Secret Southern Couture: Firm and Tone with the Hip Hop Abs Workout   

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Firm and Tone with the Hip Hop Abs Workout

Hip Hop Abs Workout – Burn fat and sculpt flat, sexy abs with , Shaun T’s revolutionary ab-sculpting system set to hot music that makes you want to move!
Beware Hip Hop Abs is not for the inexperienced, over-weight person like me. This is an intense workout mixed with popular music and loads of fun. While I really enjoy going through the routines, I am lucky to make it 15 minutes. I am not giving up though! Over time I will regain muscle and stamina and be able to keep up with the best of them. For now, Hip Hop Abs is on my Tuesday/Thursday 15 minute slot.
Keep in mind that Hip Hop Abs is not only fun but it contains the kind of music and trainer attitude that makes you want to keep going. From the start of the session, I feel energized and ready to get to movin’! There is nothing that I don’t love about the way Shawn T teaches. If nothing else this is by far one of the only fitness DVDs I have that I get excited about working out to again and again.