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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Write What You Eat - Keeping a Food Diary for Weight Loss

Some medical professionals recommend keeping a food diary for health reasons, and weight loss may be one of those. Keeping a record of what you eat can help you chart calories, identify unhealthy habits, and other benefits. Here are some tips on how to keep a food diary, and how it may help you in your weight-loss efforts.

Write What You Eat - Keeping a Food Diary for Weight Loss

1. The diary itself

In today's world, many people have mobile devices that function as portable computers. You could keep your food diary on your mobile device, or you may prefer to carry a small notebook. Whatever you choose, make it something convenient and cohesive, so you are not jotting down information on random bits of loose paper all day.

2. What do you write?

Basically, a food diary consists of a record of everything you put into your mouth. Whether it's a jelly bean from your co-worker's desk or a salad at lunch, write it down in your food diary. Note details - did the salad have tomatoes, cheese, cucumbers, etc.? What kind of dressing did you put on it, and how much? You should also write down what time you ate a given food.

At first, it might be a good idea to write down what you're eating before you make any changes to your diet. That way, you can make smart changes that are tailored to your well-documented eating style and habits.

If you like, you can also record how you are feeling on particular days and times of the day in your food diary. This may help you recognize patterns of worry eating and so forth.

Calorie charting and counting is another thing you can write in your food diary. There are numerous websites that can help you with determining the calorie content of various foods, including the Food Tracker at (This is one of those times when having a mobile device with internet capabilities could come in handy for calorie tracking on the go.)

3. What the diary can show you

As you assess your food diary, some things may come to light. As noted above, you might notice you have a tendency to eat sugary foods when you are feeling stressed, or starchy foods before bed. You might also notice that you eat fatty snacks when you watch TV or talk on the phone. So-called "mindless eating" cannot be ignored when it's there in black and white!

As you begin to see these patterns and habits, you can make informed choices about where you can cut back and/or substitute healthy foods for unhealthy ones. You may also find that seeking support or therapy becomes easier when you have identified some specific problems or areas where you need help.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Eyevage 2018 Review: Should I Try This Product?

How is Eyevage different than other eye creams?

There are plenty of anti-aging creams that are promoted on the internet because it’s a hot market right now. However, not all of the products that are promoted on the internet are effective in delivering its promises to its consumers.

Eyevage is one of the anti-aging eye cream that can be found on the internet. Eyevage reviews are quite positive. This cream is very effective in delivering its promises. It’s effective because it’s formulated by a team of top dermatologists and scientists that are located at Solvaderm.

These dermatologists know the root cause of the problem, which helps them to prepare the product that can deliver the result to the people. This cream is one of the Solvaderm’s products that contain all the important ingredients that can penetrate deep into your skin for improving the microcirculation in the under-eye area.

Why should you own Eyevage?

The signs of aging are really annoying, and the study now says that the signs of aging may start to appear from the mid-20s. As you start growing older, your skin starts to lose its hydration and moisture, which leads to a rougher skin.

Due to the loss of collagen and elastin fiber breakdown, the skin around your eyes loses its elasticity. Because of all this process, the signs of aging start to get visible, such as fine lines, crow’s feet, bags under eyes, and so on.

The skin around your eyes does not have sebaceous glands, which leads to a faster aging process in comparison to other areas of your face. In order to get rid of all these issues, you should consider using Eyevage.

This product is unlike other ordinary products on the market simply because of the fact that a lot of research has been put in by the top dermatologists to get this product out.

The formula is prepared in such a way that your skin absorbs it quickly, which helps in a quicker treatment of your problems. In addition to solving your problems, you can also experience younger and silky smooth feeling in the zone around your eyes after you start using this product.

What does Eyevage claim?

This product claims what it is capable of delivering. According to the manufacturer of this product, here are some of the results that are claimed by the manufacturer of this product.

  • Hydration
  • Ward off free radicals and prevent oxidative stress along with other changes that lead to signs of aging
  • Assist in tightening skin and firming effects
  • Reduce the multiple signs of aging, such as wrinkles, fine lines, crow’s feet
  • Enhances the luminosity, skin’s brightness, and fades discoloration areas.

What are the benefits of Eyevage?

Here are some of the benefits of Eyevage:

  • The ingredients that are used in this product are picked by some of the top dermatologist, which ensures a higher chance of effectiveness.
  • This formula not only quickly treats the annoying signs of aging, but it also softens and brightens the skin around your eyes.
  • The manufacturer offers the 60-day money back guarantee.

What are some of the things to consider while purchasing an eye cream?

Let’s check out some of the things to consider while purchasing an eye cream and compare it with Eyevage.

1. Know your skin type

There are some products that are fit for all the skin types, but it may be better if you choose the product developed for the specific skin type. Find out what skin type you have, whether it is dry, oily, or a normal skin type.

2. Your objectives for purchasing an eye cream

As said in the previous part of the article, there are many skin problems that may be observed under eyes skin. Some of the people may just want an eye cream for a normal purpose, but some may want to purchase an eye cream to solve a specific problem, such as dark circles, crow’s feet, wrinkles, and so on.

Some anti-aging creams are specially designed for solving signs of aging. Try to seek out for research-backed eye creams that contain no. of active ingredients that can treat your problems.

3. Choose the product from the reputed manufacturer

There are many people who just want to sell their products for earning some quick bucks. If you want a quality product, do not just look at the price of the product. Purchase the product from the manufacturer that has a strong brand image.

It’s not an easy job for a manufacturer to create an effective product. A lot of research and experiment I required in order to produce an effective product. And, the strong brands usually spend a lot on research and development.

It’s also very wise to check out the Eyevage reviews on various websites to get an idea of how the cream is helping its customers.

4. Check out the ingredients

There are some ingredients that can impact your skin positively while some others have no impact or negative impacts. It’s very important for a manufacturer to carefully select the ingredients to produce an effective eye cream.

You should do some research on the ingredients that are mentioned on the label.

Closing Thoughts

The fine lines and bags under eyes can ruin your looks in many ways. Eye rejuvenation treatment that is offered by Solvaderm is a stand-out product that can solve the problems of the signs of aging.

The ingredients that are used in this product are carefully chosen by the top dermatologists, which is not in the case of many other anti-aging creams that are found on the market. Furthermore, the manufacturer is so confident about their product that this product has the 60-day money back guarantee for those who are unsatisfied with this product.

Looking at all the reviews and details of this product, we give this product a green signal. This eye cream is one of the best eye creams that I’ve reviewed. You should definitely try this product out for a smooth and soft skin under your eyes.


Author Bio:

Kathy Mitchell is a Travel & Beauty Blogger. She likes to Go Out with her Friends, Travel, Swim and Practice Yoga. In her free time, you can find Kathy curled up Reading her Favorite Novel, or Writing in her Journal. To know more about her follow her on Google+, Facebook and Twitter.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Eat Fat to Lose Weight

The title of this article may sound contradictory, especially coming on the heels of the "low-fat diet" hype. However, not all fat consumption is bad, and in fact, some is essential (that's why some fats are called "essential fatty acids"). What makes these fatty acids so essential? And what do they have to do with weight loss?

Eat Fat to Lose Weight

Healthy fats are considered essential for all kinds of body functions. Brain function is said to be boosted by the intake of good fats. In fact, some professionals recommend certain oils (such as flax and evening primrose) to treat depression. Sources report that your nervous system needs healthy fats to function properly, and your skin, hair and nails can benefit from good fats. And finally, some vitamins are fat soluble, which means your body needs fat to absorb those vitamins.

Some sources report health risks associated with a low-fat diet. In addition to possible decreased vitamin absorption and depression (noted above), low-fat diets may increase your risk of cancer, heart disease, and high cholesterol. A low-fat diet may also bring about a nutrient imbalance, as those who are eating little or no fat tend to fill up on carbohydrates and protein.

An interesting study was recently done that showed various participants' weight loss over two years. Those who were on a low-fat diet lost weight, but those on a Mediterranean diet lost more weight. A Mediterranean diet includes a lot of olive oil, which is a healthy fat, and no carbohydrate restriction. Another thing about this study that is significant is the fact that it was conducted over two years. The Mediterranean diet, being very tasty and including good fat, encouraged participants to stick with the healthy eating, and that helped keep their weight off.

So one significant way that a diet with healthy fats can promote weight loss is that they make food taste good! Most of us can only handle deprivation for so long, and when we can't stand it anymore we may binge on "naughty" foods like mint chocolate cupcakes. Fat also stays in your stomach longer, contributing to a feeling of fullness that lasts a longer time than the fullness that comes from carbs and other dietary sources. Thus, food with a modest amount of healthy fat is tasty, healthy, and may help prevent overeating. 

If you want to incorporate some good fats into your diet, here are some foods that contain have natural, healthy fats:

* Raw nuts and seeds
* Cold-pressed flax, safflower, and canola oils
* Olive oil
* Olives
* Avocados
* Fatty fish such as salmon
* Canola or safflower oil mayonnaise
* Natural nut butters

Friday, January 5, 2018

Cutting Calories - How to Cut Back the Smart Way

Many experts agree that when it comes to weight loss, it really boils down to how many calories you consume and how many you burn. If you consume fewer calories than you burn, dieticians generally agree that you will lose weight.

So how can you get to that ideal ratio? One idea is to exercise more and therefore burn more calories, but you still have to be conscious of how many calories you take in. After all, exercise can make you hungrier, so that your ratio of calories burned and consumed does not change much.

Cutting calories is considered by many to be a necessary first step to weight loss. One thing that is generally agreed upon in this regard is, don't "crash diet" and cut calories suddenly and severely. This may result in rapid weight loss, but it may also result in nutrient deficiency and an overall shock to your system.

Cutting Calories - How to Cut Back the Smart Way

Here are some tips on cutting calories the smart way.

1. Keep a food diary

Writing down what you eat and its caloric value is a good place to begin. The web has some great resources for the calorie-conscious. There are sites dedicated to counting the calories in an enormous variety of foods - you type in the food, and the calorie counter will show you how many calories that food contains.

Talk with your doctor or a nutritionist about how many calories a person of your build should take in each day. Rather than guessing, ask about how many calories you should cut in order to lose weight.

2. Focus on nutrient-dense foods

Nutrient-dense foods are those foods that pack a lot of nutrition into each calorie. Unlike sugary foods and junk foods that have very few nutrients but contain a lot of calories, nutrient-dense foods have lots of nutrients and relatively fewer calories. If you've heard the term "empty calories," then this refers to foods that are the opposite of nutrient-dense ones. In other words, nutrient-dense foods have more nutrition per calorie than junk foods. Examples of nutrient-dense foods include:

* Vegetables such as avocados, spinach, tomatoes, and kale
* Whole grains like brown rice, whole wheat, oats, and millet
* Nuts and seeds including almonds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, and walnuts
* Fruits such as pineapples, strawberries, apples, oranges and bananas

3. Start small

Sometimes diets fail because people try to do a major life overhaul and change everything at once. Maybe try a few things to start with, such as replacing butter and margarine with olive oil, or using a healthy sugar substitute instead of white sugar in your tea and coffee. You could cut out one food or drink, such as sugar-sweetened, carbonated beverages or French fries.

4. Restaurant tips

You could order appetizers for your meal instead of a large entree. Ask for your salad dressing on the side - it's said that you use much less dressing when you dip each forkful of salad into the dressing than if you pour the dressing over the salad. The same technique works for pancakes and syrup. In a restaurant, watch out for high-calorie beverages, like specialty coffee drinks, sugary tea and lemonade, and alcohol. Stick with water when dining out.

Monday, December 4, 2017

Navigating the Sitter Search

Lining up the right pet sitter to take the best-ever care of your cat or dog? It’s not quite as simple as it sounds, but it’s completely doable thanks to the four-legged world’s greatest hack,

What does Rover help, with, exactly? They’ve got more than a few tricks up their sleeve when it comes to making sure your canine or feline best friend gets the best care possible. Here’s how to scope their network of pet sitters like an expert, and find the perfect one for your little love.

Tip #1: Search according to the particular day’s demand. Whether you’re going on vacation in two months or need someone to take your pup for an impromptu stroll today, you can quickly tailor your search and save time on your way to finding a top-notch expert to fill your pet care needs.

Navigating the Sitter Search

Tip #2: Read the testimonials. Most sitters on have at least a few reviews and testimonials from former clients that can give you insight into their experience and sitting style.

Tip #3: If possible, set aside time to conduct a phone screen. You’ll feel a lot better about leaving your pet in the care of a new person if you get the chance to connect with them and get a sense for their personality, how well they communicate, and how they can speak to their care experience outside of their Rover profile. This also gives you a chance to give potential sitters the rundown of your pet’s needs and routine.

When it comes down to finding the perfect pet sitter, what will ultimately land you the right person is asking questions and communicating — luckily enough, is designed to help you do just that.

Author byline: Written by Casey Dickson, community member. Rover is the nation's largest network of 5-star pet sitters and dog walkers.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

When Perfection is Not Enough

The challenges associated with the design of unusual wedding and engagement ring sets such as Krikawa manufactures can be many. Certainly, reconciling customers to compromise along the way does not promote strong relationships and an enduring reputation for customer satisfaction. How does Krikawa avoid such circumstance? They choose to design custom wedding rings and bands using an unusually customer-centric approach. Their award- winning designs are accomplished through a simple process that maintains the customer vision and dreams throughout.

Based upon the years of experience which their design team and craftsmen hold, Krikawa embraces customer vision related to unique engagement rings for women or custom wedding and engagement ring sets. They frequently use sketches, catalogue images or other points of generation and turn the concepts into beautiful pieces as unique as the couples that provide them. Customers will be pleased to know that presenting ideas is a simple matter as well. Krikawa can be contacted by phone, through e-mail or by visiting the store in person. No matter how the idea is placed in their hands, Krikawa delivers with a one hundred percent customer satisfaction guarantee.

Krikawa provides options and choices to satisfy the most discerning of tastes. Custom wedding rings by Krikawa incorporate precious stones, precious metals, and the most original setting designs imaginable. The selection of diamonds and other gems from their in-store inventory provides a virtually endless number of possibilities in terms of size, shape and color. Their capability and experience creating unique settings permits them to match most any desire while their focus on the customer encourages communication and change right to the very last.

While it is a simple matter to read the many positive things satisfied customers worldwide have to say about this extraordinary custom wedding ring designer, truly their purpose, product and drive for perfection cannot be understood until personally experienced.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

How to Get Out Of a Friend Zone?

After months of searching for a compatible match, you’ve finally found a partner and can’t wait to take things to the next level. However, like most people, you’ve been out of the game for some time and didn't make your move right away, so now you've found yourself in the friend zone and can't seem to get out of it. Fear not, for we are here to guide you though this unpleasant situation and make sure you are victorious in the end.

But before we get into details, we’d like to take this opportunity and say that if you are looking to meet people online, you should know that it is much tougher than it looks, and you should be proud of yourself for having found a nice partner. Dating doesn’t necessarily get easier as time goes on, and some people don’t understand the challenges that certain individuals face in this department.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the top 4 tips and tricks to get out of that friend zone, and help you start enjoying your relationship to the fullest.

Tip #1: Timing Is Everything

In dating like in everything else in life, timing is absolutely everything. If you want to comfortably get out of the friend zone, assess the situation well before making a direct move. Make sure your new friend is not under a lot of stress or pressure at that time, and don’t spill your guts just out of the blue.

Your best bet is to wait until an opportune moment and talk to your friend about your feelings when you’re getting along great and your ’friendship’ is smooth sailing. But before you do that it wouldn’t hurt to assess your own desires and figure out what it is you actually want from that person. Your attraction may be more physical than anything else, it may be a desire for companionship or it may even be true love. Make sure you know exactly what your expectations are before you proceed.

Tip #2: Spend As Much Time With Your Friend As Possible

Getting out of a friend zone often involves making your friend see you in a different light. You can accomplish this by spending more time alone together when you’ll be able to show more of an interest in them, and when your true feelings will have a chance to shine through. Offer to do things you both enjoy more often, and if this goes well invite your friend to do things you know for sure they will enjoy. This will be one of the clearest signs of your intentions.

Attend a concert together, go for a stroll at your local park or have dinner at their favorite restaurant. When it comes to spending more one-on-one time together, keep it simple and stick to what you're comfortable with. If your friend is into scuba diving and you'd rather stay dry suggest another activity that is not far out of your comfort zone.

Tip #3: Give It Time

Be realistic about what you can accomplish over a certain period of time. If you’ve been friends for a while don’t expect that friendship to turn into a relationship overnight. Pace yourself and be patient because you want to give your interest some time to adjust to the new situation. You don’t want to suffocate your friend with your feelings, and you want to give them time to reflect on what is happening.

Pushing too hard all of a sudden might turn them off and scare them away, so gradually start to be more playful, and slowly start to show your affection. Find a way to flirt that isn't awkward and pay attention to how your friend is responding.

Tip #4: Lightly Start Touching Your Friend

Introduce touches into your relationship with your interest if you want to build intimacy. Make sure you’re always polite and don’t do anything inappropriate. You can casually touch their arm when telling a funny story or walk by them close enough as to lightly touch their body without pulling away. This can be a great test to see how your interest is accepting your advances. You can also start to compliment your friend a little more or tease them, but be careful not to mention their weight or age because nothing good can come of that.

Moderation will be your best ally and so will your intuition. Pay close attention to how your friend reacts to what you've been doing, and see if they have changed their behavior towards you. If they flirt back, touch you in passing by accident and accept your invitation to do things together you're on the right track. It's unlikely they'll make the first move, but might encourage you to ask them out on a real date.