling lethargic during the day, rest assured you’re not alone. Regardless of how hard you may work to try and maintain a healthy lifestyle, you may be in need of a way to reset your body clock for optimal health and to look and feel your best – especially in the morning.

As a life balance coach and wellness expert, Lauren Zoeller constantly urges her clients to prioritize sleep because, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one out of three of adults in the United States isn’t getting the recommended seven hours of sleep.

Lack of sleep means lower mental and physical performance and can lead to health issues ranging from diabetes to heart disease. Sleep loss also takes its toll on skin. While asleep, important repair, renewal and detoxification processes take place, which are vital for healthy skin. Dark circles, dehydration, skin redness and sallowness may appear when the skin isn’t able to naturally repair during proper sleep cycles.

According to Zoeller, “sleep” and “wake up” patterns can be reset with a combination of aromatherapy and some simple lifestyle choices.
Simple Steps to Wake Up Well with This Works

“I use a combination of natural, clinically proven skincare solutions from This Works, which work in harmony with your body clock and promote healthy sleep habits,” Zoeller said. “At night, a few pumps of the Deep Sleep Pillow Spray – which is powered by 100 percent essential oils of lavender, chamomile and vetivert – is proven to help you relax and fall asleep faster.

“For the morning, you can try This Works’ Morning Expert collection, which features natural ingredients to rehydrate, protect, smooth and brighten tired morning skin. I love the Wake Up Drops, which are made with peppermint, rosemary and lavandin oil to energize and boost alertness and mental focus.”

Zoeller also recommends these simple lifestyle choices for sleeping and waking up to optimize wellness:
  • Try to go to bed and wake up at the same time (on weekdays andweekends) to keep your circadian rhythms in order, and attempt to keep your bedroom temperature cooler: 60-67 degrees is optimal.
  • At least an hour before bed and an hour after waking, stay off digital devices. The blue light emitted by smartphones and tablets affects melatonin production, which regulates sleep and wake up patterns.
  • Avoid using a loud alarm that jolts you awake, increasing your blood pressure and stress levels. Choose an alarm sound that will gradually take you from deep sleep to wakefulness. Keep a tall glass of water on your bedside table and drink it right when you wake up to combat overnight water loss.
  • Add some morning exercise such as a walk, spin class or yoga and a brief meditation session to help burn off cortisol – the stress hormone – which is most active in the morning. Movement and meditation can help reduce feelings of anxiety going into your day, which helps support productivity.
Find more tips for refreshing your body and mind to wake up feeling well at

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Could You Have an Eating Disorder?

Do you find yourself gaining weight during times of stress? Do you fear boredom because you know you'll simply eat to fill the time? These are just some of the symptoms of emotional overeating. If you think you may suffer from this relatively common eating disorder, here are some signs and symptoms that may help you identify whether or not this is what you're struggling with.

Could You Have an Eating Disorder?

Mindless Eating

If you have a binge eating disorder or emotional overeating problem, you may stuff food in and not even really taste it or realize what you're doing. It's as though you are "out of it" and just mindlessly stuffing food into your mouth.

Feelings of Guilt and Shame

Many people with emotional overeating disorders feel really embarrassed and hateful of themselves after they've got through with an eating binge. The problem, of course, is that these negative feelings may make you reach for more food for comfort. You can learn more about finding the right mental health support at

Eating in Secret

Because of being embarrassed, may emotional overeaters will eat in private, reserving their "naughty" foods for when no one is looking.

Always on My Mind...

Do you think about food all the time? Do you feel anxious about the prospect of leaving the house without snacks or money to buy food? Constantly thinking about food (food obsession) may be a sign that you have an emotional overeating disorder.

Feeling Sick

Sometimes, emotional overeaters will eat and eat to comfort themselves, and then feel sick afterward. Obviously, this is your body's way of telling you you've eaten far too much more than is good for you; but for emotional overeaters, this sickness does not necessarily deter the next binge.

Identify Your Triggers

Emotional overeating is usually triggered by something - emotions, yes, but sometimes we need to be more specific than that. Identifying your personal triggers can go a long way toward helping you overcome the disorder. Basic trigger categories include:
  • Emotional - Eating to relieve boredom, stress, or anxiety
  • Psychological - You may eat in response to negative, self-destructive thoughts
  • Environmental/Situational - You may eat simply because the opportunity is there. Also in this category is the habit of eating while doing another activity, such as reading or watching TV.

Do any of these signs and symptoms describe you? If so, don't despair - there are treatment options available for emotional overeaters. Check with your healthcare provider for advice on therapists or specialists in your area.

Monday, February 18, 2019

4 Tips To Successfully Dating a Younger Man

Dating a younger man can be different than dating someone your own age or older. Younger men have grown up differently and have different views on the world and relationships. You might find his ideas and beliefs refreshing. This article outlines four tips for successfully dating a younger man.

4 Tips To Successfully Dating a Younger Man

1. Let go of your need to control

You might imagine that dating a younger man means you have cougar dating power in the relationship, but the opposite can be true. Leave behind the idea that someone needs to be in control in a relationship. Just because you're older and possibly more experienced doesn't mean that he needs guidance. If you're dating a younger man because you like to be in control, this is a bad reason to date him. Younger men are more enlightened than the men you might be used to. Younger men rarely see relationships in terms of gender biased roles. In their eyes, men and women are equal.

2. Be open-minded

It's important to remember that younger men are still eager to explore the world around them. If you're the adventurous type, this probably works out perfectly. If you're not adventurous and prefer to spend your evenings at home, it's important that you don't try to tame him. You can't force a younger man to settle down into domestic life. When dating a younger man, you should be open to doing things you might not be used to or haven't done since you were his age. He might still enjoy going to bars, trying new activities, and going on road trips. Saying "no" to every suggestion he makes isn't the best way to have a successful relationship with a younger man. Be open-minded and willing to try new things.

3. Give him space

Everyone needs their space, but you might feel reluctant to give your younger man his space because you don't know what he will get up to when you're not around. You have to be secure enough to give him his space now and then. If he wants to go out with the boys for an evening, encourage it. Don't be clingy and ask if you can tag along. Don't text and call him while he's out. Let him enjoy his friends. If you trust him, that's another issue that has nothing to do with his age. Just because he's younger than you doesn't mean he's untrustworthy or irresponsible. Many younger men like older women because they are sure of themselves and independent and this is why you may have found your man on My Cougar Dates.

4. Don't mommy him

Acting like his mother isn't exactly the same as being controlling. You might think that because he's younger he needs your guidance in life. You obviously want what's best for him, but don't pressure him about going back to school or applying for a better job. He can handle these things on his own. You don't want to be a maternal figure in his life. Don't try to instill good habits in him as you might with your own children, if you have any.

Dating a younger man can be a new and exciting experience. It is different from dating men your own age or older though, so proceed slowly and be open to new possibilities.