Secret Southern Couture: 9 Creative Date Ideas in Los Angeles   

Thursday, June 3, 2021

9 Creative Date Ideas in Los Angeles

Every relationship can grow stagnantly if you take the time to do new things together. It can be challenging to think of ideas, but we've got you. Here are some date ideas that are off the beaten path to help you explore new places and ideas as a couple.

1. Go to a local sporting event.

Have you been to a lacrosse game, a Golden Eagles hockey game or how about a curling match? No? Well, head to a local sporting event when dating in Los Angeles. There is so much offered in this beautiful city, and the more random, the better. You'll have a great time trying to figure out the rules of an unfamiliar sport.

2. Head out on a spontaneous drive.

With the prevalence of GPS and Google Maps, it's rare nowadays that anyone drives around aimlessly to find something to do. There is no better way to turn your Los Angeles Personals match into a long-term relationship that getting to know each other better one on one. So, set aside a few hours to just explore by car, just talking about anything and everything. Even try to not to pay attention to getting lost. Just enjoy the company. If you see something cool, stop and check it out! You can always turn on your GPS to get you back home after you're done.

3. Search for themed restaurants.

Search for nearby themed restaurants, the more ridiculous the theme, the better. Alice in Wonderland fan anyone? The Rabbit Rose is a perfect mix offering a cocktail bar and performers including magicians. Alien-themed? Try the Galaxy Bar in Los Angeles. You'll both enjoy the silliness of ordering martian margaritas.

4. Do something physical together.

If you tend to exercise separately (or not at all), head out for a run together, or find some nearby tennis courts and go play tennis. Choose anything that will get your blood pumping. You'll get a workout in, and it will be more fun with an exercise partner.

5. Go miniature golfing.

Mini-golfing isn't just for kids. If the weather's nice, playing mini golf will give you a good excuse to spend time outdoors. To raise the stakes, make a lighthearted bet on who wins.

6. Go to a cheap antique store and buy something for each other.

Find a cheap local antique store or thrift shop, and split up as you browse. Come up with a spending limit, and buy something for your date. It will be fun to pick something out, and you will enjoy seeing what your date picked out for you.

7. Go to an arcade.

It's virtually impossible not to have fun at the Arcave Room in Los Angeles. Set up at side-by-side pinball machines, find a car-racing game, or take each other on at air hockey. If the arcade gives out tickets, you will enjoy picking out something to spend them on.

8. Ride a boat.

If there's a body of water nearby, look for an affordable boat tour or LA Waterfront Cruises. Getting out on the water will be relaxing and romantic. Setting the mood for the perfect outdoor date.

9. Eat breakfast for dinner.

The only thing better than eating breakfast food for breakfast? Eating breakfast food for dinner. Whether you decide to make pancakes at home, or head to a diner that serves breakfast all day, you can't go wrong with this one.