Secret Southern Couture: How To Keep Your Eyes Looking Young   

Saturday, January 19, 2013

How To Keep Your Eyes Looking Young

It’s a sad fact that just about the time we hit 40 (by which time we might have finally mastered the art of perfect makeup) the skin around our eyes loses its elasticity, skin tone thins, and fine lines and crows’ feet start to become more pronounced. The eye shadow makeup that made us look fabulous during our 20s and 30s can actually cause us to look older now. When they start to notice those subtle and unwelcome signs of aging, many women try to combat it by heavily applying the wrong kinds of cosmetics and skin care products, without realizing that they’re actually making the problem worse. Here are a few tips on bringing back a more youthful appearance to your eyes.

Combat the aging process.

·         Everyone knows that too much exposure to sunlight accelerates aging. Before putting on your makeup for the day, apply a good moisturizer or light foundation that includes UV protection. Wear UV-protected sunglasses on bright days, even in the winter.

·         Smoking will also speed up aging, making lines and wrinkles appear years ahead of their time. If you smoke, do everything in your power to quit or reduce your smoking.
·         If your eyes are irritated or tired, resist the urge to rub them. The skin around your eyes is delicate and doesn’t repair itself as easily. Repeated rubbing and tugging around the eyelids causes the collagen to stretch and break down, and can result in loose, baggy eyelids.

·         Use a nightly eye cream with Vitamin K and Retinol, to reduce dark circles and crows’ feet.

Circles & puffiness.

·         For dark circles, gently blend in a yellow-based concealer at least 2 shades lighter than your skin tone, and lightly cover with a yellow-toned powder to set.

·         A natural way to reduce eye puffiness and “wake them up” is by heating tea bags in boiling water for a minute, icing them for a few seconds, then applying them to your eyes for 15 minutes
·         Work 8 hours of sleep into your nightly routine – or at least 6. Reduce or eliminate stress whenever possible, take a daily multivitamin, and if your eyes (and the rest of yourself) are tired, be sure that you’re not anemic.

Makeup no-no’s.

·         Metallic or glittery colors that brighten young eyes settle into lines and creases, making mature eyes look even older. Ditch the heavy golds and shiny shimmers, and replace them with eye shadows in flattering matte shades that will enhance your natural eye color.

·         Don’t over-tweeze your brows; they might get offended and refuse to grow back. Thinning brows, like a thinning hairline, make people look older. Tweeze lightly for a natural, sculpted look, and fill in eyebrows’ thin spots with brow powder or liner.

Makeup yeses.

·         Use black or dark brown eyeliner on the upper lid for a flattering eye lift. Start thin in the inner corners, then gradually taper out to a thicker line near the outer edges. Use a lighter, soft liner on the lower lids, from the middle of the eye outward, and smudge it for a soft effect that makes lashes appear fuller.

·         Apply white pencil or eye shadow on the insides of the eyes near the tear ducts, which instantly brighten your eyes. A bit of white just below the eyebrow on the outer edge has the same lifting, brightening effect.
·         Curl your lashes with an eyelash curler before applying mascara, to frame your eyes and give them a finished look. Or try out false eyelashes, which are lots of fun, add fullness to sparse lashes, and come in varieties that look natural.

Having more mature eyes doesn't mean you’re past your prime. Many women go into their 40s and well beyond looking wonderful with the proper type of eye care and the right makeup. By adopting a good eye care routine and learning how to apply makeup that flatters rather than ages, you can take years off the appearance of your eyes.