Secret Southern Couture: How Tapout XT Home Training Program Stacks Up   

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

How Tapout XT Home Training Program Stacks Up

Working out is a passion, and it takes true dedication to work out on your own. People often rely on an expensive membership to a fancy gym to stay in shape. Working out from home has its merits. There is comfort, privacy and ability to blast music as loud as you want while going hard. Tapout XT is an MMA workout that allows you to burn hundreds of calories, build muscle and shed fat without going to the gym.

What It Claims To Do Vs. What It Does

This workout DVD claims to help you condition to be in shape like an MMA fighter. You will shed fat, build muscle and gain tons of endurance while using this program. The claims aren't overly optimistic, and this DVD does work wonders. It's intense enough to keep me interested, but it isn't so hard that it is impossible to do.

Workouts Included

There are 12 workouts included in this intense routine. You are encouraged to mix them up to create an at-home routine that is perfect for you. This is the major benefit of using this program over the others that are out there. Diversity is important for maintaining an interest in the workout routine. If you get bored, there is no point in continuing. There are strength and cardio routines. There's even a yoga XT to boost flexibility. This can be extremely beneficial for improving coordination and reflexes when fighting.

The Diet

You can't exercise your way out of a bad diet. The diet for this program is easy to follow and healthy. It helps you boost fat burning to get the body that you want. Compared to competitors, it is definitely a better program to follow. You won't starve. You will get all of the fuel you need to perform harder, faster and better.

Can You Stick With It?

The exciting thing about Tapout XT is that it is very enjoyable even after 90 days of consistently using the program. Most programs get boring quickly. Older DVDs on the market feel repetitive and dull after about two weeks of using them. Tapout XT stays engaging and fun. You want to master each workout, and that can be hard to achieve in just 90 days. This keeps you coming back to see more results. It is motivational all on its own, and that's a great thing for an at-home program. It's worth a shot if you love to exercise, but you want privacy and to avoid gym costs.