Secret Southern Couture: Five Gifts For A Classy Holiday Hostess   

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Five Gifts For A Classy Holiday Hostess

Gifts For A Classy Holiday Hostess

Some women love being the hostess.  It's a great feeling to invite over friends and family for the holidays and watch all of your hard work come together.  It's customary to bring the happy hostess a gift to thank her for that hard work.

A common gift in the US is always a bottle of wine for dinner parties, but that doesn't work for everyone.  Instead, you can offer a beauty-loving hostess a gift she can continue to use long after the party is done.

1. Lip Treatment
Everyone needs great lip balm when it gets cold.  Kiehl's Since 1851 was founded as an apothecary on New York's Lower East Side over 150 years ago, hence the name. Today, their line is popular worldwide for their natural ingredients and effective beauty treatments.  This box includes four lip favorites and comes as a pretty ready-to-gift box set. (Neiman Marcus, $30)

2. Snowflake or Winter Jewelry
I promise not to start singing, "Let It Go" if you do too.  I feel like every year there's a lot of Winter jewelry recycled from the year before.  Look for classy pieces like this snowflake necklace that are good for the entire season, not just one holiday.  As I write this, the particular necklace in the picture is on a web-buster sale.  It's a $100 necklace for only $30. (Macy's. $29.99)

3.  A Warm Scarf
This time of year is when you start replacing all of those really pretty silk scarves with heavier ones to keep warm.  There's no reason why the Winter scarves can't be gorgeous too.  If you're on a budget, a lot of classic scarves are on sale this time of year.  This plaid one only comes in one color, but it's a perfect one for pairing with a neutral sweater.  (Maurices, $16)

4.  A Brooch
I could link to about five other places where I've mentioned how badly I'd like to see this trend come back.  They were very popular from the 1930s through the 1960s and add something very unique to an outfit.  The one featured above has pearls laid into a leaf design for a very classy touch that goes with anything.  (Amazon, $20)

5. Perfume
It's another thing that a woman just can't have enough of.  It's also a gift that you can scale to your budget with ease.  If you don't know your hostess' signature perfume, pick out one that you think matches her personality.  Above is a 1.7 oz. Daisy Dream by Marc Jacobs (Ulta, $76) but you can also go with a less-expensive perfume to suit your needs.

What would you love to receive as a hostess?