Secret Southern Couture: A Streaming Solution for Subscription Fatigue   

Monday, November 25, 2019

A Streaming Solution for Subscription Fatigue

Entertainment seekers have an almost overwhelming number of options available today when it comes to viewing television shows and movies. The rise in alternative entertainment options, such as streaming video services, has only increased the amount of choices.

With cable and satellite television costs continuing to rise, plus the monthly subscription fees charged by many of those streaming services, joining more entertainment platforms can add up over time. However, an option like Tubi, which allows entertainment fans to stream thousands of movies and TV shows without the hassle of credit cards, can help alleviate that “subscription fatigue” via its free, advertiser-supported service.

“I admit it – I found someone new,” said singer, actress and dancer Carmen Electra of “Baywatch” fame, who is featured in new commercials alongside “Sex and the City” star Chris Noth as they look to find the cure for subscription fatigue during what appear to be typical therapy sessions. “At first, I felt guilty for leaving my first streaming love, but not anymore. Tubi has thousands of movies and TV shows and, to be honest, those monthly fees were starting to get old.”

The service features more than 15,000 premium movies and TV shows – more than double the content library of other popular streaming providers – including everything from Hollywood blockbusters like Electra’s “Scary Movie” to smaller independent and foreign films, all of which are available right at your fingertips on nearly every type of device, including Android and iOS mobile devices, video game consoles, plug-and-play streaming devices and more. Fans of specialty content can even find selections in categories such as anime, martial arts, classic TV, cult films and more.

Visit Tubi.TV to learn more and start streaming for free.