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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

5 Ways to Find Your Morning Workout Motivation

For many people, hitting the gym in the morning leaves less time for excuses or interferences.

However, finding the motivation to get up and work out first thing can be a huge hurdle. If you’re looking to make your early workout successful and one you’ll actually stick with, consider these tips:

5 Ways to Find Your Morning Workout Motivation

1. Get Out of Bed, No Matter What – Making the first move may be the hardest part. Try setting two alarms and keeping them away from your bed. Walking across the room immediately after your alarm sounds gets you up and helps deter you from pressing snooze. Even sleeping in your (clean) workout clothes can make it easier to get going once you’re up. 

5 Ways to Find Your Morning Workout Motivation

2. Find a Workout Buddy – Having a partner can be motivational and help hold you accountable. It’s oftentimes easier to push through a tough workout when someone else is keeping you in check. 

5 Ways to Find Your Morning Workout Motivation

3. Commit to a Class – There are many ways to work out in the morning, and it’s up to you to decide what kind of exercise is best suited for your fitness goals. Consider the potential benefits of a scheduled class: working out with a group gives you an appointment to keep, a set time and place and an instructor and team to push and encourage you even when you feel like giving up. 

5 Ways to Find Your Morning Workout Motivation

4. Refuel for the Day (and Workouts) Ahead – Post-workout nutrition is critical to refueling your body after a tough workout, allowing you to take on the day ahead. Try lowfat chocolate milk. Its carb-to-protein ratio has been scientifically shown to effectively refuel exhausted muscles. The sugar in chocolate milk is the secret to its ratio, one that elite athletes have trusted for years. And you may be surprised to learn that chocolate milk also naturally contains the same electrolytes added to commercial sports drinks. 

5 Ways to Find Your Morning Workout Motivation

5. Give Yourself a Break – Keep in mind that after exhaustive endurance exercise, your body needs rest time (24-48 hours) to adequately replace your depleted glycogen stores. Take some time to let your body and mind prep for the next workout.

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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Fashion Hacks To Help You Look Like A Million Bucks

Everyone wants to be fashionable but it can be difficult to do it if you don’t have a lot of money or so you may think. If you follow these tips you can be fashion forward without going broke. Plus, you’ll have a lot of fun knowing you look like a million bucks while only spending a few hundred dollars.

Fashion Hacks To Help You Look Like A Million Bucks

Know Your Colors – You want most of your clothing to be two basic colors, with occasional punches of color that pick up the mood of the piece. Colors can add the wow fact. This is a great way to make a grand first impression on your tayside dating site match meetup.

Mix and Match – Ensure that every piece you buy fits with another piece that you already own. Don’t buy anything unless you know exactly how it will work with the items you have, to avoid having to buy more to go with the new piece. 

Jazz It Up – Replace buttons on a thrift store find or a discount store pick to make it look more expensive. In addition, you can swap out belts on clothing that included cheap belts and ties with more expensive choices for an immediate upscale look.

Keep It Simple – Pieces with less embellishment are often a lot more timeless than those with a lot of extras. Choose simple, sleek designs, especially when it comes to belts, purses and accessories.

Faux All the Way – There are now faux leather, suede, and other fabrics that look real but cost a lot less. Plus, you don’t even have to pretend they’re “real” these days. Faux is in and better for the environment and the animals. Keep in mind to keep the faux to clothes only when seeking your forever partner on dating sites in tayside.

Steam Out Wrinkles – Buy an inexpensive steamer to get wrinkles out for items that aren’t iron safe. Always get out the wrinkles so that you’ll look more chic.

Remember the Undergarments – Many less expensive clothes come without liners, which is how they sell them cheaper. But, they don’t often look good on. Therefore you need to supply the liner in the form of slips and other well-made undergarments. Also there is nothing wrong with a little sexy lingerie to make you feel brave when checking out free dating sites for a possible connection.

Natural Fabrics Look Richer – Tweet, cotton and linen are natural fibers that look rich but don’t cost a lot of money. Look for clothing made from these fibers to look more stylish.

Shave Pilling Fabrics – Some less expensive clothing will sometimes get little pills on them after wearing. You can get a fabric shaver to get them off, which will make them wearable longer.

Alter Your Clothing – This is especially important for business clothing that you purchase, but you can do it with anything. It costs some money to get things altered but it is the main tip to making your entire wardrobe look richer and more fashionable.

Black Is Where It’s At – When in doubt, buy black. Even if most of your clothing is black, with a few pops of color you’ll look great. Less expensive clothing looks better in black since the imperfections won’t show up as much. Plus, black just looks better in general.

You can look like a million bucks if you want to without spending too much money. Never buy anything when it’s not on sale, and only go shopping when you know what piece you want to buy to help avoid impulse purchases.

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Excitement Should Be a Priority in Relationships

Life can be hectic and busy, which leaves little time to keep up relationships. Dating also takes a fair amount of time and commitment. The fact is getting to know someone and developing a bond can be an overwhelming experience. Careers and other obligations tend to put a hold on the available amount of time and money available for finding a new partner. 

While free dating sites can be the answer can the answer for some folks looking to create a little excitement in their lives, finding time for yourself can still prove to be a challenge. Making relationships a priority, trying new things, and being more adventurous can be the keys to a rewarding dating experience.

Excitement Should Be a Priority in Relationships

Focusing Priorities

When the bells of life ring constantly for other people, it is easy to get wrapped up in the troubles and issues surrounding the lives of others. It could be a stale and lackluster relationship, it could be family and friends, and it could be any number of things that are chewing away at the available minutes to find someone new. Refocusing priorities is often necessary to finding happiness and enjoyment. Everyone deserves a chance to be happy, whether by trying out dating sites in fife to recharge the batteries or to discover a discreet lover. Without making an effort, everyone stays stuck in the same process.

Trying New Things

Anyone that has been trying to meet someone new on a fife dating site for an extended period of time and is still coming up empty needs to face the reality that it just is not working. It has little to do the person, it has more to do with the process. Trying new things, like websites that keep things discreet, might just be the answer that everyone is looking for. When stuck in stagnant relationship it is tough to remember how to change things up, but being open to experiences that can help find a special pal with discreet rewards just might be the ideal way to get that flame burning again.

Being Adventurous

Being open to excitement is an important element in the relationship building experience. Whether it is spending a few minutes flirting with a stranger or embarking on a potentially fulfilling journey, keeping doors closed is a sure way to be certain nothing new happens. Opening up to the potential for some excitement is what it is all about. Using websites that specialize in finding new and interesting people close by and people you want to meet help put a little spice into a great evening. There is nothing wrong with a little escape from the status quo, and many people can benefit from a little extra adventure, because it makes them feel alive again.

In the end, changing up priorities and putting yourself first, trying new things instead of the same old places, and being open to the potential adventures life has to offer, are all elements of relationship building and dating that can become rewarding and life changing events. Everyone works hard, but not everyone plays hard. Getting out of stale relationships or using discretion to jump start change can be the perfect way to live a fuller and better life. Everyone deserves a chance to put themselves first and experience some excitement. Checking out what the world has to offer and being open to those experiences is what gets the ball rolling.

Top Tips on Establishing Healthy Eating Habits

When many of us think of losing weight, we automatically think of dieting and deprivation. The idea of eating healthily to lose weight when you are considering over 50s dating conjures up images of self-denial - what we can't eat anymore if we want to lose weight. 

Sometimes, though, a more positive approach may help. Instead of panicking over the foods you have to give up, why not incorporate lots of different and interesting foods into your diet, so that there's just no room for the naughty stuff?

Top Tips on Establishing Healthy Eating Habits

If you want to establish healthy eating habits while researching dating sites in cumbria - whether it's for weight loss or some other reason - one of the best things you can do is focus on what you do get to eat. Here are some positive tips for making healthy eating a habit.

1. Whole grains

This does not mean that you just replace your white bread with store-bought whole wheat bread. That may be a start, but the world of whole grains is quite varied. Try incorporating a new whole grain-based dish into your meals each week. Some grains to try are:
  • Millet
  • Quinoa
  • Brown rice 
  • Basmati brown rice (has a popcorn-like flavor)
  • Wheat berries 
Adding these foods into your diet can be a fun challenge. You can incorporate them into homemade breads and muffins and casseroles, or make them into grain loaves. They can be cooked into soups or eaten with just some seasonings. Wheat berries can be sprouted. Get creative with your whole grains!

2. Meats and fish

Look into lean turkey, chicken, fish, and beef. As you incorporate these into your diet, you may well find that there is no longer room for fatty steaks, burgers, and other less healthy cuts of meat. You could roast a turkey breast on Sunday, then use the leftover lean meat during the week for snacks and lunches. Lean beef can be made into shish kabobs, fajitas, and other flavorful dishes.

Fish is surprisingly versatile, too - baked, broiled, or grilled, fish can be a vehicle for all kinds of flavorful sauces and spice combinations.

3. Vegetables and fruits

Of course, adding more of these important foods into your diet is vital. A combination of raw and cooked is probably best. At meals, try to get out of the mentality of "one vegetable" or "one fruit" as an accompaniment to your meal. Instead, don't be afraid to have salad, fruit, and a cooked vegetable at one meal. Once again, you are "edging out" the less healthy competition!

You also may not have explored the realm of interesting and unusual vegetables. Jicama, celery root, fennel, leeks, and fresh beets may be foods you have not tried before. Fruits come in an amazing variety, too - try kumquats, star fruit, unusual melons, papayas, and so forth. 

4. Legumes and beans

Getting protein from beans and legumes is a very healthy habit to get into. Beans contain all sorts of important nutrients, and they are naturally low in fat and high in fiber. You can make bean dips, spreads, and casseroles; you can eat them boiled and baked. Green beans can be steamed and tossed with flavorful herbs and spices, and snap peas can be stir-fried.

Now that you have added all these good foods to your diet, you may not have room for the fatty snacks anymore! You have the freedom of confidence through your cumbria dating site experience. Also, you will fantastic in your own body!

Monday, August 6, 2018

Are You Overweight? Top Tips for Losing Pounds & Preventing Diabetes

Crazy schedules, desk jobs and the ready availability of processed foods make it easy to put on a few extra pounds. Doing so, however, puts you at risk for diabetes and other health problems. Fortunately, there are several ways you can take control of your health and drop those extra pounds to reduce your risk of diabetes and be your healthiest self. 

Ditch the Diets
Fad diets can help you shed pounds quickly at the beginning but haven’t gotten the medical seal of approval for preventing diabetes. Many of these diets work by cutting out an entire type of food, such as carbohydrates. This can cause malnutrition in the long run by eliminating nutrients and vitamins your body needs to perform at its peak. Instead of dieting, try making healthier choices one meal at a time. This leads to a more permanent lifestyle change rather than complete diet overhaul that is difficult to maintain over the long term. 

Hit the Gym
Going to the gym is a great way to get healthy, but it can be intimidating and motivating yourself is hard. To help make it easier, consider working with a personal trainer. A trainer can tailor a fitness plan that’s right for meeting your goals without overdoing it or risking injury. For example, do you want to work on strength training? If so, they can gear a plan focused on that. Your trainer will know if you skip appointments, too, creating accountability that makes staying motivated a bit easier.

Set Realistic Goals
Getting healthy is a positive step and something you should feel good about. It’s easy to get discouraged, however, if you keep missing your goals. To help keep the good vibes going, set realistic goals for yourself. If you absolutely love ice cream, don’t cut it out of your life completely and deprive yourself. Instead, decide that you’ll have a bowl of ice cream for dessert three nights a week and choose fruit the other four days. Talk to your doctor about your weight loss goals, as well. He or she can help you lose weight safely and know what to expect when you step on the scale. If losing 50 pounds a month isn’t possible, know that so you don’t set yourself up for failure by setting a goal that just isn’t feasible even if you’re doing well. 

Be Kind to Yourself
Nobody is perfect. Losing weight, keeping it off, and reducing your risk of diabetes will be a lifelong journey. On most days you might do well, but—on occasion—the chocolate cake will prove irresistible or the drive-through window easier than cooking. When you make a mistake, forgive yourself. You can win the war, even if you lose a few battles along the way. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, wipe the cake crumbs off your lips, and do better tomorrow. 

Depending on your family history and other risk factors, you may not be able to prevent diabetes completely. That doesn’t mean it’s not worth trying. Use these tips to help you get to a healthy weight and you’ll be on the path to preventing or delaying a diabetes diagnosis.

Monday, July 23, 2018

5 Steps to Achieving Fabulousness

As a woman, it's nice to feel like you have your own sense of fabulousness. When you look good and are able to put your best foot forward, you'll tend to feel even better. In order to make this feeling a consistent one in your life, it's important to develop your personal style. If you've always looked in the pages of the magazines and dreamed about looking like the models in them, it's time to start making moves in that direction. You don't have to dream about who you would like to be. You can actually become that woman. However, it takes intentionality and effort. In order to get the ball rolling, start with these five tips.

1. Create a Pinterest Board.
Pinterest is an incredible app that you can download to your smartphone or tablet. If you don't have either, you can use your desktop to create a Pinterest account and pin images to different boards. Create a board that is specifically for fashion. Then, go to the search engine of Pinterest and type in certain words. if you like a bohemian chic look, type those words into the search engine. Take a look at the pictures that populate the results page. Start to pin the pictures to your personal fashion board Only pin the pictures that resonate with you the most. As you start to get an idea of the looks you like the most, you can start to remember those images when it's time to shop. It'll also give you clarity if you ever decide to hire a personal stylist.

2. Declutter your closet.
Too often, many women struggle with figuring out what they like to wear on a daily basis because they don't know what's in their closet. If you find that you've held on to certain items with the hopes of losing weight and you haven't lost the weight, it's time to get rid of those pieces. Only hold on to the items you actually wear. It's a good idea to make this a practice that you repeat after every single season.

3. Build a solid wardrobe.
Once you've decluttered and are clear on what you have in your closet, now is the opportunity for you to build a solid wardrobe. Make sure that your wardrobe has essential items that most women need. Items like a great pair of denim jeans, a white button-up blouse and a trench coat are wise items to purchase. A simple and sleek black dress, a great pair of black pumps and a nude-colored pair of flats are additional pieces you want to include in your wardrobe. The reason why you want these items in your closet is that they are versatile, always in style and will help you when you're ready to build a look for the day. While you might be tempted to fill up your closet with the trendiest pieces of the current season, avoid this temptation. Don't make this mistake because trendy items always go out of style. You don't want to have a closet filled with out-of-season pieces. If you make this mistake, you'll really struggle to find something to wear in the next season. Sprinkle your wardrobe with trendy pieces. That way, you'll be able to maintain a fresh look without sacrificing your wardrobe in the long run.

4. Get items tailored.
A great secret to always looking polished involves tailoring. Find a local tailor and have them work on different items that you purchase. From jeans to dresses, a tailor can transform a garment and make it fit you perfectly.

5. Utilize accessories.
Don’t underestimate the power of accessories. Purchase a few necklaces, watches and bangles. You can mix and match from day to day. It's also nice to include other accessories like hair extensions. If you'd like to try a new hairstyle, try the best hair extensions at Eden Hair and keep your friends and co-workers guessing on a regular basis.

Monday, July 9, 2018

Giving for Good: Make an Impact in Your Community

Make an impact in your community

Inspiration to give back to your community can come from any number of places, from a personal desire to make a difference to fulfilling a graduation requirement for community service hours. No matter the reason or the origin, chances are strong that you can make an impact.

Giving back may be as simple as writing a check to an organization that works to further a mission you care deeply about. Or it may mean lending a hand to put on a fundraising event in your community. Perhaps you have a skill or talent you can share with others in the name of a good cause.

If you’re committed to contributing to your community in a meaningful way, consider one of these ideas to improve the lives of those around you:

Spend Time with the Elderly
Seniors often hold wisdom, knowledge and experience that younger generations have yet to accumulate. Yet, as they age, a community’s oldest residents are often left alone. These days it’s less common for family members to live near one another, so “adopting” an elderly resident down the street or at the local senior housing center is a way to help monitor his or her well-being and ensure personal ties to the community are maintained. Not only can this provide a valuable service for an elderly person and his or her family, it may bring you great personal satisfaction as you learn about the community’s history through the eyes of someone who saw it evolve firsthand.

Donate to Nonprofits
If you’re concerned your budget doesn’t stretch far enough to make a meaningful cash contribution, there are plenty of other ways you can donate to nonprofit organizations in your community. Volunteer hours or even gently used items like office furniture or supplies are often in high demand. You can even donate by helping your favorite nonprofit uncover new funding opportunities. For example, the America’s Farmers Grow Communities program, sponsored by the Monsanto Fund, provides farmers an opportunity to help a nonprofit of their choice. Eligible farmers can enroll in the program for a chance to direct a donation to a local eligible nonprofit organization. Since 2010, the program has shown a commitment to strengthening farming communities by awarding more than $29 million to nonprofits, supporting food banks, ag youth organizations, supplying essentials for the needy and acquiring life-saving emergency response equipment.

Be a Mentor
Much as you can gain valuable wisdom from elderly residents, you also likely have your own knowledge that can benefit others in your community. Consider the areas where you excel and explore how your community can benefit. You might put your athletic talents to use coaching a youth sports team, teach scouts a skill for advancement or lend your experience as a human resources professional to an organization that helps disadvantaged individuals improve their employment opportunities. If you’re good with numbers, maybe volunteering as a financial advisor to a local nonprofit board is worth considering.

Help Create Future Leaders
If the future vitality and well-being of your community is a priority, your giving may involve creating opportunities for future generations. Programs like America’s Farmers Grow Ag Leaders, sponsored by the Monsanto Fund, encourage rural youth to become the next generation of ag leaders by awarding scholarships to support their pursuit of higher education in ag-related fields of study. The scholarships are administered by the National FFA Organization, but students do not have to be FFA members to apply. Since 2014, the program has awarded more than $2 million in scholarships for students looking to study ag-related fields after high school. 

Plant Flower Beds
Making a community better isn’t always about dollars and cents. Simply making your hometown a more enjoyable place to be is a reward you can enjoy along with your neighbors. Special beautification projects such as creating and maintaining flower beds in public spaces can help create a more welcoming, friendly environment. Other ideas include community cleanup initiatives and organizing groups to help with yardwork for those who are physically unable.

Get Involved in Schools
Nearly every school district can benefit from added resources to support youth education. You may be able to help your school secure funding for a special initiative through a program such as America’s Farmers Grow Rural Education, sponsored by the Monsanto Fund, which allows farmers to nominate local public school districts to compete for merit-based STEM grants. Nominated schools have the opportunity to apply for a grant to fund projects that enhance science, technology, engineering and math education in their districts. Since 2011, more than $16 million has been awarded to over 900 rural school districts.

Farmers can find more ways to give back to their communities along with program information and official rules at