Secret Southern Couture: Five Common Jobs for College Students   

Thursday, March 28, 2019

Five Common Jobs for College Students

Looking to earn some money on the side? Getting a job as a student isn't easy. Generally, you'll be looking at getting entry level jobs, because you need to build up your resume. The best places to look are places that expect people without previous experience and are happy to train you up from scratch.

Five Common Jobs for College Students

These are five common types of jobs for college students.

==> Babysitting

This kind of job tends to work best if you're female. Male babysitters do exist, but it takes a lot more work to build the necessary trust and reputation.

Use sites like Sitter City to advertise your services. Generally you'll only want to find one to three families to babysit for.

Babysitting is a fantastic college job, because it's so personable, easy and sometimes flexible. The pay can be quite good as well.

==> Bartending

Bartending is great both for the money and for the social life. As the bartender, you'll position yourself at the very center of the college social sphere.

You may or may not need previous experience to work as a bartender. Sometimes you'll have to start off as the bus boy to get the job. Some establishments expect you to take a bartending course before applying.

==> Waiter / Waitress

Waiting tables and serving food is one of the classic college student professions. You need nothing but a great smile and a friendly personality to qualify.

To increase your likelihood of getting a job, apply to a lot of different places. If you walk into five different restaurants a day for a week and drop off your resume or application, it's a pretty sure bet that you'll have a job within that week.

==> Tutoring

Are you particularly good at math, science, English or any other subject? If so, you can make good money through tutoring.

You can tutor either by finding your own clients, or by becoming a tutor for an established tutoring agency. The latter is often easier if you're just starting out.

If you have the time and energy, you can even do both. Just make sure you never take clients from the agency as your personal clientele.

==> Telemarketing and Sales

Telemarketing and sales jobs can be very difficult. However, if your personality is suited, you can make a lot of money. A successful car sales person in college can easily take home $5,000 to $8,000 or more each month.

Most of these jobs are very easy to get, because you're paid very little, but get paid a lot more based on commission. They're easy to get, but hard to succeed in because you have to be great at convincing people to buy. 

These are five jobs that are easy for college students to get. If you're looking for some extra cash, these five avenues are great places to start.