Secret Southern Couture: Apply Lipstick without a Mirror   

Monday, January 3, 2011

Apply Lipstick without a Mirror

Apply Lipstick without a mirror.

  • The key is to use your finger to prevent out-of-bounds application
  • Rub your lipstick or your favorite lip wear on your ring finger
  • Dab color on your bottom lip starting in the middle working your way outward on each side
  • Now press your lips together be sure to do this gently to avoid over-the-edge color
  • Apply a bit more to your ring finger , Dab on the high points on your top lip (The press didn't cover)
  • Finally run a clean pinkie down the center of your cupids bow (top lip peaks) to wipe away any spills
This will keep those "In the car" and " I'm running late"
days a little stress free.

The Pro: Fere Shirvani
Estee Lauder make-up artist