Secret Southern Couture: What Is the Perfect All-Purpose Gift? Flowers Are the Answer   

Monday, October 11, 2021

What Is the Perfect All-Purpose Gift? Flowers Are the Answer

While everyone loves getting presents, finding gifts for others can be far from joyful. Everything depends on your relationship to the receiver and the reason for giving. Stingy offerings may be offensive, but anything too elaborate is just awkward. If there is a universal gift, though, it's flowers. No matter who they're for or why, ample varieties and versatile arrangements guarantee there are flowers for any occasion Northampton PA.

What Is the Perfect All-Purpose Gift? Flowers Are the Answer

Flowers for Celebrations

Nothing gives festivities extra color like a bouquet of flowers. Floral displays at weddings are works of art, often featuring roses to symbolize love, peonies for good luck and gardenias for happiness. Meanwhile, birthdays and anniversaries call for sunflowers, geraniums and yellow roses, all of which represent qualities of friendship. Flowers can also commemorate life events — graduations, promotions, a move to a new home or the birth of a child. Here, dahlias signify change and peonies a wish for prosperity.

Like human languages, the language of flowers changes from place to place. When gifting across cultures, make sure you're familiar with the proper "floriography."

Flowers for Somber Occasions

Just as flowers can add joy to happy times, they may also be used to mark many sad events. Orchids and tulips symbolize strength and happy thoughts, and both can bring a welcome touch of brightness to the side of a sickbed. Other flowers such as lilies, carnations and crimson roses are common fixtures at funerals. For ordinary apologies, a good bouquet should include daffodils, which suggest forgiveness.

Flowers for No Reason

Sometimes, special people deserve a token of our thanks, whether for something specific or just for being in our lives. Red roses are the plants of romance, while white roses suggest platonic love and yellow roses are a sign of friendship. Daisies are playful, tulips are cheerful, sunflowers are respectful and pink carnations show that you're grateful. If you're still struggling to find flowers that express your emotions, ask your florist for suggestions.

Flower arrangements may be grand bouquets or modest yet carefully crafted displays. Whether for congratulations, condolences or simply a pleasant surprise, buying flowers is always wise.