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Thursday, April 15, 2021

Tips for a Successful Online Dating Experience

The number of users using online dating services has risen to over 40 million. The possibility of getting an online lover has gone up exponentially. But as they say, if you want to play, you must know how to play the game well. Here are guidelines for online dating to help you make sure you are truly ready. 

If you are reading this blog or searching for online dating tips, you must be interested in turning your search into a successful online dating experience. Whether you were recently divorced, separated, from a recent break up or interested in a first-time relationship, you must be ready to put your big girl/gay pants on because you are in for one wild online ride.

Online dating is like any other dating. If you are not ready to start, please don't. You must first and foremost be honest and willing to meet someone new. When you are fully ready and courageous enough to dip yours toes in, then get the process started.

You must be open and committed to finding a long-term engagement. Only then are you likely to meet someone great and able to create that lasting relationship success.

  1. Look for the best online dating site. 

You need to take your time and do your research to find the right dating site. You want to find one that will cater to all your needs and desires when looking into getting into the dating scene. 

Beware of scammers who tend to target old users who are not internet proficient. When hunting for dating sites or websites, don't be lazy. Do a thorough screening, check their terms and privacy. Ensure that the site guarantees complete privacy for your personal information and even pictures. No one wants to send up a victim of internet theft.

Once assured, it means that the site is likely to get you a partner. After selecting the Staffordshire dating site that suits you, get started.

  1. Have a good dating profile.

Knowing how to make a good profile is very key for online dating. It is essential to have a profile that reflects your positive qualities with confidence without seemingly implying that you are showing off. It is hard to find someone who will love the vain side of anyone.

You should clearly describe yourself and what your potential partner should be like. The description will help others searching for a Staffordshire Dating match to find you also and know something about you and what your ideal partner would be. Creating a good profile will instantly attract someone to your inbox for a potential match for you to review.

Be careful not to pour too much out there in the open. Keeping some information to yourself in the beginning can help you stay safe and a bit mysterious. Leave them desiring to know more from you and engage when those you are interested in inquire for more intel.

Tips for a Successful Online Dating Experience

  1. Put up the perfect profile picture.

Statistics from online dating sites show that about 60% of online users don't open a profile without a picture. This is probably the most important tip for online dating. Try to include at least one picture of yourself. A more recent photo will lead to better success since it is more honest about what you look like now vs those glorious college days.

The photos should be full head to shoulders and taken outside for the best results. If you have trouble selecting a picture, get a friend or family member to help you. More eyes on the prize, I say.

  1. Great introduction message.

The first message can be a deal-breaker, especially on online dating. It is challenging to write an engaging, seductive text appropriate and leaves a great impression on the receiver . As much as it is a challenging task, try to be original. Avoid copy-pasting; it is a huge turn-off.

Poor grammar is equally a turn-off; re-read it before clicking that send button. The best way to keep the discussion ongoing is to find common ground. Something both of you share that can help you establish a conversation. Pay attention to his interests and hobbies. 

  1. Never rush.

Take your time, no need to rush to meet someone new. There is nothing wrong with taking things slowly. It is vital in building trust and rapport.

Have a straight talk, exchange several messages online before actually meeting offline. Ask questions and lots of them. Be prepared to answering them in kind. Beware it takes determination and a lot of patience before meeting a perfect person.

Be seductive only once you get to know them more. To early can lead you to exposing something that you were not ready to. Patience pays handsomely at the end.

Tips for a Successful Online Dating Experience

  1. Make an impression on the first date.

Once you have formed a connection with someone online, the next step is meeting them offline. It is also imperative to prepare to meet them for the first time.

Keep it simple, meet for a coffee, an open walk, or anywhere that is nice and in public. Meet in a place where you will get a chance to have a natural face-to-face talk and get to know each other better. That way, you will be able to establish chemistry between you. You can likely click in a person having having a genuine connection online.

  1. Don't give up!

Falling in love, at first sight, is very rare. You are likely to experience a few bad dates before hitting that gold mine. Don't be discouraged if you don't meet your dream partner on your first attempt or your second or even your third.

Get back up on the saddle again and take those as gaining more experience and learning from the mistakes you made in the first place (or the ones they did). Being compatible in a few things doesn't necessary make you perfect for each other. Sometimes, opposites really do attraction and clash together with some amazing chemistry.

They say you will have to kiss many frogs before meeting your prince (or princess). You cannot predict what is around the corner and never let that failed date get you down. It only takes one great one to lead to your happy love story!

Good luck and be sure to let us know how your online dating experience is going!

Tips for a Successful Online Dating Experience

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Important Online Dating Tips


Online dating, despite its newfound prevalence, tends to still have a bit of a negative connotation to it. However, online dating may be the true "way of the future" when it comes to looking for a partner. Especially after the recent climate and health scare, more people are turning to the online way of connecting with others. With the help of the Internet, there are more ways than ever to meet a partner that may have forever remained unknown to you. After all, why should one limit themselves to locals when they have the power of the world at their fingertips. The benefits of online dating most assuredly outweigh any of the cons. With that in mind, we want to share our expertise and online dating tips with you.

As an adult, it can be hard to think of where to even begin the search for a partner and how to meet Cheshire singles. Unlike in the past where we were exposed to new people regularly through school and sporting events, there are less chances to meet new people as many are more indoors and limited capacity has changed the way we do gatherings. Through online dating, there is an easy way to find exciting, new people who have similar interests as you do.

Along those lines, online dating allows you to weed through the sea of potential dates in order to find someone that's compatible with you without going on ten, twenty, or even fifty dates. Immediately through the use of an online dating profile, you can tell what someone looks like, what their interests include, and what kind of relationship they're looking for right off the bat. This gives you a great starting point of match making capability.

Important Online Dating Tips

With all dating, including online free dating, there are some general guidelines that help everyone have a better and more beneficial time:

When first talking to a potential partner, try to be honest with them. As the Internet provides a layer of initial protection, that does not mean that it is acceptable at any point to lie about your age, appearance, or credentials. Use the Internet in another way: it's easier to be honest than ever before.

After talking for a while with a person through an online dating site, you're most likely going to want to meet this person in real life for a date. In the case of online dating, the first date with a person should be in a public, well-known place. Despite how well you think you may know this person, it is always best to err on the side of caution and go to a more well-frequented place. In terms of specifics? Think about something that the two of you have talked about that you enjoy doing. Does the person you've been talking to enjoy cooking? Try enrolling in a one-day cooking class together. If the person is more into dancing, maybe try a new dance club that you heard about.

Hopefully, these tips have helped a bit with questions you may have had about online dating. Just remember to have fun!

How To Find the Best Wealthy Dating Sites


There are many niche categories in the world of online dating, but year after year wealthy dating sites are among the most popular. It is not hard to see why these wealthy dating sites are so popular – after all what woman would not want to be pampered and live life in the lap of luxury. There are worse things in life than being showered with expensive gifts all the time, and perhaps that is why there are so many wealthy dating sites popping up on the internet.

Of course not all of these wealthy match dating sites are the same, and it is important for single women to choose their wealthy dating sites with care. Some of the best wealthy dating sites carefully screen their members, while other sites may not be quite so picky. It is important to carefully evaluate those wealthy dating sites in order to make sure they will be able to deliver what they promise lots of wealthy, successful and generous men to choose from.

How To Find the Best Wealthy Dating Sites

It is also important to keep in mind that many of these wealthy dating sites will be national or even international in scope. If you don’t want your next date to involve a plane ticket and a rental car you would do well to look carefully at those wealthy dating sites. As you are evaluating the competing wealthy dating sites on the internet it is important to look for single men who are not only well to do but local as well. While some women may prefer to meet Yorkshire singles for long distance relationship, the majority of women are probably looking for wealthy dating sites that feature men a little bit closer to home. 

Once you have found a few wealthy dating sites with plenty of local men it is time to take each one of those wealthy dating sites for a test spin. Evaluating the many wealthy dating sites out there can take some time, so it is important to be patient. You may be ready to start dating all the men available at the wealthy dating sites but it is important to take your time and find the best site for your needs.

One of the best places to start your evaluation of these wealthy dating sites is with the profiles of the men listed there. Do the men on the site all seem like highly successful and wealthy professionals, or do many of the men just wish they were rich? Do the wealthy dating sites provide any information on the income level of the men listed on the site? Are most of the men on those wealthy dating sites looking for a permanent long term relationship, or do they just want to have some fun and bestow lavish gifts on their favorite ladies? The answers to these questions will tell you a great deal about the wealthy dating sites you are looking at. It is important that the wealthy dating sites you are considering match your own personal preferences, so be sure to look around carefully.

How to Get the Most Out Your Online Dating Site

It seems as if online dating websites keep popping up all over the place. At times, it can be hard to browse the internet or read your email without coming across an ad for one or more brand new online dating websites, all of them claiming to be the best in the business. It can be difficult to determine which ones will truly give you good value for your hard earned money and land you that date you truly desire.

Lucky for you, there are some steps smart singles can take to get the most out of their online dating websites. It all starts with a careful evaluation of the online dating sites you are considering, followed by a trial period and finally a firm commitment.

How to Get the Most Out Your Online Dating Site

Before you can start evaluating these online dating websites, however, you will need to take a good look at yourself and what you want from a relationship. This is an important step when it comes to online dating websites, since every person will have a different idea as to what constitutes as the perfect conclusion to your dating site experience. Some men and women will simply be looking for a way to meet new friends in a strange new town, with dating of secondary importance. While, others may turn to online dating websites out of frustration with the bar scene, matchmakers and blind dates. There are a few of us out there who may finally be ready to settle down, and looking to the Strathclyde Dating Site as a way of connecting with like minded singles in their area.

Once you have taken a good look at what you hope to get out of your relationship it will be easier to find the best online dating websites for your unique needs. These days many of the most successful online dating websites are highly specialized, catering not to a broad audience but to more of a niche market.  Finding the online dating site that best meet your own unique niche can help you maximize your chances for success.

After you have found several online dating websites that match your requirements it is time to take each of those online dating websites for a test drive. This can be done in the form of a free trial period that many of the best online dating sites provide. In some cases, that free trial period may offer full and unfettered access to all the site’s features and benefits, while in other cases the access may be more limited. No matter what level of access you are granted it is important to do as much as you can on each of the online dating websites you visit.

If you have the ability to set up your own online dating profile on those online dating websites, by all means do so. If the online dating site you visit allow you to browse the dating profiles of existing members, feel free to take a look. Now if you are permitted to contact other members during the trial period, be sure to do so. It is a great way to dip your toes in and see if the site is for you. Taking these steps will essentially help you to find the online dating websites for your needs.

How to Create A Letterbox for Friends or Family

In England, letterboxing is an art more than 150 years old, but it is just now gaining popularity in the United States. The increased interest may come partly from its close relationship to geocaching or from the many recent books and movies about puzzle-themed treasure hunting. A few you might be familiar with are The DaVinci Code and National Treasure, but Michael Stadther’s A Treasure’s Trove is more closely related to what letterboxing is all about. For whatever reason, creating a letterbox is gaining a foothold here and has caught the attention of those of us spending more time indoors. With that in mind, we can to show you how to create a letterbox for friends or family.

How to Create A Letterbox for Friends or Family

Letterboxing involves finding clues on the Internet and following them to a hidden waterproof box containing a rubber stamp and a logbook. Letterboxers use the stamp to mark their own personal logbook and stamp the box’s logbook with their own handmade stamps. If you do not have a rubber stamp kit, simple print off a sheet of horse clipart and glue or tape them in as you find your clues.

Boxes are located in public places (usually state parks and similar outdoor recreation areas), and anyone can create and place boxes, writing their own clues for others to find them. Once you really dig into the art of letterboxing, you will be surprised to see just how many fellow adventure's boxes you find out in the wild.

Making a personal rubber stamp or using the farm clipart glue method and hiking through the woods offer the satisfactions of a job well done. A sense of accomplishment while crafting something with their own hands, solving puzzles, discovering new places, and taking in the beauty of nature. Letterboxers know how to enjoy the simple pleasures of life in the great outdoors. This is something you can even thrive in while remaining 6 feet away from other travels. Especially since most boxes are in off the beaten path locations or public ones that are vast and offer a lot of space to breathe safely. 

Another draw for letterboxing is its low cost. For the price of an eraser, a pencil, a notebook, and some carving tools, you can create a letterbox for friends or family to enjoy. A compass and map are also helpful, but even those expenses are small compared to the cost of the GPS equipment required for geocaching. 

Letterboxing can be a learning adventure too. It is a great way to teach children some principles that will help them be frugal and responsible adults. By taking children letterboxing, adults can demonstrate that adventure lies not only in expensive vacations and online gaming but also in a trip to the local park. This is a great way for children to learn that the free things in life are often the most memorable and enjoyable. 

For those how are homeschooling or outschooling, letterbox creation and use is a great tool for education. Children learn to be resourceful (by making their own stamps or finding low cost to no cost clipart online) and to share their skills with others (by making and placing letterboxes and clues). Letterboxing also teaches thinking and navigation skills and provides an opportunity for parents to talk with their children about conservation and taking care of both natural and man-made resources, an idea that helps ensure that your grandchildren will be able to go letterboxing with their children.

What ideas do you have for creating your own letterbox adventure?

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

How-To Plan An Amazing Pool Party

Pool parties are a fantastic way to cool off during the hot summer months and celebrate with friends and family by your side. Pool parties bring great joy to our hearts and are a great way to celebrate a birthday, end of the school year or family reunion!

While the party itself will be of the upmost fun, preparing is very important. A party without a plan will leave you to busy to join in the fun and no one (least of all me) wants that. Follow these steps to help you plan an amazing pool party and some of the burden off of the big event. Allowing you all the time you need to sit back and enjoy the moment.

How-To Plan An Amazing Pool Party

Guest List

Think about all the people you want to invite and then rethink it by counting how many the pool can actually handle. Be sure to consider the number of both adults and children as all of us tend to enjoy the splash of a great party. Yes, I know the number could be vastly different but this will save you the chaos of having an overcrowded space.


In this wondrous technology age, sending an invite can be as easy as it is free. You can create a customized photo invite online with PicMonkey or on your own PC with Photoshop. Then send it to everyone over email, via Facebook or even text. You can also print off the invite from your printer and mail it through snail mail for those that are not ready to engage the web-way.


Think about both fun and safety. I would request that attendees be sure to bring any life jackets or swimming aids that they or their child needs. This also includes approved swim diapers for the younger ones. With this being said, there's always at least one that forgets, just does not own what they or maybe the equipment becomes damaged during the party. Keeping a few pieces available as extras is a good idea.

When it comes to fun, supplies can be simple or outrageous. Water balls, dive sticks, noodles and float are a great idea to have on hand for your upcoming pool party. If you are planning a themed event, be sure to grab things that fit the mood.

How-To Plan An Amazing Pool Party

Our favorite water party is a Pirates & Mermaids. At one point in time, everyone (at least the ones I know) have dreamed of being a fish or mermaid. This often comes after a Disney movie night. Why not bring those dreams to reality a few monofins, mermaid fins at These are so much fun to swim with for both kids and adults. Best of all, they can be worn with your favorite swimsuit or as part of a mermaid tail which allows everyone to join in on the fin-action.


If your pool is outdoors and at your home, you have a lot of options. Homemade popsicles, hamburgers, chips & dip and fresh fruit are our go-to. You could also offer cold-cut meats and cheeses as well as a selection of veggie trays for a healthier choice. Cold drinks should be plentiful as well. Lots of waters, lemonade, tea and some sport drinks are the best for keeping you hydrated when you are hosting during the summer months.

If the pool is in a public area, be sure to check with the company on what you are allowed to bring in to the area ahead of time.

How-To Plan An Amazing Pool Party


Less is more. Keeping it light on decor is a must when water is involved. Finding paper, plastic and other items in the pool that do not belong there and could be a hazard is something you can avoid by going light in this area. Instead, used electric lanterns, high banners and themed servingware to help set the mood.


Never leave a child unattended in the pool. Be sure to have plenty of helpful adults in or around the pool to keep an eye on things. A good rule of thumb is one adult for every 3-5 children. You could also considering hiring a lifeguard. Often the local city pools have a list of licenced individuals and could point you in the right direction.

In the end, planning for both safety and necessity will leave you open to enjoy the party with the attendees. All that is left for you to do now is eat, swim and laugh.

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

10 Things Only Domestic Abuse Victims Understand

When you have been the victim of domestic abuse, there are things you will later realize other people can never understand. Whether you are an abuse victim looking for sincere understanding about your experience, or a friend of a victim seeking knowledge and ways to help, this list is a great tool. Here are 10 Things Only Domestic Abuse Victims Understand. 

While there indeed may be some people outside this realm of pain that can understand, these are more commonly found with those individuals who have been abused or traumatized in some way at the hand of another individual.

10 Things Only Domestic Abuse Victims Understand

You will miss your abuser. No matter how horrible they are and were to you, there will be days and times when you miss them. The fact is, most victims of domestic abuse spend many years with their abuser building a relationship. This fact is found especially significant in victims within the confines of marriage. Don't belittle these feelings, but don't let them cloud your judgment either. Accept them, seek counseling to help you overcome them and let the abuser go. 

Looks really can kill. You know the expression on a face or set of a jaw can lead to bad things for you. Domestic abuse victims will find themselves sitting in fear of non abusers simply because of the way they look or an expression on their face. While the individual may be completely safe, the past can make expressions become more menacing no matter the individual wearing them. 

You will want to go back. There will be times when the act of simply making it through a day will leave you exhausted. In those moments of constantly looking over your shoulder or dealing with the stress outside the abusive relationship, you will want to go back. Fight the urge, and remember the pain. 

You get sick of hearing non victims say they understand. Reality is that each victim has faced a singularly unique to them type of abuse. When those who have never experienced that continually say, “I understand what you are going through”, the victim gets angry. 

It's not as simple as packing a bag and waling out the door. No matter how many times people say, “just leave”, you know it isn't as simple as that. Whether you are financially bound, legally bound through marriage or simply emotionally beaten down, it is never under any circumstances as easy as walking away. 

Noises, smells, TV shows, movies, songs and even locations on a street can bring fear pummeling back fast. All the past memories of abuse can become connected to many things you will face daily. Others may not understand why you no longer like certain foods, music or even types of movies. 

Cliché phrases only make things worse. Saying things like, “you are better off” or even “it will get easier don't make it better or easier. 

Anger comes up out of nowhere for no apparent reason. You can be walking through an aisle in the grocery store on a great and beautiful day and suddenly be hit with anger and frustration out of nowhere. The long term emotional effect of abuse knows now boundaries of time, place or propriety.

You are often angrier and more disappointed in yourself than your abuser. Facing the fact that you actively chose to stay in a situation can bring about self loathing like nothing else you will face. 

You will never truly get over the abuse. With time, counseling and separation from the person or point of abuse, you can find peace. You will heal and overcome various problems as time goes by. Yet the truth is, on many levels you will never truly get over the abuse. Whether it was years of physical and emotional abuse, or a one time rape event, it will stick with you for eternity. Even with years of restoration to your self esteem and emotional health, you will still make decisions with your abuse in the back of your mind. 

With time comes healing, but healing doesn't mean you forget what happened. While victims of domestic abuse can recover and lead wonderful productive lives, there are many aspects of those lives that are going to be more difficult because of the abuse. These 10 things only domestic abuse victims understand are just the tip of the iceberg. Every abusive relationship brings about a different type of pain to recover from and overcome. Next time you think you know what someone is experiencing, take a moment to realize that for victims, it can be far more difficult to overcome than you could ever imagine.