Secret Southern Couture: 10 Bridal Makeup Tips That Ensure You’ll Look Great At Your Wedding   

Thursday, September 25, 2014

10 Bridal Makeup Tips That Ensure You’ll Look Great At Your Wedding

Every woman wants to feel and look great during her wedding day. Aside from the various event preparations, soon-to-be brides also have to choose the perfect gown, shoes, accessories, hairstyle, and of course, the makeup. Among all these, it’s usually the makeup that could make or break the bride’s gorgeous appearance. Here are 10 of the best tips which will ensure that you’ll look great on your wedding day:

  1. Pick the best makeup artist if you choose someone else to do it for you
Unless you have the knowledge and confidence to do your own makeup on your wedding day, it is ideal to seek the help of a professional makeup artist. This would help reduce stress and burden on that special day. Most professionals often bundle hair styling and doing the makeup on a single contract making it more cost effective. And when searching, ensure to pick the best by asking for recommendations or checking the artists’ portfolios.

  1. Experiment and practice in advance
When you choose to do your own makeup, it is recommended to experiment and do some practice applications in advance. This is to ensure precise and quicker application on the wedding day itself plus, you will be able to notice any needed change or improvement early on.

  1. Prepare your face and skin
The most important thing to prepare is not really your makeup, but it’s actually your face particularly your skin. Try to enhance your skin tone several weeks before the wedding, ensure that you are well-rested before the wedding day, and your face cleaned and pampered before putting on your makeup.

  1. Choose waterproof makeup
Waterproof makeup is essential to prepare for those teary moments and for the unpredictable weather.

  1. Use a primer and foundation
The two most basic and important cosmetics you should apply are primer and foundation. The primer helps ensure a smoother and longer lasting bridal makeup while the foundation ensures natural blend and of course, show your beauty.

  1. Hide imperfections with concealers
If you have skin problems and imperfections like blemishes, facial marks, etc, you can hide them all using the different types of concealers. Apply concealers only after applying your foundation.

  1. Choose to highlight either your eyes or lips
There are two facial assets you can choose to highlight, either your eyes or lips. And you only need to choose one to avoid an awkward or clown-like appearance. Experts usually choose highlighting the eyes.

  1. Avoid too much powder and don’t use glittery or sparkly makeup
If you don’t want to feel and look greasy afterwards, be light on using powder. Additionally, avoid using glittery and sparkly makeup because they can negatively affect your looks on photos.

  1. Try to photograph your test makeup
When experimenting and preparing your makeup, it would be best to take and see what you will look like in photos. Although you can see yourself on the mirror, photos usually produce different results.

  1. And be ready for the day’s touch up

And although the makeup you have used during the ceremony can last throughout the day, it is still advised to have a small makeup kit just to prepare for emergency or those needed touch ups.