Secret Southern Couture: Tips for Organizing Your Makeup Drawer   

Monday, February 26, 2018

Tips for Organizing Your Makeup Drawer

Every woman has that one drawer or bin in their bathroom stuffed full of makeup. Organizing Your Makeup Drawer is easy, fun and can make your morning routine so much easier. A few simple tricks, items and reminders will keep your makeup all together for easy access! No more struggle to find the right eye liner, or fear about how old your makeup is. These tips will help you stay on top of your makeup drawer with ease.

Invest In Drawer Organizers: There are tons of makeup organizers out there, but if you use a traditional bathroom drawer to store your makeup, then you know that a simple desk organizer can work wonders. Look for slim trays to hold things like makeup brushes, eyeliner, lip liner and pencils. Find small square containers to house eye shadows and blushes. Foundation, blending sponges, powders and miscellaneous tools can be dropped into shallow boxes or trays as well.

Mark With Date Opened So You Know When To Toss: Keep a permanent marker in your makeup drawer to write the date you open something on the package. This will help you stay on top of when an item should be thrown away. Remember, most makeup products should be thrown away between 6-9 months after opened and first used. This is for your safety. Old makeup can break down and easily cause skin irritation, as well as hold onto germs and bacteria.

Keep Daily Use Products In The Front & Other Items In the Back:
When you begin organizing, keep things like your daily sunscreen, moisturizer, foundation, powder and mascara all near the front for those days when you just add a bit of makeup and run. Items like specialty shadows, eye liners or makeup meant for specific events can be stored closer to the back of your drawer.

The biggest part of organizing your makeup drawer is getting rid of the junk you no longer use or need. Keep like items together, commonly used items in front and specialty items separate in the back of the drawer. As long as you continue to put things back in their place each day, your makeup drawer will stay neat and orderly.