Secret Southern Couture: A Mother's Hands - Tips For Looking Younger   

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Mother's Hands - Tips For Looking Younger

Erasing wrinkles and keeping your face bright and beautiful are great ways to maintain membership in the youth corridor. But wrinkly hands decorated with sun-spots are a dead give-away in telling and accelerating your age. In the fight against aging, it is important to shield your hands and protect them from the harsh environment.

Leading NYC Plastic Surgeon and anti-aging expert, Dr. Gerald Imber (, shares tips in time for Mother's Day to keep mom's hands looking as young as she feels. 

Treat her to: 
- A manicure with a rich, creamy fast absorbing moisturizer containing SPF 30 to moisten, soften and protect
- A gentle hand massage using a rich anti-oxidant serum preceded by a scrub and a warm towel to exfoliate dry hand skin
- The gift of a good night’s sleep – priceless for any parent 

A mother's hands are her secret weapon. They have the power to heal with a loving touch, a soothing brush of a child's hair, or a playful tickle. However, everyday tasks like changing diapers, washing dishes, preparing meals, and gardening outdoors all can accelerate the appearance of aging on a woman’s hands– bringing about tired, dry looking skin and brown spots. 

Dr. Imber believes that cosmetic procedures performed on the hands don't always lead to the fountain of youth. He tells patients that peels, laser resurfacing and fat injections sometimes work very well, but not always, and not for everyone. The best policy is prevention. 

Three steps are important for the preventative treatment of aging hands, including:
·         Sunblock
·         Antioxidant serum
·         Exfoliation 

When all three steps are applied regularly, hands will look younger and feel beautiful.

"We guide our patients to use Youth Corridor ( Antioxidant Boost along with Soothe and Defend moisture/sunblock both of which deliver great results," stated Dr. Imber. Dr. Imber believes that diligent daily care can help retain the firmness, radiance and overall beauty of the skin. In addition, self-help and small procedures done earlier can stop the clock and have proven successful for decades. 

Dr. Imber and Youth Corridor have been featured in magazines such as Town and Country, W Magazine and Harper's Bazaar as well as on talk shows including Martha Stewart. 

Information provided by Melissa Kelz Communications, Inc